Pankoprulu Academy: The Second Class V

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"There are few places you can stop me from entering. I am a guardian of knowledge. If there is knowledge I deem needs protecting, I will acquire copies to ensure it's protection." He chuckles. "And your 'Demon' is not well understood, but it is known." He looks at Zaros, fire glinting in his eyes. "I am dedicated to protecting knowledge. Your 'Demon' included."
"Then perhaps I will help you learn to control it. Everything can be controlled all it takes is time and energy to figure out how to do so in the first place." I bask in the moment for a bit before kissing Sam on the cheek as well and then pulling away enough to keep walking.
"You have the authorization of a student, and if I find out you go anywhere you are not allowed to, I will send you to Reaper."
"You'll try. The Reaper and I don't see eye to eye, and there's an agreement that he leaves my library alone so long as I let him be. I will go where I see fit, and you will not get in my way."

Edit-His mission is the preservation of Knowledge and the prevention of self destruction. He's not out to sabotage anything.
IC: Sam follows Tari while thinking to himself
I Think I'm in love but how will that affect the beast and my focus as a spectre. I want this but I don't know if I should have this. Why does she have to be so cute. The rest of his thoughts are just scattered and random
"You will not venture anywhere that is not authorized. You may be filled with knowledge, yet you are ignorant all the same. Everything about my strength were no longer recorded past age 30." Zaros answers simply. He then considers something, but shrugs it off. He would not do so unless this beast offended him.

"Do you really think Zaros will still trust him? And there are some things best left secret."
No, but you won't hinder his mission either.

IC: "I do not claim to be full of it, simply protect it. You get in my way, and I will move you."
"Then it would be the meeting of an unstoppable force and an unmovable object." Zaros growls. This man was now starting to cause his anger to come. His mind reaches to Shade. Get everyone to the bunker.

"Zarkun, I can do so with Zaros. Teacher plus DM allows for me to hinder."
I am also DM. You will not hinder his mission. It's harmless.

IC: "No, it will be a matter of moving the unmovable object with the one thing that will move it. It's own lack of momentum." He blinks, appearing in the hall behind Zaros. "By the time I'm done, you'll never know I will have been here." Vanishing into the shadows with his cloak, he heads down the hall, towards Terance's room.
OOC: Ok gonna log for the night.

IC: Sam follows Tari like a love sick puppy. Of all the people, he has killed or been around Tari is the only one that he has ever had these feelings for.
"Actually, you're a secondary DM."

Zaros scowls. "I swear, if one thing happens that links to you in anyway, I will tear your throat out ten times in a row."
Zack doesn't hear the threat as he's already a good ways away from the cafeteria, heading for C section. "Arrogant man. Why Andy didn't kill him, I'll never know."

Edit- If it comes to blows between Zaros and Zack or Cayl.
I walk beside Sam with no particular destination in mind and thoughts 'in the clouds.' I guess I really am in love but ... should I let this continue? I let my guard down earlier because I was with him ... I shouldn't second guess this I just have to learn to keep my guard up even while I'm with Sam. I had never had feelings for anyone like this before and I just wanted this moment to last forever. However I knew it wouldn't and eventually we wind up at the dorms and Sam kisses on the forehead before we split and go to our separate rooms. I stash my weapons under my bed and lay down staring at the ceiling for an hour or so before falling asleep.

OOC: getting off for the night will return tomorrow around 9:45-10 pm Eastern ... maybe ...
I holster my carbine, and sit down, hands shaking;
...why did he bother me so much?...

A gentle hand on my shoulder breaks my train of thought;
"You ok?"
Stefan asks, concerned.

"I.. I don't know.. I'm not really hungry anymore.."
I say standing up and passing my plate to him;
"Here, I'm sure you could use it."

I say, heading for the dorms.
Sensing someone coming from the cafeteria, Zack stops and waits for them, watching the halls.
I walk down down the hall head for Tari and I's room, oblivious to Zack's presence.

I look at Zaros;
"So... who the hell was that?"
I ask, digging into my food.
Zack uncloaks behind Alicia. "I could sense your unease all the way down here. What is it about me that bugs you?"
"A Changeling that seeks knowledge. And I have a large distrust of Changelings specifically." Zaros answers.
I whirl and glare at Zack, my hands trembling ever so slightly;
"That's none of your business, but since I doubt you take no for an answer; You scare the crap out of me. Also your arrogant all-knowingness and power pisses me off. I don't like the feeling of helpless you seem to force on those around you; I hate being helpless."
I say, spitting my last word out like a curse.

I nod mid-bite and swallow;
"Don't blame you, those things can be trouble."
Zack sighs. "I don't force the feeling of helplessness on anyone, but I also like to be sure that potential enemies are aware of what they're getting into. My knowledge comes from my mission, something that is required to do it right. And the comes with a great burden. You'll eventually die, get to see the ones you care about. Me, I'll live until someone wises up and figures out how to kill me, and even then I can survive." His eyes, their normal shade of fiery red-orange now that the threat was gone, shone with unshed tears. "You have no idea the things I went through before becoming this. I've my reasons to hate the Dominion, same as you. But that's besides the point. So long as you don't hinder me, I won't hurt you. But the moment you get in my way," his eyes glint dangerously, "you're toast." He resumes his walk, intending to head for Terance's room. "Perhaps you'll come to understand me. But for now, simply avoid me to avoid Zaros' wrath. Thanks to Andy and Laura, he has a strong dislike for people like me."

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