Pankoprulu Academy: The Second Class V

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Should he try to take anything or harm any of our students I will detain him indefinitely and by Terra I will make him regret trying anything.
I can euthanize the intruder if necessary. Do you prefer his remains to be
frozen or fresh for dissection?
Seven that is not necessary yet. I will inform you if it comes to that.
I still don't understand the cimpulsive desire of Terrans
to wait until the last minute to eliminate threats.
As of now he is not a threat just an inconvenience.
As for waiting last minute that I am not either. I am simply waiting for
him to attempt something. I do now kill will out reason Seven.
It wouldn't be without reason. I have calculated a 42.2 percent
chance that he will commit needless violence while here. I have
also calculated a 30.5 percent chance that he is a spy sent here
to uncover classified Poltergeist information. I have also calculated
a 35.6 percent chance that he is an enemy terrorist.

I have also calculated the total chance of his being harmless at
about 20 percent. In my eyes, that is probable cause.
First off, the students themselves commit needless violence.
Second he seeks to preserve knowledge, much like your root programing.
Third I know for a fact he is not a terrorist as I share the same powers he does
for the most part. Would you also have me exterminated for that reason?
Master Flint, this is partially your Academy. What you and the
students do is your business. Outsiders do not fall under that

Besides which, saying he has your powers and thus can't be
a terrorist is not logical, as some Terrans are terrorists and
some are not, yet both have the same 'powers.' Besides which
you would make an excellent terrorist, not that you are one.
IC: Sam sharpens his knives and clean and oil his gun. "That zack guy is rubbing me the wrong way something isn't right about him." He mutters out "Then there is that feeling of being watched I wonder." Sam links his three PDA together for better processing power and trys to link up to the school's wifi system
That is bullsh!t. Just because he rubbed Zaros wrong, he's automatically a f*cking villain? He radioed in, got permission and landed. I typed it all out. He's part Changeling yes, but he isn't a f*cking changeling. Clearly his genetic make up is 50% human. Come on, just once can someone else getting rubbed wrong not automatically get to make the call to make him a god damned villain? And Zaros couldn't throw Zack into the Void if he wanted to. That's how much mastery he has. I also retain the ability to keep your Brotherhood annoyances out of my stuff.

IC: Zack watched everything as he walked, taking notes that he'd transcribe later on to more solid material, possibly the steel paper he'd taken to using. Rounding a corner, he uncloaks, the air shimmering again as he comes into view and looks at Flint, still strolling casually. "I take it you're John Flint?"

Alnarak stops as he walks out and approaches Jessica. "Niel used your DNA because you were the most capable woman in his employ- never mind that you are also psionic." He turns to leave and stops. "And his eyes are violet because of some terrazine that was in your system. It got caught in his eyes."
Okay, and I just arrived. Shade says to Flint, arriving inside his office via rift.
Walking down the Hall, Eric yawned, having just woken up from his nap. Where was everyone? he didn't see many people yet this morning..were they all in the sim room or something?

OOC:morning. Note that after attempting to puzzle out where everyone is i've figured out a few are in an office which eric probably doesn't have access to, but other than that i can't figure out where everyone is.
Well, you're wrong to think it's the next day. Not being rude, but RP time doesn't work like RL time. So it's still the same day.
OOC: thus why i specified nap. Meaning he got some sleep, but it may have been anywhere from half an hour or less to 2 hours of sleep.

EDIT: That and it covers for why idid nothing for hours on end while waiting on heaven to respond to eric with her characters only to find they magically were in the cafeteria suddenly from the sim room.
Heaven is a he, just to clarify. And that happens a lot. I'm sure if you read back through, you'd find where they left the sim room.
I did read back through, several times yesterday. And i couldn't find it.

Also i do apologize for the gender confusion, i get genders mixed up all the dang time.
It's hard on here, so I don't blame you.
03/01/2013 08:54 AMPosted by Raal
lso i do apologize for the gender confusion, i get genders mixed up all the dang time.
It's also probably because of the name. XD
Don't worry to much on it though.

@Zarkun, I didn't see the edit you made. :\
Unfortunately my person didn't know that someone arrived and it's not that Shade is thinking of him as a villain, she's worried about the information he came to take according to a few others. So in my opinion it's just her being safe than sorry and slightly paranoid and the fact that she doesn't know him. Zaros though... You know him from the original how he can be, it's just a natural instinct. Him being an natural !@# hole.

IC: I watched the Zerglings scamper off into the creep, going underground into one of their many tunnels underneath the Hive structure. My PDA was out as I began to take research notes... If I was ever free from the influence of people making decisions for me... I really did care for them all at Poltergeist, but I didn't necessarily wanted to join them. Instead... I wanted to be someone else, someone with their own unique agenda, someone who didn't want to follow in their parents footsteps.
"Yes I am Zack. Mind that I can sense you like I can Andy, Laura, The Reaper, and Jeff. What brings you here besides Terance?"

I will be back in my office soon.

Seven the abilities we share only three others have besides me and him.
We five are all connected as well. Should one cause ill the others will know and
will deal with the havoc causer ourselves,
It gets more complicated beyond what I have told you.

I let off a sigh. "So I have mute son... You still haven't answered my question completely, Is Ben psionic?"
Alnarak nods. "He's part you. Of course he is."

Zack chuckles. "You. Andy recommended we meet."

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