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So, after Patch 2.0.4 I've been having lag in my games and a delay for ALL of my actions.(Like building my next drone as I reach 80 minerals even if I spam the D button before it even reaches 50)
It's making the game unplayable for me and I've never had these problems before. My internet connection is fine and I haven't changed anything until recently, where I lowered my Graphics settings from High to Low to see if that did anything and it helped a little bit, but I still experienced these issues.

I was assuming it was because the download wasn't done, but it is and it says the following:
"Downloading data for an upcoming patch."

It's probably something stupid I'm overlooking, but it's getting really annoying.
it says the following:
"Downloading data for an upcoming patch."

Can you check the progress in Info > Connection Information?
Monday - Friday, 8 am - 5 pm PST
Alright, I just checked it.

It says 9.98 GB of 14.0 GB(71%) and my download rate is 0.
I'll try leaving it there for a while and see if it starts?
I'm having similar issues as Apokelypse since the patch. I looked at the connection information and it said 92% completed. Should the problem resolve once it reaches 100? Is there any other possible reason to look at meanwhile that causes the delay/lag?

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