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KO, seriously. Back the f*ck off. It is in no way amusing.
IC: Sam is hacking into video feeds about zack and the zerg here at the school.

OOC: On and off doing house work and stuff so don't expect me to do a lot of rping today

Double post, but no, he is not. Students are denied access to the cameras.
03/01/2013 01:06 PMPosted by Steelwolf
IC: Sam is hacking into video feeds about zack and the zerg here at the school.
DM: The AI's lock him out as they put a Trojan Horse Virus of their own kind in his PDA because that's where I'm assuming he's doing it from. Then a message was on there.

The Greek's won.

IC: Shade listened to it... Not crying, not surprised as she had a more difficult time it seemed... He was a Ghost once, and so was she. It was no different. Everything and anything can happen. She sat down. "So... He gave something to you I take it?"
The Brotherhood™ had information collecting before you. They've been at it longer canonically and chronologically.

It was not attended to be amusing. It is genuine.
I stand up, and look both corners, ad back where I came. I wrestle with the idea to waste some ammo to see if someone was at the corners, and the choice is made for me when the wild personality comes back into my body. I giggle without warning, and aiming one-handed, I fire at the first corner, then reload.

Up to you, lekrog, what corner it is. Unless you aren't near me, but w.e

I walk into the Cafeteria and pick up an apple. As I eat, I make my way toward the Firing Range, enjoying my apple. I look at one of the cameras and wink at it, and hum cheerfully.
"Yes he did." I fiddle with the device for a minute before it shuts off.
"I was intending to listen/watch that later when I had more free time...."

The first grenade goes off just yards away from me. I break out of where I was hiding and move back down the way I came. "Is that all you have? I figured you would have more than just a few grenades." I shout towards her as I find a new position to wait at.
And been denied. This is Zack's niche in the universe. Leave it alone. I refuse to be Andy or Laura version 2.0, not that there's anything wrong with them.
The Brotherhood™ did not "steal" your data, they merely accessed and copied it. That is what they do. You aren't the only one with ultra-powerful recurring forces.

And I fail to see the connexion between Zack and Andy/Laura (outside the obvious).
Shade stood back up. "I see... I'll go see you later then. And I wonder why he gave it to you..."
You could have used a word different than assimilated.

IC: Jessica finds Ben in the hangar, elegantly sabotaging the ships that don't look to be of human design.

Finishing feeding energy into the glyph, I read it and nod. The old timer was right, it was easier. "Good guess." Finished and bored, I head back out into the halls, the traps reactivating as I close and lock the door and head for the hangar. Terrafirma could use a once over just in case.
"He seems to be on a mission and thinks I doubt who he is and the truth of his powers. For now it seems that he is eager to try my powers as well." I smile slightly. "And with the research that I have been doing I have found a few ways to add to what I have, it is just getting a better hold of the Void..."

"Ben what are you doing?" I take a moment and repair the vehicles and ships that were sabotaged. "Don't think I will keep doing this for you. These are not yours to work on Ben."
I will use less permanent sounding words in the future.


Alert. A life-form {terran clone amalgam} appears to be commiting
acts of sabotage in the primary hangar bay.

Hey Flint: guess who.

I like the "I told you so" there. XD

IC: I pass Flint's office and hear them talking about Zack. Guy's more misunderstood than he'll admit... Continuing on, I see two people I don't recognize. Waving, I start on Terrafirma's weapons, checking calibration and all that.
Damn it Seven. I'll be in the hanger bay soon.

I grumble to myself as I grab the containment field device putting it back together and start to charge it with my own power. I quickly exit my office and head for the hanger bay. The office door shuts its self and locks.
Shade was locked in the office... Flint would know about that but he already knew I can get out. So I created a rift and left once more. Arriving in the hanger bay next to my own personal ship.
I giggle to myself, my mind now focused on his location, picking up where he is moving. I reload a grenade, and make my way in his direction, moving with little care.
Ben sneers at Jessica. Non-humans do not deserve such things. They deserve death.
I crouch down poised for striking at her while being far enough away from the corner that a grenade blast won't phase me.

"That isn't how it works Ben. Most of these none humans have been around longer than we have and their technology can be helpful. How else would you still be around?"
This is going to be a long day I think to myself.
I sense him stop, and laugh, loud enough for him to hear easily. I take extra steps away from the corner, and let loose a Psionic Pulse on his location. Nearly a second after, I lean around and fire a grenade around the corner, using the Pulse and his mind signals to find a perfect spot.
A non-human lover. I will see you dead as well. He stalks off, looking for a non-human to bother. I shake my head.

"He related to you or something?"

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