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I have two computers and on both they crash the whole computer at the same point.

On one computer I enter the my battle net id and then click connect

On the other computer my battle id was already there from before and when the log in screen tries to load it crashes.

On both computers I re installed, one with a fresh download and the other from the old 2010 download.

Even when trying to log in to the map editor I get the same problem.

Logging in to the website works Ok

The time was roughly 2:00 am est on Feb 22nd when i started having the issues and it's 4 am when writing this.
Hello dakin, can you go through these steps, and see how it goes?
Monday - Friday, 8 am - 5 pm PST
I have went through these steps for the most part and did some extra digging.

I found that if i disconnect my internet, I can get to the log-in screen and press the "connect" button. I then get the "play offline message" then i can go about playing single player fine. When i connect my internet again and then try to login into battle net via the menu's "login" button the whole computer freezes up and i am force to hard reboot. The other desktop (family computer) is have the same symptoms.

Now, I used my brothers laptop and he is able to connect and it works fine. I did a trace route on both computer and the response is the same. and we are getting to the att.net, etc...

Now is there a log file that i can look at that will give me an idea of what is going on? My hardware is capable of playing the game because i'm able to play in offline mode, and I was playing online a few weeks ago before the patch. My internet can connect to the battle net servers because of my brother laptop I can log in. This is indicating to me that there is some "validate' battle.net id script that is corrupt. I been looking in the battle net folder in the program Apps folder and trying to compare the log files from the laptop and this desktop but I can't make sense of any of it.

Please help.

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