Probably low FPS... ?

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Hi, I have this PC:
CPU Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-3570 CPU @ 3.40GHz
RAM 8.2 GB
OS Microsoft Windows 8 Professional Edition (build 9200), 64-bit
Video Card GeForce GT 430
Free Disk Space 779.8 GB

IDK why when I run starcraft on high-ultra I got 10-15 FPS, it's normal with my pc?
It's cause I have windows 8 or my video card ?

(Sorry for my bad english :P)
Hi Blazk,

That is to be expected for that video card. It's really not meant to be for high-end gaming.
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what? what do u mean? sc2 is not that high end gaming, or is it just me? before this i cud play sc2 fine with a crappy vid card
Are we going to have to go through this again, Velnrak? Patch 1.5 brought on the same problem for a large number of people. A problem that was non-existent prior to the patch inexplicably becomes a problem after the patch. Everyone updated their drivers, fiddled with their video card settings, lowered their graphics settings, deleted their cache, and in some cases spent money on the problem, but it did not go away. When we came to this forum with our gripes, we were routinely told to provide our specs (as if they were the problem) and, after trying everything suggested by blues and others, we were told to figure it out ourselves. This is a problem with the patch, not our computers. It would be nice to know that Blizzard actually acknowledges this issue and is working on it, at the very least.
Salts, I understand the frustration. We ask for specs because we need to reproduce this issue with very specific builds, as this is not happening on all computers. I know I've said before that the best way of attacking this issue is reporting your specs to the Bug Report forum, but it bears repeating. The combinations of CPU, Video card, Motherboard, drivers, and other factors are endless. I know that this is occurring on various builds, but we have to have something to go on, besides generalities. Our QA department is actively pursuing as many bugs as possible. We appreciate your feedback and patience.
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