Pankoprulu Academy: The Second Class V

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I let out a breath I didn't realize I was holding;
"Sorry, but I got a bad first impression... I... Thanks for the clarification.."
I say softly.
He waves nonchalantly. "Anytime. If you need me, speak to Flint. He has a connection to the Void and can reach me through it."
I nod, a little unsure of what to say, lacking my normal spunk;
"Right.. I'll keep that in mind."
I shake my head again. "Not that can't be. He doesn't seem to be anything like me. Besides the hair color and that might be coincidence." I wasn't wanting to believe that creep Niel used my genetics to make a clone of himself and me.

I sigh and shake my head. "Alnarak I don't think she is going to believe this."

I feel the spectre probing around with her mind and I smile underneath my helmet. She was going to have more trouble than expected finding my mind. I come to the intersection in the maze and set myself in a corner where I was harder to see.
Zack vanishes from sight once more, the air shimmering like a heat wave until he was gone from view. He wasn't far from Terance, and intended to wrap that visit up quickly.

Alnarak shrugs as Ben leaves the room. "Neither did Shadow for a long time. Anyways, you got somewhere I can set up shop? I'd like to take my old spot in the Academy."
As Zack vanishes from sight I sigh and head to my room and settle in for the night.

Finishing off the food I'd piled up, I hand in the plates and turn in for the night.

That being that, G'night.
"Yeah there is a spot in the labs or the hanger that you can set up in. So what do we do about Ben, more importantly is he psionic?"

I barely finish as I feel a tingle run through my body. Another member of the Void was close.

I was still in disbelieve. "How would Shadow know that he is my son?"
"Thanks Flint." He turns to Jessica. "He absorbed Niel, remember?" Zack knocks on my door and I open it, feeling him enter the room and then looking at him as he decloaks.

"The Pankoprulu Academy? Really?" I shrug, tapping my head.

"His idea." Pulling out the copies, I hand them to Zack. "Translated and original form." He nods and cloaks again, leaving the room. I return to feeding energy to the glyph. Zack heads for Flint's office, blinking occasionally to speed things up. He was further away than Terance had been.
"I'll be right back..." I step out of my office and look towards where Zack was coming from.
I can sense you Zack. What brings you here?

"How do you known Niel isn't just screwing around and how would he have made a clone if Shadow absorbed him?" I was trying to go through every reason that this couldn't be right.
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Edit-His mission is the preservation of Knowledge and the prevention of self destruction. He's not out to sabotage anything.
He can't possibly know about the basement of what's truly down there because that's for a few people only and it has been a more recent thing.

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Why Andy didn't kill him, I'll never know."
Because he couldn't. XD

IC: Shade heard Zaros. Zaros... What exactly is going on and I'll go see Flint on how the progress is going on with the "project".

Flint, I'm going to see you, expect me in a close minute or two. It involves the project, and I felt someone enter here from the Khala and I can't feel who it is. Who is it? Do we know he/she?


Raven could smell something that stunk of Terran, Protoss, and Changeling in the building. He went into the aspect in order too enhance his vision and smell. The tail showing, the frills forming, the nose sharpening to enhance it all.


I walk into the Zerg Hive. Casually the Zerglings ran up to me and raced around me, yapping and growling in a friendly like manner. Also remembering when that Queen tried to feed me creep once because she said that I need "Nutrients." Smiling.


A Nydus Worm was tunneling through the interior of the planet, it was smaller, bred that way through genetic design. Shaking the earth.
I start to strip my Rifle down, and rebuild it as a Grenade Launcher. While I do so, I make the psionic net smaller, and focus it at the next corner. I had no idea where a hostile could be, and wanted to be ready.
Yes I know who it is, it is Zack. He is coming my way and I presume he has something he wants to talk about. Also Alnarak and Jessica are in my office right now, she apparently has a clone son of her and Niel Lierth. And before you ask no they don't know about the project.

I lean against a wall looking towards Zack still.

I remain crouched at the intersection in wait of my foe, I knew ahead of me was a dead end so it was logical to presume that the other path lead deeper into the maze of walls.
Going to doctors later today so if that's the reason why you see me here... That's why.

IC: Shade gave a sigh of relief,.

Flint, that is good, not everyone needs to know about it. I'll probably see Alnarak since he's with you, and I didn't know Jessica was here. And one last thing... Who in the bloody hell is Zack? I mean... Shouldn't we be worried that most of us don't know who this "Zack" person is when he just walked in? That is troublesome even if he doesn't cause harm... It shows some of us that he's sneaky. You know me, I'd rather be safe than sorry if I didn't know someone. Such a shame that no one knows how to make a proper appearance at the lobby... And how did he find his way down here?
A Changeling. And this one is almost as bad as the original. Only difference is that he is seeking to protect knowledge. And I swear, if he goes anywhere he shouldn't, I am going to cast him into the Void to meet the Reaper. Zaros answers.

I wander through the halls aimlessly.

Sahlk watched the battle between the two intensely.

"That thing with Cynthia makes me think the Queen is Marduk..."
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"That thing with Cynthia makes me think the Queen is Marduk..."

IC: Changeling who seeks and protects knowledge? Why do I feel like that this could be a problem later on? As for getting into places where he shouldn't..... Yeah. And also... How did he get in here without knowing where the entrance was? So disrespectful... Barging in for knowledge without us knowing and leaving. Shade answers back.
We have to get tighter defenses. And detection. And perhaps we should just have everyone attack him right now. Zaros agrees.
Agreed but not that tight as you might believe in; overall just better security. Agreed... I don't think that having everyone attack him would be a good idea... We don't know much about him, and Flint seems to know him... The only one that knows him.
No, chances are he would be expecting that. Besides I'll deal with him if he tries anything. Me and him are on a more level playing field. He shares the same traits I do only Laura gave him his abilities instead of Andy.
The Crystal Korzis is holding transmits a signal.

The signal is completely indetectable, as it doesn't actually go anywhere, per se. It simply exists within the Crystal, and then ceases to exist.

At exactly the same instant the signal ceases to exist, an identical signal comes into existence in a neighboring dimension. This signal is immediately absorbed by a complex computer system, and a particular individual scans through the data it contains.


The individual presses some keys and taps some buttons, issuing orders. Two cyborgs whose 'biological' portions are made out of some blue crystal walk into the room and stand on a peculiar pad. With a flash of blue light, they cease to exist.

Simultaneously, two crystalline cyborgs suddenly begin to exist within universe ESSC-2 JRb-v-PKA.

In specific, they begin to exist within a certain library.


Dhiram walks into the cafeteria and glances around.

Perhaps I have walked in upon an awkward moment.

He retrieves some sort of vegetable stew and sits down. Slowly and carefully he begins eating.


I can euthanize the intruder if necessary. Do you prefer his remains to be
frozen or fresh for dissection?
Okay, just try to be careful and keeping him from taking anything from us... Zaros told me why he's here and I don't like it one bit at all. And if he's here to see you and he's after knowledge and protecting it... Shade responds to Flint.

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