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Wha... AWE DAMN IT! Stukov looks cool and I think he's pretty awesome as a character too... Time to go back and look at there's or just go back to my wolf marine.
"Koro, SlnderBurrito is going for Abathur. And Crymson, normal Ghost. I would go Primal Queen before Ghost Kerrigan. Also have unlocked Primal Queen anyways."
I might get ghost kerrigan ... but I like my infested PanTerran :P
I'm still going for Stukov... And using it in here. If you want to complain, don't bother because it wont work.
Not complaining, but first come first serve. Grew up by that so I'm not really gonna let that go. And slnders goin for abathur so... Ye gotta find something lose until I level up my Protoss or Terran some.
koro CR doesn't even have HotS yet so ... you got some time.
Ye gotta find something lose until I level up my Protoss or Terran some.
Too bad, not like I'll be able to get HoTS anytime soon. In my personal opinion Stukov has the best Portrait.
True, but even then I'm not giving it up. I'm like Rick Astley with this thing.

Anyways, I'm going for Immortal, tempest then Zeratul. Woulda gone ghost, but I'm pretty sure I'll get beat to that.

And yes, he does.
"I'm going Ghost 'cause it's the only cool Terran."
Yea, plus ghost are badass,
"Yeah. I would go something Protoss or Zerg, if I had proficiency in those areas. I suck as both of those races. I was unable to even complete the third mission on HotS brutal."
I'm good with Protoss, better with Terran because their defense but in hits, I should be better with Protoss with the mother ship core and all.
"I haven't tried Protoss in HotS, but in WoL I was a complete failure as Protoss. I got to gold using them because I Zealot rushed and the people I faced were ignorant."
Lol, I use warping a lot and it works frequently but in SC in general I have a hard time managing economy and balancing my defense/offense (I am a very defensive player, I hate rushing)
"It is the same here. I will try a rush, spend all my units on that, then go major defense, but guess what, not enough minerals. Or too little supply. So that isn't good for Protoss. It is probably the hardest to get the hang of, especially versus Marines. Those guys take down Protoss ships with ease from what I have heard.

"Though my primary Terran play is create some Marines and Marauders. Send them in. Keep making them. After those Marines and Marauders are pretty much dead I will have gotten up a Factory, have a siege tank being produced, and then send that force, sending reinforcements every now and again."
I do ghost infiltration a with Terran backed by a small force of marines tanks and marauders that drop in somewhere least defense of just rush through the front.
"Wait a minute. We are speaking about Starcraft Gameplay on Joeyrays Bar. What is going on?"

Now I see WHY we don't talk Gameplay in joeyrays
"What do you mean? Because our strategies are lacking strength?"

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