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I've just created a group called MetroD focused on helping players in South East Michigan to get together. I'd like to use it as a spring board to plan LAN (such as they are) events, BarCrafts and local tournaments. I think a huge part of what could make StarCraft II not just survive, but thrive in the competitive scene is grass roots organization at a local level. Hopefully some other folks in the Michigan are feel the same and would like to join me in polarizing our local players to get together and enjoy this game in person.

Please feel free to join the group, it's public, or email me at to let me know if you're interested in being a part of these kind of events. In particular if anyone knows owners of local businesses like bars, gaming centers, comic stores or the like where events like this could benefit both players and proprietor alike please pass this info on to me.

Also if you're a social person like me and you'd like to meet players in your are please take up this cause. Building a community from the ground up takes work but in the end it makes us closer. The internet has made the world a much smaller place but nothing will replace that feeling of meeting like minded individuals in person and partaking together in an activity mutually beloved.

I hope we can grow something great together.
Hey guys and gals, just keeping this up top. Would love to get together with local enthusiasts!
Still looking for south east michigan Starcraft enthusiasts.
Shoutout from Texas! +1 If only there were people from TX that thought this way. :P Good luck in your endeavors.

I live in Ann Arbor, MI. I may be up for some stuff, add me Juggernaut 963
Chronic Facture is a Midwestern USA Clan looking for Michigan Masters. I am glad the SE Michigan scene is out there.
How are things going with this group? What age ranges are you looking for?
Just moved here from Florida. IcedBlade.114
Moved in for the summer! we getting together to play some games by chance?
Im interested in this. Discuss.403
I live in Clinton Township and run Chronic Facture. We are a top-16 clan on NA. Glad to see some folks out there in the Metro Detroit area.
Hi all, I'm from Ypsilanti, and am decently skilled at SC2 (gold league lewl) and would love to attend some tournaments. Is this thing getting any traction? Has anyone posted a venue and a date?

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