Outpost 49

Joeyray's Bar

The cold dark tunnels echoed their silence in Ryan's ears. The silence was intoxicating and it threatened to consume him. He sat on his bed with a stare that gazed at nothing with a blank face. It was just another day for Ryan Kilo. Just another day of cold food and a hard bed. The days came as quickly as they went, but times like these made each moment seem like an eternity.

Ryan's eyes glazed over like they had a million times as the same leak in the roof provided a steady rhythm of the same sound that Ryan had heard hundreds of times. Normally he tuned it out, but for some reason the steady beat of drops against the dirt-covered ground prevailed in his ears above anything else.

The small recess of his room seemed smaller than usual. The four concrete walls that made up his room in the barracks was made up of a small wardrobe, a bed and nightstand and a single desk paired with a chair. A few boxes of things that Ryan had brought from his old life that he had not even bothered to unpack sat in the corner collecting dust since day one of Zeta-78's departure from all that was sane. It was now day ninety-two. The only thing he managed to get out of his dreadful duffle bag was a picture; one single picture of a woman. It lay face down on his nightstand with nearly an inch of dust on it.

Everyone who knew Ryan, knew that he was practically a zombie. He hardly uttered a word each day to anyone and only came out of his room for food and the occasional target practice.

Until one day...

The day Ryan went from liar to lunatic was now closer than ever. From that day forward, everyone's lives in Squad Zeta-78 would forever change for the worse.

Everyone's, except Ryan Kilo's.


This is my first attempt at a text adventure. To be completely honest, it will probably dissolve into a story or a RP. Either way, I'd love it if you gave me a shot at Text Adventures since I feel that is my real passion. The only problem is I am completely inexperienced with them, so please be patient.

Feel free to post comments, questions and especially, critique. The first 'segment', if you will, should be posted soon.

Need to Survive started and I think maybe getting your first segment up fast will help.
Awesome! Just posted, thanks Zarkun!
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Sorry, you get the !#@$y version because there's no way I can remake that post.


Josh awoke from peaceful sleep, unlike most marines that get assigned to a unexplored, inhospitable planet. Josh stretched his arms and yawned as he thought about all the chores they would have to do to survive. They were suppose to dig the trenches today, Josh hated digging the trenches. He shrugged the thought off. Morale was high as of now in Outpost 49 and they needed it if they were going to survive.

Josh went down the hall, pounding on each and every door as he went down.

"Johhny! Get up, my man, we got work to do!" He said, going to the next door.

"Kevin! Wakey Wakey!" Josh shouted, pounding on the wood to the old-fashioned door.

Josh hesitated before he knocked on the next door. Letters were carved into the door already. The letters spelled, 'dO NoT diSTURb'

Josh knew that behind the door was the new recruit to Zeta-78. Ryan... What was his last name? Started with a K... Ryan had only been in the squad for a day. He arrived a few days ago. He sat in the corner during meals and locked himself in his room the rest of the time. Some of the guys were making fun of him at the bar last night when he finally showed his face. He payed no heed and returned to his room. Josh's fist hovered in the air in anticipation. He bit his lower lip and thought about what he should do.


Knock on the door

Move on to the next

Other (Specify)
"Move on and convince someone else who is bigger to do it for you. Also, it is morale, not moral. There is a huge difference between the two."
02/22/2013 11:52 PMPosted by ShadowFury
Also, it is morale, not moral.

Lol, thanks SF!!
Knock on the door.
Knock and then run like a little girl XD I'm serious too.
Josh knocked on the door twice, but for some reason he couldn't find the strength to hit it a third time.


Call out Ryan's name.
Keep walking
Knock again
02/23/2013 08:21 AMPosted by Zarkun
Knock and then run like a little girl XD I'm serious too.

Lol, you'll get your wish if you choose to walk :P
Fine, walk. But do it running and screaming like a little girl.
Kick the damn door down.
02/23/2013 04:55 PMPosted by Zarkun
Fine, walk. But do it running and screaming like a little girl.
02/23/2013 04:56 PMPosted by Jester
Kick the damn door down.


C'mon guys, can you take this seriously? Or at least a little more seriously?
I am being serious. If he doesn't response to the first two knocks, then you need to give some discipline.
Lol, okay whatever. I have your vote. Anyone else agree with Jester? If so, I'll throw it up there.
Joshes feet began walking again and he traveled to the next door, knocking on that one, then the next, then the next. Half an hour later, everyone sat in the mess hall scarfing down 'food'. It looked like oatmeal, but tasted like cold, blended over-easy eggs. Josh dished up a bowl for himself and looked at the twenty men eating their food.

Kenny had a seat next to him that was unscathed. Josh liked Kenny and they hit it off immediately because of their shared love of rifle work and target practice in the evenings.

Johnny was shoving food down his throat by himself at a table. He didn't seem to mind his unpopularity among the squad. He preferred drinking and partying rather then target practice or training. The man was a walking joke, but a good man.

Then there was Ryan. He sat in the corner alone facing the wall with his back towards everyone. He wore a grey hoodie and the hood wrapped around his head nicely. His hands were in his pockets and he didn't appear to be eating.


Sit next to Kenny
Sit next to Johnny
Sit next to Ryan

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