Pankoprulu Academy: The Second Class V

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I pull my mask off sighing heavily. "So what am I supposed to do now?"

"Right... So what questions do you have for me?"
"Keep an eye on him. Shadow doesn't have the time and plus he thinks you can talk, and/or beat, some sense into him."

"For one," Zack creates a bone blade from his wrist, the edges and points sharpened to cut a hair, thought that's one of the less lethal things he removes with it, "our abilities in comparison. I've been told mine are a bit more...changelingesque."
Right in front of Zack I morph into an exact replica of him. "Really now, was it Laura that told you this?"

"I better go find him then..."
I have no idea what I am supposed to do now....

Ben where are you?
There is no response to Jessica. Alnarak leaves the room, heading for the hangar. Zack chuckles, retracting the blade and morphing into the exact replica of Flint moments before. "I didn't mean morphing abilities. I meant combat."
I exit Flint's office passing him as he reverts back to his form. "I have to go find Ben now..."

"Right." I return my attention back to Zack. "That may possibly be though morphed weaponry is something I am familiar with. How ever my connection with the Void is not as strong as yours might be since I was connected to the Khala first."
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OOC: whew ok i'm back. sorry if i got a bit pissed i had a rough day yesterday so what is hell is going on?
Flint and Zack are talking, Jessica is going to find her son that was created through some of her DNA because she just found that out.
Zack returns to normal as well. "Andy hinted as much. Truthfully, it's only because I'm connected to the Void that you can sense me. The Reaper and I do not speak. He's used Laura for a timeline he deems necessary, rather than let things play out as they will. I disagree with him." He sighs and looks at a small readout that appears in front of his eye. Chuckling, he returns his attention to Flint. "I would, none the less, like to see what you're capable of. Is there somewhere where we can compare?"
"Partly due to the Void connection that I can sense you. As for test our mettle I am afraid I have someone waiting for me in my office as well as several projects that I need to work on. Maybe some other time. If you believe what Andy has told you than know that I probably a little more powerful than when he and I last met." I turn to enter my office so I could talk to Shade now.

I sigh and start looking for where ever Ben might be. I decide to try the hanger bay first in case he took to machines like I did.
"Wait." As Flint turns around, Zack tosses him a strange devise with a Khaydarin crystal in the middle. "If there are any doubts as to who I am and was, play that journal. It's got all my memories and thoughts on it." He turns to walk away and stops again. "It's a copy of the original, but still just as powerful. Don't loose it." With that, the air shimmers and Zack vanishes. A few minutes later, the hangar opens up again and the Wraith flies out, vanishing from sight and then entering slip space.
I put the device in my pocket and enter my office closing the door behind me. "Sorry Shade Zack was wanting to speak with me. What is it that you wish to see about the project."
Shade gave a nod to Flint, "I just wanted to see how you were doing and how far the safety measures were. Did he ask you of anything of importance perhaps?"
"The safety measures will come shortly as of now the energies the portal is emitting prevents another measure than 'keep out'. As for Zack he didn't pry into anything that we are doing. He just wanted to meet me and test my skills."
Shade relaxes from stiffening up. "I see, the sooner we can get those measures up while they work... The better. We don't know what could come through those doors down there. And that's good that your guest didn't pry into anything."
IC: Sam is hacking into video feeds about zack and the zerg here at the school.

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I sigh and rub my hand over my forehead. "I know Shade. If we could tap that energy then maybe we could run some of our safety measure with it. The containment field would probably work the best with the energy and so would the Void turret. I would have to access the portal for a few hours to run those tests. I also need to finish the fine tuning with those devices before I test them there."
Shade was worried that something could go wrong. "Okay... But not now, we'll wait later. And when we go I'll go with you and I'll force Zaros to come. Since it's also the realm where it dwells."
Suddenly the Journal comes to life, playing one of the memories. A soft glow emits from Flint's pocket as hologram comes on, prompting Flint to draw the journal from it and let it show.

We all stepped into the combat room, Jason, myself and the others. This was part of Solar Flare’s routine, so we didn’t worry too much about it, and Jason flashed one of his goofy grins before coming to attention. We all had custom gear, and his allowed his mouth to be visible when he wanted. However, we had no idea the battle that would take place today. The weapon rack raised, offering us only psi-knives and our standard MPs. I grab my knife and pistols and Jason grabs his single pistol and knife. Placing things where they belonged, we listened to the prep speech. [Good afternoon, Ghost operatives. Today we will be testing your ability to fight a foe who can counter your powers with some of their own. Please refrain from dying, it’s a rather messy thing to clean up and difficult to explain to the Board.] With that, several trap doors opened and raised off colored Zerglings. Where it was normally purple, it was a deep blue instead. Not thinking anything of it, two ghosts unleashed a flamethrower style flame upon them, only to have the flames rebuffed and then slammed into walls by the gusts of wind their wings caused. Wings? What the hell are they thinking?! Was the only thought process I had time to register before two or three turned to me and shot ice spikes at me. I lunge to the left, drawing my MPs and firing on them. They were prepared however and created shields out of the same ice. Lacing the bullets with flame, I fire again and make it through the shield of one and killing it, but find that the other had another defensive capability, the ability to use the moisture in the air to slow and stop projectiles and extinguish flame. The others all had variations on the three abilities I’d seen, so I wasn’t too concerned. I continue firing, hoping to wear it down, but with no success. Suddenly I found myself knocked over and the thing leaping at me. Right before it lands, Jason slams into it’s side, making it so I only took the claw across my chest, giving me a nasty scar for sure. Jason, however, wasn’t so lucky. As he slammed his knife into it’s brain, it ran him through with it’s claws, mortally wounding him. Voices of alarm can be heard along with an increase in the amount of gunfire. I crawl over to him, my own wound bleeding profusely. He simply grinned at me with his goofy grin. “Not a,” he coughs, blood coming up, “good idea. Should have landed on top of him.” He coughs again and behind my mask tears well up as I shake my head.

“No, no, don’t talk. Help will be here soon. Just stay with me. Focus on my.” I manage to peel off his mask and can see the light fading from his eyes. He laughs and shakes his head.

“There’s *cough* *cough* nothing they can do this time. Live, and *cough* fight on. Fight to correct our mistakes. The *cough* *cough* Dominion’s mistakes.” The life leaves his eyes and I shake him frantically.

“Jason, wake up. Jason, come on, stay with me. Wake up.” I only grow more frantic. It broke my training, caring for him like this, but he was my best friend and my brother, the only person in existence I could trust absolutely. I start to black out slowly as several of the other Ghosts run up to us. The last thing I can remember hearing is one of them calling for a medic.

I played the memory again, this time into the Psionic journal I'd made. I then speak. "It was only after ravaging the memories of the head scientists at the programs shut down that I learned that we were both suppose to die that day, and that those particular strains of Zerglings had been programmed to target me. Jason had received two similar ones, along with a winged one, as he was the higher threat, which he'd killed easily. After his death that day, I swore I'd never loose it like that again, nor would I show emotion or deviate from my training and mission." I take a moment and sigh, walking over to the journal. "But Agent Laura Wolfe may just change all that. She's the first to have made me chuckle twice in a day since Jason died, and once the Doctor resurrects her, she may get me to a third time. If she does that, then maybe there's hope for me yet." I look at the journal and shake my head. "The future is even shakier than before. Hopefully we don't loose our humanity in this insane path to a 'higher knowledge.' Journal entry #382 end. Agent Zack Tren, signing off."

The journal then starts from the beginning, showing from when Zack was taken all the way to current day, right before he'd left for the Academy. One of the memories stands out, the one of Laura injecting her blood into Zack and him transforming, becoming the Hybrid he was when he arrived. The others were his life after that, including the shut down of Project THANATOS. After everything was shown, the journal became silent again.
"Right... Hopefully it doesn't try anything. In the mean time I better..."

I stop as I hear the journal start playing and I pull the device out of my pocket holding it in front of me. "Damnable tech I didn't even push any friggen buttons..."
The two cyborgs waste little time, and soon have assimilated all the information stored in the library. One places a small note, then presses a button on its wrist.

WIth a flash of blue light, the two beings cease to exist.

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