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I just downloaded the new update (2/19) that changed everything in preperation for HoTS, and my microphone now won't work for in game chat.

It only picks up and plays back my voice when I run a voice test, other than that it doesn't pick it up at all. I've tried turning it off, re-booting the game, muting and unmuting myself, etc. It's strange because the test says it should work but it doesn't when in a party. Also my friend says he can see my little mic toast appear when I talk.

Any help would be appreciated, and is anyone else experiencing this issue?


Having the same problem. My friend and I can't hear each other or see any type of bar that would indicate mic movement.
But now 20 seconds later it's working. We both left the game and re entered. I could hear him and he couldn't then hear me. Then for some reason my voice chat was disabled so I fixed it and we were good.
interesting. Right now we're getting around it with Skype. hopefully mine will fix itself like this too.

If ayone else has any fixes it would be greatly appreciated though.
I have the same issue. Tried the normal things. No idea how to fix it. So frustrating.
I have the same problem. before the patch my friend could hear me fine. after the patch, he hasn't been able to hear me, but I can hear him. I've changed all the voice settings just monkeying around and nothing helps. the test works, it picks up my voice but in party the toast comes up with no noise. I even tried using a different mic hole. nothing works. I'm about to re-install the game completely. I don't know what else to do.

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