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Since newest patch, I noticed several bugs with several units/buildings. I had these problems with the HOTS beta and figured it was just a bug that will be fixed until full release. However, with the recent patch, WOL now has the same low shader bugs as HOTS beta for me. I've been playing on medium shaders since the newest patch, but mid to late game has a huge fps hit and would prefer higher fps than higher graphics settings when playing my favourite RTS.


1. When chronoboosting, there is an ugly looking circle above the nexus like in the picture above.

2. When a terran building lifts up, there is an ugly circle circle that should be smoke from the barracks lifting.

3. When protoss uses guardian shield, it is just a circle just like the chronoboost above the nexus.

4. When protoss merges two into a templar, it is also just another circle. I can't tell if its a sentry using guardian shield or an archon. It's just a giant circle like the circle above the nexus when using chronoboost.

5. Cloaked units are somewhat visible. http://imgur.com/Zj8Q4En. They flicker various shades of black, grey and are easy to spot. The image posted above is an image from the HOTS beta from several patches ago (I don't really play HOTS) before the new UI and replay features were added.

Please let me know if there are any fixes to these bugs.

There is a chance that your video card's 3D settings may be the cause of this issue. One work around that has been reported as viable involves the following steps:

  • 1. Open the NVIDIA Control Panel found in your Control Panel
  • 2. Select Adjust image settings with preview under 3D Settings
  • 3. Make sure that Let the 3D application decide is selected

Please try this work around and let us know the results!

I had the same problem, and what Kelphe said fixed the problem for me.
Yes, thanks a lot this fixed the problem!

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