Pankoprulu Academy: Second Class IV

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By now Alicia is on her feet, plasma carbine in hand;
"!@#$ off."
She says with a low growl.

I continue to search the room with my enhanced senses looking for the source of the allusion.
IC: Sam continues to eat his food only stopping for a second to say "One I never had the choice to be a spectre or not I was forced into being one, so that means your files on me are very limited. Two your not even here, since I can't smell your scent. Three well I doubt that this place would allow any harm to happen to a student outside of combat. Tari you whats your favorite food?"
I just stand there for a moment before realizing something was off. "Your not really from the Dominion are you?" I keep my guard up because I'm not that stupid. I look at Sam for a moment stunned by his tenacity. "Uh ... Mac and Cheese with Tuna and Green Peas mixed in."
Soul and Cecil walked together towards the occupied table. Soul smiled and sat down in front of Stefan. "Hello!"
The boy said while dropping a plate of food on the table.
Cecil sat down slowly in the seat next to the young thief. Golden eyes stars from beyond the mask at the people across from the psiblade wielder. "... I already ate. Don't be suprised. Anyways, what can you guys do? I can be a shield, and heal allies, and the moron can hide and stab people. What skills do you have?"
Soul coughed, "Boring. And stop calling me moron!"
"When you stop running away."

OOC: weren't you still in the sim room?
You don't know it's fake :P

IC: "You're close, Tari. Sam, you couldn't smell me because I didn't want you to." The illusion vanishes and the man uncloaks and steps out of the shadows behind the group, having blinked there shortly after creating the illusion. The base, which was the armor that had been on the illusion, was there, but it had been modified with real armor. A Psi blade sat on his left arm and a strange bone hilt protruding over his shoulder. On his back was the rifle that the illusion had held and at his waist was two machine pistols. The armor was scaled, with the shoulders flaring slightly like the armor of an Executor and an actual face plate guarding the helmet. "You're all very unalert, and I'd expect more awareness from a Void user, Tari."
IC: Sam leans back from his chair and looks at the stranger. "Give me one reason not to blast you with a psionic lash" He says coldly
"You'd never get a chance to finish it." He blinks, small flames appearing now that he was uncloaked and the Void blade at Sam's throat. "I'm far beyond your league."
I grunt;
"Because of that and he's probably friends with the staff."
I say, holstering my auto pistol;
"Nice stealth by the way."
You might want to edit that.

Edit-The Void blade is black with a blood red outline, so if you're in Reaper, you can guess who this is.
I turn to look at the strange person. "I ... I was distracted." I say quietly and look down ashamed as he was right.

OOC: you already told me ... technically and yeah the flames gave it away for me :P
IC: Sam shoots a quick message to Shade
From my understandings shade your one of the tops here. So please get this fool off of me before I bloody up everyones food
Sam has both blades in his hand and pointed into the sides of the stranger. "This is my only warning get your void blade away from me before everyone has a bad day" He says calmly
You might want to edit that.

Edit-The Void blade is black with a blood red outline, so if you're in Reaper, you can guess who this is.

OOC: for those of us having a hard time keeping up, how about enlightening us?
Steel, this guy is way beyond your person's abilities. He's not just Terran.

IC: The man laughs. "That'll heal before you could do a thing, and you'd be dead." He deactivates the blade and looks over the two across from Sam and Tari. "Stefan and Alice. You two are lucky to be alive from the records I've uncovered."

Edit-The hilt of the blade is bone with a small predator's skull on top with the mouth open. By focusing your Void power into it, you can produce a blade that can change length at the wielder's will. The color is usually black with a color outline depending on the color of your energy.
OOC: I have no clue who is guy is and also sam is one of those people who doesn't back down when threaten.

IC: Sam puts away his blade and sighs. "You must be related to Dante he also knows when to kill the mood." He says
"You mean Dante Jack? The split personality Spectre who's got quite the bounty on his head? No, I'm not. Name's Zack Tren. I'm here to see two people. One Terance Reaver, and a John Flint." He continues around the table, measuring each one. Not one could kill me...damn...least they'd put up a good fight. He grabs a ham sandwich from the food table through a void portal and takes a bit, only separating the face plate where the mouth is. "So, any of you know where he is?"
IC: Sam drinks his soda then looks at Zack. "So can we go back to eating now that your not trying to kill us?" Sam asks plainly "Also nice trick with the illusion"
Alicia just glares at Zack and holsters her plasma carbine and sits down without a word.

I just laugh;
"Luck... yeah, that had something to do with it, that and the near unstoppable walking tank the Dominion's eggheads turned me into... I remember when I was breaking out, a ghost put a sniper round into my chest, blew a nice hole in it too... I think he crapped his pants when that failed to even slow me down..."

Alright, I'm off for now, I think...
Zack shakes his head. "What the Dominion does in the name of a better future is wrong, I'm fully aware of that. Before I became...what I am now, I was a subject of Project Solar Flare." He takes another bite. "Again, any of you know where those two are?"
I put my sword away knowing I was way out classed then sit back down and look at the little bit that remained of my food. I sigh grabbing my drink and taking a sip. "I think Flint is a teacher and the head mechanic so office or some work area. Terence is either in Sim room, Training room or his personal room."
IC: Sam just shrugs before saying "Beats me flint is likly messing with the power again and the other guy is likly trying to set up new traps to get me in trouble." Sam looks over at Tari and thinks to himself
Tari looks really good even when in a combat mode

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