"An internal error occurred, please restart."

Mac Technical Support
This error keeps happening when i open Starcraft and i havent really found anything on how to fix it need help.
I am getting the exact same error message.
The support page is woefully inadequate... it forces me to choose from a list of predetermined topcis, none of which cover this issue, and when I finally clicked my way to submitting a support ticket, I got a message saying "we do not accept support tickets for this kind of issue". This is seriously awful customer service. I feel like I have been deliberately ignored.
Are you still having the issue? I just tried a live chat support session and ended up back at square one. Still can't play.
Have you checked out our Internal Error support article?

This should be able to resolve this issue. From what I've seen, the main issue is that StarCraft II launcher has been moved/copied from out of the StarCraft II folder instead of a shortcut (Alias) being created.

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