Pankoprulu Academy: The Second Class III

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Spider Bot
Spider bots are large machines that resemble spiders. Their eight legs have Tesla coils running down them and a open to channel the electricity through. This delivers a powerful, light armor piercing, burning jolts of electricity. Their armor is thick and their primary energy generator is in their core, making it difficult to reach. They have a weak point directly above and under them, but due to the Tesla legs this is notoriously difficult to hit. Once they lock onto prey, they ignore all others. Teamwork will be required to defeat them, because the prey will not be able to reach their weaknesses.

The sound coming from the attacked Goliaths attracts the Spider Bot. It rotates the middle of its core around to get a view of what was going on and sees Terance fleeing with its camera eye. It storms over, the Tesla coils ready to fire off the electricity.

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