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VICTORY! My seat of power is safe and my enemies lie before me, shattered and crushed like the bugs they are! My absolute justice has prevailed once again!
I shall need a new sword, one that is forged from the most exquisite of metals. A sword fit for a dictator like me. It shall be called...Excaliboar, the great sword of light!
A rocket flies out and smashes into smylez.
The rocket swerves upwards and blows a hole in the roof.

We are yoooooooooung
So let's set the world on fire
We can burn brighter
than the suuuuuuuuuuun ohoooooooooooooo!"

"Shaddup you fool! Your voice grates my ear!"

"But my lord! My lord Zarkun, you asked for a song! A good song!"

"IT IS DICTATOR ZARKUN TO YOU! Take him to the stockades men!"

"Sir! Sir! SIR!"

"Annoying worm. It feels a lot cooler in here. Where's the wind coming from! Men! More wine please!"

*Drinks two bottles of hard liquor at once*
And today, a new reign begins! I will usher in a new age, an age where might is right. An age where obedience is the virtue everyone should strive for. An age where all forms of love will be direct to me and all forms of hatred towards their enemies. I will feed them, care for them, love them all equally and command their trust. I will be their big brother.
A towers rises from under the bar and smylez is found on top of it. Upon further investigation it is a rocket. The rocket then fires and lands in the North Sea. A throne made of blood covered bones rises with my lounging upon it like a king. "Welcome, to Mortal Combat. Now where are the mortals?"
Someone has destroyed the baaaaaaar!


*lands missile back on the Shadowfury*
Smells like brimstone and ash. And this rocket landed directly at Shadowfury's face. Oh boy!!!! Where art thou?
I watch from orbit, shaking my head. "The fever has taken him. There is no hope."
I used my atomic frying pan to send it spiraling to Smylez's clinic. Then a thousand mortals appear in front of my throne of bloodied skeletons. I wave my hand like a Jedi and they start fist fighting.
I was gone for 9 hours and 3 new pages happened....


So... Smylez can't sit still about HoTS... Even I'm not that excited... (Then again my order doesn't come until the week after launch...)
Zanon - you have Planetside 2, correct?

It seems interesting and I'm considering trying it, but want to know if it's worth the download.
03/02/2013 10:56 AMPosted by KnarledOne
t seems interesting and I'm considering trying it, but want to know if it's worth the download.
I would be playing it to find out so I could help answer that question... But alas my video/graphics card is outdated it said.
From what I've seen and heard about it, the game is freaking epic, just make sure you've got a good gaming comp and really fast internet.
Wait.... Never mind, it just said that my Video/Graphics card sucked balls.
I had to deal with that for far too long, so I got a new/improved computer last year. The expense was painful, but worth it.

And then I've hardly started enjoying it before my sister gets one twice as good as a gift.


If ultrafast internet is necessary, that probably kills it for me.
And then I've hardly started enjoying it before my sister gets one twice as good as a gift.

That's a kick in the nuts.
I enjoy Planetside 2 a lot. I've played it far more hours than I probably should...

First off, if you don't pass the minimum requirements, don't bother with this game. Seriously. My laptop fits in the zone 1/4 between minimum and recommended (closer to minimum) and I get a fluctuating 9-32 fps with around 19 being normal (using a mix of low/medium graphics settings). I know people who would declare that 'unplayable' and move on, but I've made it work.

This game is CPU intensive more so than graphics card, but default graphics cards found in most windows computers won't cut it for this game. As always, faster internet is nice for a MMOFPS.

On to gameplay.

I have heard it said that this game is still a beta (in spite of being released for over 3 months), and in many ways they are right. There are an abundance of bugs (not really anything that has affected me, but they are there). New material is constantly being added and balanced. There are definitely OP weapons in game right now, though infantry combat is fairly balanced.

Now for the positive side.

It is free to play.
Like most Free2Play games, spending money makes your infantry/vehicles more effective because of different weapons are available. *Note: You can spend ridiclous in game time to get those same guns with in game currency instead of cash.

There are (currently) three continents with different terrains and 5000 in game meters wide/tall (if memory serves). Tanks and aircraft can be used by anyone who wants to use them, and are kind of necessary for getting from point A to point B without running all the way. Or you can just drop pod in :)

Hm... I'm rambling.
The answer is yes. Just be aware that this may try to guzzle your time. You have more specific questions?
On the internet speed note, I played with a 1.5mbps connection for a while. It would start lagging after about 20 minutes of play, then the game would crash. But it was more or less fine for those 20 minutes.

Bottom line, you should be able to play if you don't get dial-up speeds on your internet.

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