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Oh and SF, I noticed that too. And Duran is Narud. Duran was the shapeshifter and there was a secret mission in SC BW that kind of revealed that. Glad to know im not the only one who noticed that though, but yes Duran and Narud are the same... entity...
War there are no spoilers other than that Arcturus gets what he deserves ... which I'm pretty sure everyone saw coming at some point.
Note the italics in my last post.

I know :P I didn't say how he died ... which is the biggest spoiler I could do :P
Meh, he desirves something more than death in my books... perhaps infestation...

NOW there is true vengeance.
no ... he would turn into ... wait no ... spoiler :P
"I truly thought she was going to infest him. What happened was a surprise. And perhaps a little overkill."
I thought it was too good for him personally.
yeah ... but infestation of Arcturus would have been bad for the swarm ... not to mention the amount of people who want him dead ... eh he shoulda been the first one to fight DV :P
"Bad in what way? How is having a minion that serves without question and is constantly tormented be bad for the swarm? He wasn't serving the Dark Voice. He was just an @sshole."
Its Arcturus Mengsk ... you do the math ... and I meant if he had been infested I would have put him 3 miles ahead of my horde of zerg barreling down on the DV ... but just killing him is better then he CAN'T come back as an eternal @ss ...
Well It's not exactly an Infested Marine... and I'd rather have Abathur as a portrait...
But Infested Stukov will do.

I may be playing on the leagues again?
"I will once I hammer out a good strategy for Terran. I have a feeling Marine/Marauder won't allows win."
I just recently started laddering again. Really fun :D

If anyone wants to play, hit me up :)
I may be playing on the leagues again?
I don't have HoTS, computer can play Starcraft 2 again... But the internet lags too much for internet play... And you stole the portrait I wanted. :\
I should have called dibs.
Oh well... I just have to hide in the shadows and kill ze infidel.
"I call the HotS Ghost/Narud portrait if we're calling stuff then."
I'd say 1st come first serve.
"Well, Narud will be impossible for me anyways. Still. I want the Ghost portrait. And I do not care if anyone gets it first. I am going to put it on anyways."
Korozain if you feel that way then you already got beat by SB :P
I'd say 1st come first serve.
Too bad.

Still. I want the Ghost portrait
Ghost or Ghost Kerrigan?

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