Game screen freezes, Wings of Liberty

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I was playing a 1vs1 game online just 5 minutes ago, sent in a drone to scout enemy base at the beginning then the game screen suddenly freezed. I was still able to click menu/share/whatever buttons are there on the command screen, and control group worked I could even hear my hatchery completed, but the screen just stayed at that frame that my drone just passed my opponent's rack and the way point was on there, while in fact that drone was way pointed back to my mineral line and judging from the sound it surely went back to gather mineral. No error message popped up, clicked menu nothing showed up so I had to use CTRL+ALT+DEL to quit the game. Basically everything above the command card on the screen is frozen. my internet connection is decent, CPU, GPU and memory are more than capable of running StarCraft II, and all game updates are properly installed, no 3rd party tool was installed, and I never had trouble playing StarCraft II. Any idea how this happened?

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