Zanon's PRP Bar (Part 20)

Joeyray's Bar
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02/21/2013 05:13 PMPosted by Zarkun
I grab xer his drinks, then look at him contemplating. "I have a better way than alcohol to drown your sorrows."

Punting him and shooting him in the face?
02/21/2013 05:21 PMPosted by smylez
I grab xer his drinks, then look at him contemplating. "I have a better way than alcohol to drown your sorrows."

Punting him and shooting him in the face?
Drowning him.
"Neither of you two would be correct." I pull out a vile of green powder and poor it into a glass of water. "Kool-aid."
"Even better is a healthy dosage of psychopathic chaos and murder." I seemed to be dancing as blood rained upon me. Upon closer search someone's body had gotten stuck in the ceiling fan.
Who actually cleans this bar given that every 2 seconds, body parts are flying onto the walls and floors and the owner is never here?
"Oh you know, an army of the following: spirits of the void, Nerazim, firefighters, criminal investigators, and the Roaches."
A few eldritch black tendrils course out of a small portal, snapping up that poor soul on the ceiling fan. A moment later, a bodiless voice echoes out.

"Being a lurker has its advantages. You should see all the ghouls I have in stock!"
I reach through a portal and pull out morrjo. "Sit and stay awhile."
Bemusedly, I take a seat.

"Feh, have nothing better to do, so I don't see why not..."

I pull out a small handle, and start fiddling with it.
I chuckle and offer morrjo some Kool-Aid. "A drink?"
I nod and accept it, though leave it off to the side for later.

"Gah, I still need to check on Solaris every once and a while. Stuck him full of HBRB that was in the accelerator for a week. Have to hack through a forest of tendrils just to get to his organs for samples." I go pale for a moment.

"Poor Noct..."
"Sounds like a personal problem."
I grab Xer and throw him at the ceiling fan and it continues raining blood in the bar.
"You have no idea."

With a wince, I hold up my arm against the spray of blood, and it morphs into a twisted biological shield. Wherever the blood struck it, red crystals would rip forth from its flesh.

With a snap of my fingers, I teleport xer next to me, pulling his bruised but functional body off of the ceiling fan.
"Awww." I grab a different person and throw them at the fan.
I let out a yawn, before sliding the little handle back into my pocket.

"Its a pity I get tired so easily..."

I mumble something incoherent about the Earth's Hatred, before falling backwards into a portal, snapping shut and hiding me from sight.
I shake my head and drink my Kool-Aid, then, growing tired of it, resume drinking a Bloody Mary. "Much better."
"I'm always here. I just don't feel like talking much." I comment from the far side of the room. I have a mop in my hands and a bucket next to me.

I dip the mop in the bucket and slap it down on the floor. A greenish liquid sizzles as it hits the floor. "Roach acid gets the blood stains out. Discord spent almost a whole hour to invent a compound that looks and feels almost exactly like wood, yet will take the acid without degrading."
*I turn into a form of Pure energy, snaking around the bar until I found my seat*

That was.... hard...

I really need to make some eyes for me when I'm pure energy....

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