Pankoprulu Academy: The Second Class III

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" gotcha. but if it gets all cozy and romantic i'm outta there. Dunno how Jack feels about romance" i say before my eyes suddenly widen " i'm ok with romance" Jack adds, being heard by both me and Cynthia.
I heard Flint, "What Flint? I heard you saying Training Room? If so... Then yeah, we are going down there."

They had almost reached the cafeteria when Cynthia was now talking too three people! "I wouldn't say rich rich, I know they aren't the richest but what they manage with... They do what they need to and have managed to sustain their economy as well. Despite not trading with much of the outside world that could be a threat." She heard both voices, a slight pressure on her mind as the second one gave a different feeling. Uh... Okay then?
IC: " that's.... Jack. Sadly he woke up, can you not botch my conversation Jack!" i say before he buts in again " correction didn't you just get rejected?" . " for the last flipping time i'm not hitting on her!"
OOC: Ok let me delete that post. Also sorry for being noobish but its takes me awhile to learn new formats.

IC: Sam just sits at the table drinking his coffee and readomg information on protoss while listening to whats going on around him
"Huh, interesting. Well, can't wait to meet him." Walking into the cafeteria, I get my breakfast special and sit down, digging in.
"Sorry was testing something. I guess I can make my way down there then." I put my PDA away and pocket the device.
IC: Sam looks up and starts sniffing the air. "That can't be right I smell protoss and human pheromones together" He says while looking the room

OOC: sorry if thats a bit meta. But its another reason he is known as wolf
IC: i walk into the cafeteria just as Sam mumbles that. i pinch his nose from behind. "its better you not know bud" i say
I walk into the Cafeteria with my rifle on my back. I had the doll on my hip, and my Balisong on my other hip. I walk over to the counter, and grab some breakfast consisting of eggs, steak, milk and toast. I walk away from the counter, and note someone new in the room. I give him a curious look, and I take a seat away from everyone. I take my helmet off, and brush my hair out of my eyes, then I dig in to the food.
Cynthia chuckles. "Yes, very interesting. Sad thing is... I don't know what I want to eat..."
Okay then... Maybe I'll go and sit down with Terance and eat.

I shrug. "It's fine, just wanting to know."
IC: " i see ya i see ya. need to take care of Sam first. he's getting a bit nosy with you 2..... literally
I look over at the student who was looking around the room. "That is right young one. You'll find that many of us are not as we appear."

OOC: Not Flint only looks like he is in his mid thirties. He is actually about in his mid fifties.
IC: "I just worried more about the pheromones honestly" He says softly "Besides I can't help it my nose is overly senstive"
IC: "well you better dull it down a bit. By the way sorry for getting you caught with the whole incident with the security bots"
Taking a bite of ham, I look around. "Man, this place has a good cook."
IC: "Don't worry about it. Just reminds me of my first shore leave" Sam laughs out
IC: i grin "why is it that i always make friends with people when i get into a brawl with em"
"Yes... The Changeling is a very good cook... Can you pick for me? My head is starting to feel a little fuzzy and I can't focus on what I want to eat." Cynthia says as she rubs her head, her eyes hurting.
Uh, okay? I'll leave you too dealing with your friend that's a bloodhound.
IC: "looks like someone has a headach" Sam says while taking a sip of coffee "This place is strange"
"Go with the ham, eggs and hash browns. It's good." I take another bite of ham, then drink some orange juice. "Where are we supposed to go first now that I think about it."

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