Pankoprulu Academy: The Second Class V

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I walked out of the Hive with the research done for now... My tendrils clearly show from my hair, and something that I haven't noticed before... Me and mother and brother has a slight Protoss complexion... First time I noticed this. Right now I showed that I wasn't completely human.
I roll backwards to lessen the damage from the grenade blast. Some shrapnel landed in my left arm causing some minor bleeding.

I fire two rounds from my pistol at the wall just past where she was. One round ricochets and lands at her feet. The other embeds itself in the wall. Ducking behind cover I heal myself some and reserve the rest of my energy for later.

I look over at the man who just entered. "Yes he is my son that I never knew about. Don't ask..." I slip my mask back on and cloak looking for Ben again.
I guess now comes the tough love part... I think to myself again as I draw my rifle making sure I had a tranquilizer dart in place.
"Don't think I want to know..." I continue working on the weapons, checking ammo feed and such. Ben sees Cynthia and uses some telekinesis to push her.

You are disgusting. You aren't even completely human.
I flinch as the round nearly hits me, and I reload again. To toy with him, I let loose another Psionic Pulse, and cause a bit of the wall to fly out and hit him. I use the wall near me as cover.
I find Ben a short walk later starting in with Cynthia. "Ben don't make me do this.." I say softly knowing he could he my thought that moment. I level my rifle dead center with his back. "Ben the sabotage was bad enough now stop it." I call out towards him as I deactivate my cloaking.

I mutter a chant to myself as I break cover to avoid the falling wall as well as charging towards where she was hiding closing the distance to quick for her grenade launcher to be effective.
I swing my mace around where I suspected she was going to be as I round the corner and fire a few pistol shots towards her as I finish the swing.
I stumble across the floor with a grunt, picking myself with my hair a mess. That was unexpected... "What did I ever do to you? And I'm sorry if I was born this way. But you can't change who you were born."
Dhiram rounds the corner and sees the two. He wrinkles his nose in disgust. One of them isn't even fully human, some sort of impure hybrid. At least the other looks clean enough.

Another walks in, a female human.

"What has occurred?" He questions, glancing at the female hybrid on the floor. He doesn't move to help her.
Ben sneers at Jessica again. "And what, exactly, gives these . . . beasts . . . the right to traverse the stars? Face it, Mother, the power of space travel is to be reserved for those who can HANDLE it. And another thing: why do you take orders from subhumans? You, as a full human, have every right to treat them as pets or servants undeserving of kissing your feet."

I finish up and head down the hall, finding the two from earlier, a new student and Cynthia. I walk over to Cynthia. "You alright?"
I see a mace fly at me, and I duck, rolling away from the wall. I lift my Grenade Launcher, and fire it nearly point-blank at his torso. I knew it wouldn't explode, but I was counting on the grenade itself having enough kinetic force to do something to him.
"I do not believe she is injured. That would take extraordinary physical weakness that I doubt even the lowliest of impures would be capable of."

He glances at Ben.

"Who is this individual?"
"I'm fine!" I snap back at Terance, almost angry with what happened. Instead I just stand up and walk the other direction. Hands balling up into fists as I walked away. "I'll be leaving now..." That was when one of the other students made a comment towards I... I ran down the hallway.
"No Ben I don't have that right. Do you know why your eyes are violet? If so the you know that it isn't from something human."

I am knocked back a few feet from the force of the grenade launcher. Still to close for it to detonate I kick the grenade into the air and hit it with my mace right at the spectre.
Dhiram approaches Ben and frowns at his odd eyes. "Is this thing... fully human? I grow tired of being surrounded by hybrids."
I rest a hand on my great sword, watching the other student. "You shut your mouth, purist." Ben looks at Dhiram.

Clearly you are not human either, so you need not know who I am. He returns his attention to Jessica. Pardon me, but since when is a highly useful gaseous substance supposed to make me hate these things any less? Especially partial humans. I can't forgive what subhumans have done. Kerrigan . . . Zer . . . Agent Shadow . . . menaces to society.
I watch him go to kick the grenade, and only one thought goes through my mind:
This is going to hurt.
As soon as his foot hits the grenade, it detonates, sending both him and I flying backwards into our respective walls. I groan in pain, and pull myself out of the wall, unsteady. I attempt to get another grenade in hastily.
Dhiram's blood boils somewhat at Ben's reply and clenches his fists. "I assure you, the Er'yan are a fully human race. We have preserved the purity of humanity in a universe where hybridization and cyborging is beyond prevalent."
I ran into a bathroom to keep myself locked up in there in the mean time... Good thing only women were allowed in this one. Tears streaming down my cheeks.


Shade paused for a moment, walking to where the students were gathered. "What is going on?"
Ben snorts. Clearly you forget what your body can do. I shake my head, my rage coming to a boiling point. Men like these didn't deserve to breath. I'd made sure several no longer did a few times.

"The pair of you better clear out before I loose my temper. I don't like purists." I turn to Shade, the anger apparent in my eyes. "Purists," is growled out.
"Terance... Calm down. Now tell me what is exactly going on and I'll be nice and I wont knock all of you out." Shade said in a calm relaxing tone of voice, with a hint of being serious.
"The one the spectre is aiming at used telekinesis to push Cynthia down. Least I think he did, I felt someone unfamiliar use psionic energy. I figure it's him since Cynthia glared him down." I then indicate the other student. "He then proceeded to call hybrids stupid."

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