Pankoprulu Academy: The Second Class III

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I exit the office and close the door after Cayl steps out. "Now this way is the cafeteria, medical bay and labs." I proceed forward leading Cayl through the halls.
He nods, noting the comparatively better organization of this one compared to the old one. "You put quite a bit of work into this. It's nice."
"We tried. Basement is off limits to none teachers as it was for the first one. Shade and Zaros can cover the details on that one. Training room and simulator are this way just past the medical bay and the dorms are past that." I continue to lead on.
"Let's pay a visit to the training room. See if anyone is in there." He thinks for a moment, then looks at Flint. "What's in the basement that time?"
"That is for Shade and Zaros to disclose. The most I can tell you is that it is what most of my recent work is for." I head over to the training room. "Doesn't look like anyone is in here.." I say as I walk in and walk around.
He sighs and looks around, looking for the weapon dampening field. "I don't see the old field. Guessing you opted out for that?"
IC: Sam wakes up from his sleep. He does his morning excess before going and geting breakfast.

OOC: I take it is the next day
I chuckle and look at Cayl. "No we have it it's just on all the time."
"Good to hear. Hate to see someone get hurt from it's not being there." Looking over the room once more, his stomach growls. "Ah, I think that's my cue to request the cafeteria. I've been on rations for months."
"Well you can still get hurt just nothing life threatening. I'll join ya but I don't think I will be eating."
He nods and walks out, looking things over as Zerglings run by. "I see that the domestication of the Zerg went well."
"Yep it did. The zerglings are our messengers and the keep the library organized. " I follow behind Cayl.
"You know, even though I'm seeing it, I still have a hard time believing the Zerg are capable of anything but destruction." Walking into the Cafeteria, he grabs a chicken ranchero from the Taco Time area and takes a seat. "Glad to see you kept the old favorites."
IC: i walk out of the zerg hive.... " don't make me have to watch you go through that again" jack growls in my head. "lucky for you we got 2 days more of that goodness" i reply
"Yeah the changeling in the kitchen does some good work." I take a seat next to him and pull out the device from earlier and fiddle with it some.
IC: Sam sits down to eat some plain oatmeal. I wonder who that golden guy is
Steel, you're supposed to notice the guy that wasn't there earlier XD I'm trying to get him to meet all the students possible.

IC: "Changeling eh? Guess that solves the issue of wrong cook since he can take any form he wants." Taking another bite, he looks around. "So, any one else from the old Academy here?"
"Ceas came back aside from that it's just Shade Zaros and I. Oh wait I forgot Laura, you probably didn't meet her at the old Academy. The seems to be several changelings utilized here. Heck the Head of security is an other one."
OOC: Just saw and edited my post
"Head of Security too? Well, that's different. Good to hear Ceas is still around. Have to wonder though, what happened to all the others."

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