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I just installed the new patch, and I no longer have a typical set of resolutions available that are available options for the screen.

In the past, I had aspect ratios available that were correct for the screen dimensions, such as:

Now, there are many selections, and the maximum, correct 2880x1800 is still an option (although that burns the graphics card to the extreme), but others are distorted to values such as these, which are not even precisely the correct aspect ratio of 1.6:1.0:

Also, going into windowed mode from fullscreen results in a small section in the upper left of the screen visible rather than the full amount, and the window gets smaller each time toggled from fullscreen to windowed, to the point now that it is a few pixels on my screen and not even the red button is visible. It can be fixed by clicking the green button before it gets too small.

Please fix the errors and allow the correct resolutions to be selected again - as much as I enjoy playing at ridiculously high resolutions, it does result in slower gameplay and necessitates lower graphics settings.
To clarify regarding the computer, I am playing on a Retina Display Macbook Pro, running system 10.7.5.
The change is intentional I believe, as WoW and D3 does this, but there may be something to the small section you mentioned.

A bit more about the display modes can be found here:

Display Mode/Resolution Changes
    The resolutions do not represent display modes any more. The native display mode is used. If your desktop uses your monitor native resolution then the game doesn't change it. You can choose at which resolution the game will be rendered. Diablo III tries to figure out the native resolution and generates 10 resolutions based on that.

    For example: If your resolution uses 1920 x 1080, 16:9 ratio; it will offer resolutions based on the same ratio aspect:
    • 1066x600 (wide)
    • 1180x664 (wide)
    • 1284x772 (wide)
    • 1380x776 (wide)
    • 1468x826 (wide)
    • 1552x874 (wide)
    • 1632x918 (wide)
    • 1710x962 (wide)
    • 1782x1002 (wide)
    • 1920x1080 (wide)

I'll look more into the other report you mentioned.
Machkhan wrote...

A bit more about the display modes can be found here:

...and i found this:

If you have issues with resolutions not being generated correctly, please try reverting to the older display mode, where it is limited but the current resolution of your OS.
1. Make sure Diablo III is closed.
2. Open Terminal (/Applications/Utilities)
3. Copy/Paste the following command:
defaults write com.blizzard.diablo3 DesktopModeIsDefault 1
4. Press Return. (There should be no output if done correctly)
5. Exit Terminal.

I just changed the Diablo3 word to starcraft2 and it worked, the command line changed is:

defaults write com.blizzard.starcraft2 DesktopModeIsDefault 1

I just tried that once on a mac mini with hdmi and it worked perfectly, I had a similar problem, that the monitor goes to 1080i instead of 1080p on the 2.04 update.
Remember to have the desired resolution on your desktop before opening SCII, i suppose it works this way.
Good luck
Before the patch, I used to run SC2 at 1600x900 even though the native resolution of my screen is 2560x1440. I did this not because of performance, but purely so I could see the mouse cursor. At 2560x1440 it's so tiny it's very easy to miss it in the heat of a battle!

With the new patch, no matter which "resolution" I choose in the SC2 options, the cursor stays the same size (just everything else gets a bit more blurry). I tried the "DesktopModeIsDefault 1" workaround, but that only works if I change the system resolution to 1600x900 before starting the game, which is really inconvenient.

I'm sure there's a good reason why Blizzard decided to change the behaviour in this new patch (and presumably D3?) but right now it seems like a big step backwards. If anyone knows why it was changed, I'd be keen to hear the reason.

I have actually found another workaround for my mouse cursor problem though - if I make the system cursor size bigger in System Preferences -> Accessibility, then it stays bigger in SC2 too. I guess this will do for now.
i just wanna know whether this will put us as in a disadvantage spot (16x9vs16x10)
been posting this a couple of time
i just one a quick answer
if their is no disadvantage i will stay with this resolution cause of the cursor
Hastrax is right about the Terminal command. I had not posted it as I was still testing out the command to see if it works properly.

As far as the changes, all our games do this now to address bugs relating to to interactions with the OS.

I will send up the feedback to our team about what experiences y'all may have to see about taking away action items.

To better facilitate this, can you provide exact examples what the issue you're reporting? The items being reported here are just more of questions about the changes. If we can get the issue that it causes, we can take a better look at these items.
1. I would like an option to make the mouse cursor larger in the game. Otherwise when running at high resolutions (e.g. 2560x1440) it's really hard to see the cursor in game. Previously I would run SC2 at 1600x900 to make the cursor appear larger on screen but that doesn't work anymore with the new patch (as SC2 doesn't really change the display resolution anymore).

2. With the new patch, the "resolutions" it lets you choose aren't exactly the correct ratios. For example, on my 16:9 display, SC2 lets me choose sizes such as 1652x930 (15.987 : 9) and 1956x1100 (16.004 : 9). It would make more sense for it to suggest sizes like 1600x900 or 1920x1080 which are the exact ratios.

It sounds like the other posters are having some other problems besides these ones, so I'll let them describe them themselves.
i have try the fix Hastrax suggested
if i did this correctly i will get a blank on the screeen resolution right
and if i press down to see the option their will be things like 3840x2400 as the highest option
i know that mac isnt the first priority of the community but could you at least give me a info on what i am asking....
this patch is good but this weird problem mess it up for me
my os resolution change when i choose setting that isn't 2880x1800
just give us the old 1920x1200 back
and please answer the question
a answer like yes or no is more than enough
but just give a answer
being silent make the customer feel very frustrate cause we don't know if this problem is being look at or not
This is something being looked into, but from a technical support standpoint, there isn't much I can comment on. Once I get additional feedback from the team and I update this thread.
thank you for the comment ;D

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