Starcraft 2 will not start up.

Technical Support
Having this problem for awhile on my new computer. Hasn't been a big deal since I could play on my laptop but now that HOtS is coming out, I really want to play on my new computer.

Running windows 8. Other games (WoW) works fine....this seems to be only happening to sc2.

Basically what happens is that I click on the icon, the dash screen loads fine. I press play and the game seems to be loading (mouse icon has that swirl) but after 10s its gone and starcraft didn't load.

There is starcraft under the task manager, but it doesn't look like it is using too much memory (15MB)

Could someone please help me?
I've been having the same issue. I just made a similar thread a few hours ago, but so far no solution has worked.
I don't know if he's gonna help you here since he's been trying to fix this problem in the thread I created. It's titled "SC2 Will Not Start," so I suggest going there and seeing if anything he's suggested will work for you.

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