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Hi, my patch has fully downloaded, I have checked the connections info in my starcraft 2 launcher and it says there are no downloads so it is done,and when I am playing online I hover my mouse over the menu where it tells you your current fps or whatever, and the odd time it says an odd number infront like 5 resource stalls in the last minute, stutters alittle in game aswell. Does anyone know what the resource stalls mean. Also can someone enlighten me on too why the patch was 14 gigs.....really confused on that one ..Thanks
hey I have the same problem. I only started having this problem afer the patch. It think it has to do with internet connection but one has confirmed it for me. I don't know why it was 14 gigs either. LOL

I've noticed there's some lag when I give a command. LIke when I queue up marines, it takes like a second to show up. Pre-patch was instant. I ran it on ultra and have core i5-2500K oc to 4.5 Ghz and 2 Radeon 6950 crossfired and 16 gigs of RAM so it cant' be my PC. It's gotta be internet. It was fine just a month ago.
I know i'm having the same problem. the 14 gig patch is likely hots... or most of it anyway, they pulled the same trick with the last wow expansion.
Greetings SunnySkies,

Only a handful of players are experiencing this issue. I can totally understand how this unit response delay can ruin your gameplay. We are pretty certain that this is going to be caused by something on your computer, but we've so far been unable to narrow down the source.

In order for us to locate the problem device or program, could you please send us a copy of your msinfo file. This will give us a 'snapshot' of the state of your computer. Instructions for obtaining your msinfo file is located at our support site:

Once you have saved that file, please email it to us at:

Once we receive this, we'll analyze it and hopefully be able to identify the source of the unit delay.

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