Pankoprulu Academy: The Second Class V

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"Hello, and welcome to the PanKoprulu Academy, the only place where we all learn a little, and that learning is fun."

Alright, now that that's out of the way . . .

This is simple. A school- esque setting will fuction here. There will be a short monologue, followed by every "student" (people who apply) going into a unique mission. You will all be one of the following units, or any combination thereof. We allow custom, but must be reasonable:
Spectre (side note: your posts must reflect slight insanity)
Widow Mine
Queen (SC2)
Swarm Host
High Templar
Dark Templar

Be forewarned: the more diverse your pool, the more nerfed you will be. After each mission, the Board (my next post) will be updated. All applications must follow the following format:

Unit Mix (the one you are most of first, least of last)
Abilities (two maximum, kapische?)
Used Weapons
Special Notes

In Special Notes, if Protoss or Terran is part of your mix, you may include their personal transport. It will be used in one of the two mission modes- Space Conflict and Vehicle Chase. IF AND ONLY IF YOU ARE PURE ZERG, you may use one of my custom vehicles (I'll throw 'em in later)

Vehicle List (Space Conflict)
Void Ray
Tempest (Modified)

Vehicle List (Vehicle Chase)
<None needed for Stalker/Dragoon>
Reaver (modified)
Colossus (modified)
Siege Tank

Campus Layout:
Section A: Classrooms, Lab, Eco-System, Bathrooms, elevator to surface
Section B: Cafeteria, Phones, Library, Gymnasium, Firing Range,
Section C: Dance Hall, Bedrooms (everyone has a roommate, decide for yourselves)
Section D: Chemical Testing, Main Computer Network Room
Surface: Hangar, Warp-pad

Room 1: Sahlk & Destron
Room 2: Sam & Dante
Room 3: Omicron & Kelly
Room 4: Soul & Cecil
Room 5: Stefan & Greggor
Room 6: Tarioshi & Alicia
Room 7: Eric & Peter
Room 8: Ceas
Room 9: None
Room 10: Terance

This is a follow up to the original PKA, and will be run by Shade Ravius and Zaros. Cayl will make the occasional cameo, but Zarkun will not DM. He simply helps around and is the Emergency DM when Crymson and I aren't around. Please follow format. Also, you are arriving on a desert planet. The rest will be explained later.
The Board:
Teacher(s)- Assist in EMERGENCIES:

Zaros <Grand Warrior/Mentor>(150 Health, 475 Shields, Infinite Energy)
Armament- Abyss Katana {Melee, 100 Damage[+50 vs Biological, +60 vs Heroic]}, MFA-22 Assault Rifle {8 Range, 60 Damage[+15 vs Light]}
--Varied Psionic Abilities, anything from shield restore, to pyrokinetic pulse.
>>Wraith>>Also Wraith

Korzis Ravius <Teacher/Elite Warrior>(125 Health, 425 Shields, Energy 700)
Armament- Longsword {Melee, 60 Damage[+10 vs Biological, +30 vs Heroic]}, Mod. C-10 Rifle {7 Range, 50 Damage[+10 vs Light]}
--Varied Psionic Abilities
>>Void Ray>>Goliath

Bianca "Shade" Ravius <Mentor/Dancer> (175 HP, 500 SP, 1000 Energy)
Armament- Psi-Whip {3 range, 45 damage [+50 vs light, +90 vs heroic]}, Combat Knife {melee, 30 damage}, Modified Gauss Rifle-Psi Rounds {10 range, 50 damage [+30 damage vs Biological]}
--Varied Psionic Abilities
>>Modified Vulture>>Prototype

Bryan "Raven" Ravius <Personality/Genetically-Altered> (175 HP, 475 SP, 900 Energy)
Armament- Modified Gauss Rifle-AP Rounds {10 range, 50 damage [+30 vs Mechanical, +90 vs Heroic], Combat Knife {melee, 30 damage}, Hydralisk Spines {7 range, 25 damage}, Claws {melee, 35 damage}
--Some Psionic Abilities and genetic manipulation pertaining to Hydralisks
>>Modified Diamondback>>Corsair/Banshee

Cynthia Ravius <Hybrid Twin> (125 Health, 425 Shields, Energy 700)
Armament- Crossbow {12 range, 45 damage[x3 damage vs All]}, Tomahawk {Melee, 65 damage [+20 vs light, +30 vs Biological, +80 vs Heroic]}
--Varied Psionic Abilities
>>Modified Hellion>>Wraith/Valkyrie

John Flint <Spectre, Zealot, Changeling> (310 HP, 40 SP, 900 energy)
Armament- Revolver {9 damage, 2 range}, Psi-blade {24 damage, Melee}, Morphed weaponry {3-30 damage, Melee-3 range}, Psi-blast.
Abilities- Morph, Psi Shield, Rapid Regeneration (<Passive>), Psionic Enhancement, Plague, Defense Matrix, Feedback, Psi-Storm, Advanced Khaydarin power core(<Passive, In armor), Psi-trap

Laura Wolfe/Xeranis/The Clone <Ghost/Changeling/Dark Templar/Counselor>(180 HP, 300 Energy)
Armament- VC32 Sniper Rifle {11 Range, 55 Damage [+30 vs Light, +50 vs Heroic]}, StA-18 Handgun {6 Range, 20 Damage}, Void Blade {1 Range, 25 Damage}
Abilities- Shapeshift, Cellular Regen (Passive), Cloak, Blink

Cayl Rios <Lorian Knight Errant> (170 HP, 250 energy)
Armament- VMN Submachine Gun {6 range, 40 damage [+45 vs Heroic]}, Mithrite Halberd {4 range, 70 damage}, Plasma Rifle {10 range, 42 damage[+67.5 v Armored]}, Twin Katanas {melee, 45 damagex2 attacks}
Falzar Armament: Falzar Blaster {8 range, 40 damage<80 when charged>}, Talon Blades {Melee, 30 damage<wave damage 50>}, Vicious Talons {Melee, 20 damage[+30 v light]}
--Bullet Time(Passive), Nanoheal(Passive), EMP Round, Jetpack Boost, Medieval, Charge, Finishing blows (Passive), Elemental Mastery (Passive), Armor Shift Falzar
>>Hellion/Siege Tank>>Viking/Banshee


Terance Reaver <Swordsman> (95 HP, 50 energy)
Armament- Great Sword {melee, 25 damage [+10 vs light]}, Ghoster {melee, 15 damage [+5 vs light]}
--Deadly Chaser, Deflect (Passive), Ghost Board

Stefan Alexander <Super Marine> (100 HP, 125 Energy)
Armament- Gauss battle rifle {6 range, 12 damage}, 50 cal auto-pistol {3 range, 20 damage [+10 vs light]}, plasma pistol {4 range, 15 damage [+15 vs Armored]}, 12" combat/utility knife {melee, 12 damage}
--6th sense (Passive), Psi Boost

Alicia Remington <Firebat, Reaper, Medic> (85 HP, 125 Energy)
Armament- Fire gauntlets {2 range, 10 damage[+12 vs Light]}, plasma carbine {5 range, 20 damage [+10 vs Armored]}, 12" combat/utility knife {melee, 12 damage}, Demo charges {3 range, 15 damage[+25 vs armored]}
--Jet boost, Heal

Omicron <Spectre, Reaper> (105 HP, 200 Energy)
Armament- C-20A Utility Rifle {9 range, 20 damage [+20 vs light, +15 vs Armored]}, Psi-Balisong {melee, 10 damage}
--Mobility (Passive), Psionic Pulse
>>Viking/Wraith>>Battle Hellion/Diamondback

Karoline “Kelly” Sholto <Ghost/Zergling/Marine> (95 HP, 100 Energy)
Armament- Claws {Melee, 8x2 damage}, SPM-19 SMG {Range 6, 10 damage}, FIS-26 Anti-Material Sniper {14 range, 30 damage [+ 30 vs Armored], only usable when deployed.}
--Memory Reflection, Set-Up

John Carlo<Ghost, Queen, High Templar>[100 HP, 25 SP, 100 energy]
Arament-modified AGR-14 Rifle {7 range, 30 damage[+5 vs Armored]}
--Artificial black hole, Cloak

Ceas <Sentry> (25 HP, 50 SP, 650 energy)
Armament- Ion Beam {18 range, 52 damage}, Disintegration Field {8 range, 10 damage per second for 15 seconds}
--Guardian Shield, Destabilize

Peter "Pontius Pilot" Phillips <Reaper, Marine> (90HP)
Armament- Dual Pistols {5 range, 6x2 damage [+10 vs light]}, D-8 charges {4 range, 30 damage [+15 vs Armored]}
--Jack-of-all-Weapons (Passive), Regenerate (Passive)

Tarioshi(Tari) Onaka <Dark Templar, Marine> (70 HP, 40 SP, 90 Energy)
Armament- Custom Warp Sword {Melee, 20 damage}, Modified C-20A, {9 range, 10 damage [+12 vs Light]}, Throwing knives {5 range, 10 damage}, Twin .44 Magnum Revolvers {7 range, 8x2 damage}
--Psionic Mechanic (Passive), Psi-blast
>>Viking/Wraith/Corsair>>Immortal/Diamondback/Siege Tank

Destron <Hydralisk/Swarm Host/Cyborg> (115 HP, 150 Energy)
Armament- Needle Spines {6 range, 15 damage[+15 vs Light]}, Claws {Melee, 13 damage}, Eye Laser {7 range, 20 damage [+10 vs Armored]}
--Eject Minion, Tap Communications (Passive)

Dante Jack <Spectre, Reaper> (75 HP, 110 Energy)
Armament- C-30 combat rifle {7 range, 18 damage [+10 vs Light]}, Combat knife {Melee, 24 damage}
--Ravage, Combat Instinct (Passive)

Sam "Steelwolf" Wolfe <Spectre> (90 HP, 210 Energy)
Armament- C-10 Mark IV {8 range, 18 damage [+6 vs Mechanical]}, nanosteel balisong {Melee, 10x2 damage}
--Chain Psionic Lash, Cloak

Soul <Ghost> (90 HP, 100 Energy)
Armament- Knives {Melee, 8x2}, Channel Crystal {5 range, 20 damage [+10 vs Biological]}
--Shadow stalk, Psion

Gray <High Templar, Dark Templar> (100 HP, 150 Energy)
Armament- Psionic Warp Scythe {Melee, 35 damage}
--Psi Storm, Cloak
>>Phoenix/Void Ray>>Colossus/Reaver

Tyr'Dhiram <Spectre> (90 HP, 100 Energy)
Armament- Magnetic Coil Generator {5 range, 20 damage [+35 vs Armor]}, Weaponized Gauntlet {Melee, 10x2 damage; 4 range, 15 damage}
--Psionic Rush, Electrostatic Organs

Sahlk <Swarm Host, Lurker>(150 Health, 75 Energy)
Armament- Spiked Foreleg {Melee, 20 Damage}, Nose Horn {Melee, 10 Damage}, Subterranean Spikes {8 Range, 15 Damage[+15 vs Armored]}
--Spawn Minions, Bio-Shield
>>Overlisk(Mutalisk/Overseer)>>Ultraroach (Ultralisk/Roach)

Name: Greggor Gersal <Ghost/Medic> (Health: 115 Energy: 75)
Armament: Great Mace {Melee 35 Damage}, Long Bolt Pistol {Range 3 Damage 5}
Abilities: Heal, Heavy Blow
Vehicles: Vulture/Hellion Wraith/Valkyrie

Fencar <Ghost>(100 Health, 150 Energy)
Armament- C-10 Mk. 6 Rifle{7 Range, 15 Damage[+10 vs Light]}

Eric Foster<Dark Templar, Reaper>(95 Health, 50 Energy)
Armament- Mod. Gauss Pistol{6 Range, 12 Damage[+18 vs Light]}, Warp Blade{Melee, 30 Damage}, DX8 Charges{4 range, 30 damage [+15 vs Armored]}
--Jump Jets, Cloaking
>>Banshee>>Siege Tank

Cecil<Defender>(120 Health, 45 Energy)
Armament- Psi-Blades{Melee, 12 Damage}, Shield{Melee, 8 Damage}
--Heal, Protect
Zack nods before looking at Sam. "I understand you have issues with the things you've done for the Dominion. You're a lot younger than I am, and don't know half the things I've done. I slaughtered towns and cities for one political person or another. Stuck my knife into a child's heart while they slept, or killed a husband as he walked his child to school from a mile away. Then there's the war crimes. Nuclear strikes against civilian targets to get the enemy to surrender. Men with families killed in front of them and the public to set an example." He turns to walk away, then slams his mind against Sam's, shattering his barriers and letting him see some of the things he's done. Withdrawing, he growls like a Zerg. "Before using guilt as a weapon, do not assume yours is greater." He looks at Stefan. "It was a strict pyrokinetic Project. You're looking at one of it's survivors, and therefore one of the most powerful pyrokinetics out there."
I notice the new person standing in the room as I float in.

"Excuse me, but who are you?" I ask, entirely oblivious to his dramatic entrance a few moments ago.
IC: Sam eyes turn red again and his voice is more of an animal. "Never invade my thoughts again" He growls out. Sam doesnt seem to be affected but it however
"Some one who's only visiting. You may see me again though." I run a scan on the Sentry before his identity comes up. Ceas, modified Sentry. He'd give me an interesting fight, but would ultimately loose. Man, there's gotta be a student here who can put up a decent fight and cut it close. "You think you intimidate me with your wolf routine, Sam? I'm going to live forever and I'm harder to kill than a cockroach. You don't stand a chance."

OOC: Zack's mission is to find and protect knowledge. He's raided his share of Terran and Protoss research centers to make sure that the wrong turns aren't taken and that things move as they should. Steel, that was far worse than what you did to Dante. You WILL be affected, even if not majorly.
I stop watching the simulation, and go to the dorms. Finding my name already in a room, I go and set my stuff down on one of the beds, and open up a bag. I pull out a beauty, a massive Anti-Material Rifle, larger than the Rail-Gun normally used by Marines. It took a lot of strength to use, so much so that the only reason I could use it was due to my muscles, which was enhanced due to my infested parts. I sigh, and slug it over my back, then I go back out, and wander the halls.
Zaros walks down the hall, seeing the students and the new comer he calls, "Who the hell are you? And what the hell are you doing at my academy?" His hand was already over his shoulder on the hilt of his Katana. The teal glow that emitted from his irises already spread around his entire eye.
"Here to visit a couple of the people here. Terance Reaver and John Flint. I won't be getting in your hair." He then faces Sam. "Again, you. Aren't. Scary."
Zaros continues approaching. "Your Psionic presence is one similar to two others I know of, and a slight amount of a third. You're a Changeling. Now why the hell do you want to visit the two of them? Does the Reaper want Flint dead again?" His arm had fallen slack, but his eyes still glowed.
I finish the little bit that was left of my meal put the tray away before returning to the table and looking at Sam. "What he says is very wise." (Zaros comes on the scene.) "We should probably leave." I say to the other students in general even if I was the youngest one there.
"I do not work for the Reaper. I serve my own purposes, which are to protect knowledge and prevent the three races from making dangerous mistakes." His Psi blade hummed quietly, waiting for the command to come alive. The mask comes up completely, revealing his red hair, making fire jealous, and red eyes, currently an even deeper red from the energy waiting to flow. "And I'm more human than Changeling. I owe my gifts to Laura."
IC: Sam puts his try away. "Where do you want to go tari" He ask with his voice slowly returning to normal but his eyes staying that blood red
"Then you'll likely hate this place. Though I am considering sending you to him. Just to show you who your origins got their missions from." Zaros smirks at the thought at casting this guy into the void. "Well, what is it you want to see Terance and Flint for? Also, you have origins from Laura, who has origins from the Original. So, yeah, I have good reasons to dislike you."

02/28/2013 08:14 PMPosted by Steelwolf
"Where do you want to do tari"

"Steel, you really messed up here."
"Terance has knowledge I need copies of to ensure it's continuation. Flint is a product of Andy's work, and Andy suggested I meet him." The glow deepens, the Psi blade beginning to form. "And you cannot force me anywhere. I'm more powerful than I appear, Zaros. And your dislike is your problem, not mine."
OOC: Thanks for pointing it out and i fixed it. May log here soon
"I don't know just ... somewhere." I say as I take Sams hand and lead him out of the cafeteria and a short distance down a random hall before slowing to walk beside him.

OOC: I might log shortly as well ... sadly I likely won't be back till tomorrow around 9:45-10 pm Eastern.
I finish the drawing and sigh. You sure this is safe? Katarn nods fervently mentally. It will do nothing more than make your ability to read the glyphs and runes easier. I sigh and start feeding energy into it. Right....
"Ah, so you know my name. Well you may be more powerful than you appear, but so am I. And I have beast locked deep inside of me. Of course I won't unleash it until everyone is in the bunker, but I will unleash it if absolutely necessary. And you cannot know this. It is something even the Changelings never gathered information about. All the Dominion, and the Protoss, and even the Ral'zar have ever gathered is that I was prone to fits of absolute destruction." Zaros replies. "Though as long as no harm comes to anything, and I mean anything, I will let you do as you wish. But there are many places that you shall not enter."
IC: Sam stops in the hall and quickly pulls Tari close to him before whispering "Thanks for helping me back there with Dante.. There is a beast inside of me that comes out when people around me are threaten and I can't control it." Sam then kissed Tari on the cheek

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