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:P your probably right :P
"But I want Tempest... Or High Templar. Both are cool. But you can go Ghost... I am better at Protoss than Terran it seems."
I like both but somone already claimed the Ghost sadly. I guess ill just stick with Immortal till i get Zeratul. Really wish they had a new Archon. I would full on go Archon.
"Who claimed Ghost?"

I thought it was you.
Oh wait it was SF. I WAS DECEIVED!
It seems to me like the Wings of Liberty portraits were harder to get. This is a plus and a minus I suppose... Everyone gets more choices, but each one means less.
"Eh, at a certain point it becomes harder and harder to level up. So having the Zeratul portrait would be worth a lot. Same with Narud, for you beat the campaign on brutal, which takes skill."
03/17/2013 08:51 PMPosted by Zanon
It seems to me like the Wings of Liberty portraits were harder to get.

Pretty sure this is a fact.

If you have the Nova portrait, you have put 1,000 games into just terran, which means you've got probably 20,000(ish) in-game minutes worth of experience in JUST 1v1's. All that to say, the Nova portrait is an achievement... And my goal!
Blrglblgllublgh... Two entire threads behind on PKA now... must make time to read...
I'm going to go for the Brood Lord, but until then I'll get Abathur...
As soon as I RESTART the campaign to get the achievements!
(The Evolution Missions I completed didn't count for whatever reason. :/)
Heh. My achievements got disabled at about mission 5 and never came back.
:P I had to play through campaign a second time to get achieves past mission 5 or 6
when i get Hots i'm probably just gonna go purple power for evolution
Guys, I just played an EXTREMELY epic TvP

Watch if you're bored :P
Hi, anyone miss me? :)
I suppose this means I'm playing online again...
Add me up if you guys want to party sometime~ ;D
---HotS Spoilers---

It occurs to me that both of my long term portrait characters are dead. Warfield and Mengsk Senior.

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