'Waiting for Server' is back again?

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Since the latest patch, I've been getting the 'Waiting for Server: Surrender' screen a lot during games. I thought it might have been my wireless connection so I started playing music off pandora during my games. My music doesn't stop playing at any point so I don't think I'm losing internet connection. It's getting frustrating and laddering is kinda pointless when I can't finish my games.

Has this problem been arising for anyone else after the patch? Can I fix it or what?

Thanks for any help you can give me.
Meep, I'd check for the latest firmware for your router first, and then try different wireless modes. The latest firmware and the manual will be available on the manufacturer's support site.
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I think the new patch introduced some connectivity issues beyond just people still downloading the patch. I mostly play Arcade customs, many of which large lobbies of 8-12 players; it's become an order of magnitude more common for people to get dropped than it was pre-patch. Almost every game has at least somebody who is having intermittent connection leading to stuttering lag; fortunately, most people are good sports about it and leave once they realize it's them causing the problems.

Twice I've run into an issue where SC2 just froze up (program not responding). First time I just killed the program; second time I waited it out, and about a minute later it started moving again - although the game had kept going in the meantime. I checked with the other players who were still there, and apparently almost all the other players had run into the same issue at the same time.

I've gotten two "waiting for server" lost connections that never came back while my internet connection was still solid in the days since the patch, and most of my friends have also seen the same at least once or twice. I have never had that problem prior to the patch - I've lost connection before of course, but never while my computer and internet both kept running smoothly on everything else. In fact, I was just playing a game with a friend (who I don't know in real life; not the same router or anything) where we both got "waiting for server" at the same time.

Long story short, I'm pretty sure the problem is something introduced by the patch, not most of the players on BNET simultaneously developing problems with their routers.

Do you keep statistics on how often people get dropped from games due to lost connection? Because I'm sure you'd see a large uptick in that from Arcade games in the past few days.
There does seem to be some kind of connectivity drop. I have been getting the surrender message for a little while since the patch. I turned the firewall off changed to wired and even checked ping connectivity to battlenet.com. at the same time as it was telling me to surrender, I checked this site as well as a streaming site, no sign of error. I didn't have this problem before with battlenet, but got dropped in a 1vs ai game. Many times recently I have been in multiplayer games and gotten the surrender ( since the patch) while our voice chat is still operating.
Same thing has been happening to me, started the morning after the patch. Never been disconnected or had lag issues before, now i get dropped from every third game. I can alt tab out and browse the web even though SC is telling me its not connected... The surrender window will sit there for 5 minutes then I will get dropped. Nothing has changed about my internet, router, etc. just the SC patch which is fully downloaded. There are no background processes.

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