Pankoprulu Academy: The Second Class V

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"The thing in Abel's head isn't as bad as the 'Demon'." Zaros answers. "And he had more control because of that, not to mention he likely trained himself from a young age. I hadn't learned about the 'Demon' until I was seventeen."
"You're missing the point. What was his name?"
Zaros ponders this for a second. "Arc. It's name was Arc."
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I nod. "Thought so. Guess when you've been around 'extraordinary' as much as I have, you learn to spot it. Dominion?"

I nod;
"Yeah. I didn't have a damn clue what I'd just gotten myself into at the time..."
A note of bitterness in my voice, I shake my head;
"...But what's done is done."
Cayl nods and speaks a phrase in latin, which removes the collar and puts it in his hand. "There."

I nod slowly. "Sorry to hear it. Never did like them."
I shrug;
"It was years ago... all in all, I think their experimentation has caused them far more trouble than it's worth."
I say with a grin.

After a moment, I throw a quick glance a Alicia;
"If there's someone to feel sorry for, it's her... and don't tell her I said that."
I arrive at my room and change into a pair of shorts and a tube-top with a jacket. I make my way to the entrance not really caring if Sam was following me or not.
"Thank you." His mind focuses upon Cynthia and he charges some of his energy through her, to help with the healing process of her appendages, hopefully, and give her more strength.
I finish reading part of the tomb and place a marker to mark where I left off. I stand up and stretch and decide to check out the training room more in more detail.
"Right...speaking of which, how do you know each other?"
"She's one of the two people I brought with me when I broke out of the Dominion Research Facility that made me this body."
I pass by Stefan and Terance and wave at them as I head for the training room. I place my hands behind me at the small of my back walking with a slight smile on my face.
Putting his pistol away, Eric looked at his latest results. non of the shots this time had exceeded the third ring from the bulls-eye. His headache was still there, but it was fading, thankfully. Maybe now he could get some training in properly and all. With this in mind, he brought up his map to check where it was, before heading to that room.
"Zaros... Just remember that she had just cut off her connection with the Khala forever... I just want to let you know that." Shade says. "And I also had Terance keeping an eye on her and being friends with Cynthia since they seemed to get along pretty quickly."
I curse and message Shade mentally. Let me know when Cynthia wakes up. I don't want to miss it. "Ah. Any reason she was there?"
I nod bleakly;
"She was a test subject for psychic repression and control drugs... and not even ten years old."
I say quietly, as not to be overheard.
Terance, I'll tell you, but please don't cause another scene like that again with another student. I'll discipline them myself.
I shake my head as we reach the Simulation room. "That's wrong...of course, let's keep in mind the Ghost Program." I let Stefan through first. I didn't cause a scene. I made sure he was aware of where I stood.
Terance, sometimes the best solution is too not beat someone senseless or knocking them out. We have Boris for that. And he isn't human and he could break the students neck if he wanted to.

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