Pankoprulu Academy: The Second Class III

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I walk up behind Sam. "Trust me young one. This is nothing."
IC: i walk up to Cynthia and Terrance. "sorry about that Cynthia. I cut the connection, hope it didn't stress you out too much" i say before turning to Terrance "i don't think we've properly met"

OOC: gonna be afk so wherever Cynthia goes i'll follow
IC: Sam leans back a little and sighs "and I thought i had seen everything while in the Dominion" He touches his PDA and a picture of Nova pops up for a few seconds before he shuts it off
Cynthia gets up as she collected what seemed to be the food on her tray? Instead it seemed to be the opposite instead, sausage, an omelet, and boiled potatoes. "Well, I grabbed the ham, eggs, and hash browns. As for where we are going.... I don't know. I just wish that this headache would go away. And that didn't cause this at all, Dante."

OOC: Darkra, that just seems creepy, being gone for a little bit while having your person on autopliot to follow her.
I shrug. "You're Dante, I'm Terance. There, we know each others names." I look at Cynthia's plate and chuckle. "That's a good lay out for breakfast."
I shake my head and walk towards the Training room to wait for the others.
"What... Is it not what you told me to get? I thought I got exactly what you said." Cynthia said before the pounding became harder and louder. Her fingers wobbling as her head fell face first against the table, almost hitting the tray of food.
I put my helmet back on after I finish the food I picked up. I grab the tray and return it, then I pivot on my foot, heading back out. I wondered what they had for a hand-to-hand target when there was no students available to duel.
IC: Sam walks over after putting his tray and cup away. "You ok" He says with a slightly worried voice
I move around the table quickly, catching Cynthia. The Psionic pressure in her mind was varying far too much to be safe. Shade!
I saw what happened before Terance even heard it, Raven was right on my heel as I ran over to the table, picking Cynthia up with both arms while Raven felt her temperature. "It's hot... And not just that... But there is definitely some pressure going on." He says.

I nod, watching Terance before we walked away, my own mind trying to calm down her's as it tried to take over. It was pissed that it couldn't. It wanted to be free for a little bit. Thank you.
Of course. I just need to know, is it that...thing, that you warned me about? I look at Sam. "Surprised you couldn't feel that."
IC: Sam watches as shade takes Cynthia away. He then pulls a small black patch off the back of his shoulder and looks around quickly. "I knew there was a lot of psinoic activity going on but never did I thought it would be this much" He mutters to himself
OOC: Sorry deleted that post to make it more smooth.

IC: He holds up the small black patch. "This keeps me from sensing most psionic activity but I see now it is better if I allowed all my senses to work" He says quickly
"Maybe you should modify it so you can aim the sense. Just a thought." Not hungry anymore, I dump the rest of my food and leave the cafeteria and head for the training room. Maybe I could focus better there.
I hesitated for a second as we walked down with Cynthia. Terance... I can't really say for sure but it could be. But there was also some other influence happening upon her mind.
IC: Sam heads back to his room to gather gear and gun. He then heads to the training room. "It was more about me not hearing everyone thoughts when they have an outburst" He mutters coldly to himself
Peter sighed at his empty dorm. He tried to not be alone if he could help it, but it seemed the alternative was worse in this situation. His bags fell to the ground and he began unpacking them.
Let me know how she is. I'm heading back to my room for a bit. I head towards my room instead of the training hall, deciding to work on my armor some instead.
I turn to the student that entered, and say "I felt something in there. Furious and hungry. Felt like an Ultralisk was trying to posses someone." I giggle to myself, and add "Please tell me we aren't going to have a flesh-eating person walking in here?"

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