Pankoprulu Academy: The Second Class III

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02/25/2013 11:46 AMPosted by Steelwolf
OOC: I take it is the next day
Yes, now everyone take a reminder and a note! Since Cayl arrived, it's now Day Two. It's the morning. But also another reminder, don't just assume... Okay?

IC: I was at the teachers table with Raven, we were both discussing how we should plan out with the day, and how we should teach our next lesson. Coming to the conclusion that they really didn't need the tour, I looked over noticing him... No one told me that Cayl had arrived. "Helps if they tell me when a visitor arrives..." I say.

Raven gave a hearty laugh as he put some eggs on his toast. "Yep... Helps just in case."

Cynthia walks into the room with Terance; showing him a few things last night. It was fun in a way. Even explaining that her mother really enjoyed the Dance Hall.
IC: i sent a mental note to Cynthia " helping with the hive..... don't talk about it"
"Terra know what happened to them. I know Jessica is still on KLR9 working maintenance for Poltergeist."
Cynthia was puzzled by what Dante was talking about. Dante... What about it? I didn't even say anything about it or talked to anyone about you. And what's so wrong with helping a hive? I was partially raised by a Queen when I was younger.
"Good to hear. How's Dani, since we're talking Poltergeist. She still having egg problems?"

I had enjoyed learning about things last night, including the dance hall bit. Heading to Cynthia's room, I knock. "You awake?"
IC: " yes but looking after the larva..... its an interesting experience...... still kinda grosses me out though no offense. I didn't get the part about acidic puke either"
Dante... you are such a wuss. You know that? Cynthia smiled as she sent the message. Walking over to the door as it slid open. "Terance, what are you doing up so early? Oh wait... I forgot that we were up all around the place for much of the night."

I ate my plate of fried eggs, hash browns, porridge and an apple. "So, should we go see him or let him come to us?"

Raven shrugged. "I don't know. Maybe we'll find out. I'm still eating though."
"Last I knew she was doing well. As for the detonator eggs they aren't as much of a problem as before. Seems Shade and Raven are wanting to visit with you as well." I gesture over my shoulder towards the teachers table while still fiddling with the device.
" the wussiest" i joke " where you sitting for breakfast?" i ask
"I don't sleep. Only took a light nap anyways. Ready for breakfast?" Try aiming your messages better. They're echoing around in my head and it's obnoxious.

"Good to hear. I can remember a couple different scares back in the old academy with those eggs. Especially when we visited Earth..." Chuckling, he takes another bite and then waves at Shade and Raven, standing up and moving over to where they were sitting. "And how are you two?"
" sorry bout that Terrance. But hey if you 2 wanna have some alone time that's cool with me bro"
Dante, it's not that... It's just that not everyone needs to listen to a message. And I'm sitting at a table with chairs. "Sure, let's go down for it shouldn't take long." As Cynthia scurried to get her hair in a presentable state of appearance and throwing on a long sleeved shirt.

I smile. "We are doing fine, a lovely bunch of miserable sobs... But we'll get through to them. We were discussing their mission that they are going to be doing tomorrow and we believe it's going to be a simulation."

Raven nods. "Yep, and to make it even more interesting... Two teams. With one Team Captain being Korzis and the other being Cynthia."
I walk over to the table as well still tinkering with the device. "Confounded trinket I had it working earlier."
"very descriptive" i say sarcastically " i'll meet you there i guess"
Cayl smirks. "Mind if I stick around to watch? Might even take up a teaching spot." He looks around and sighs. "Definitely will. You got room?"

I wait in the door way. "So what's on the schedule today?"
I brought up a hologram of the layout, with a section of it completely in the rock wall. "We have room up in the training hall, mostly because with your recklessness and dedication to combat... That would be an ideal area. And it shouldn't take to long to add a room to it anyway."

Raven agreed, "So that doesn't sound to bad, plus you'll be closer to what you do almost every other day."

Cynthia looked at her PDA. "Breakfast, some other stupid young adult stuff, and..." There was a beeping noise and I looked at a message from Snow... looks like my uncle in law is here. "And apparently my uncle in law is here."
I stop messing with the device for a moment and remember something. I take a crystal out of one of my pockets and place it into an empty spot and the device starts with a low hum. "There we are..."

I look at Cayl real quick. "So you are joining us then. Good good."
Cayl nods. "Too many good memories not to want to be here. Plus I can get your help stabilizing that knife."

"Uncle in law?"
IC: i ride up the elevator. i send another message to Cynthia but this time only she could hear
" i think i kinda rub Terrance the wrong way."
I was distracted again with the device. "Yes that would proven most interesting..." I press a rune on the device and disappear completely from sight sensors and psionics.

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