Pankoprulu Academy: Second Class IV

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IC: as i walk out of the Sim room i find Sam.... who's pants are down "uuuhhh you need help with that?" i ask
IC: Sam looks at Dante with a slight grin. "Well seems I got the attention of Tari question is, is it good or bad" He jokes
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This.. Moves.. Way.. Too.. Fast.

IC on the way.
IC: i grin. "i got some duct tape and a bunch of other stuff in my room, its pretty close to here actually"
IC: "No problem I have another set in my dorm plus other equipment to put these back together." sam says quickly before heading back to his room
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This.. Moves.. Way.. Too.. Fast.
Yeah, it happens at times since it's PKA. If I recall correctly... This RP might not end until around thread 30 because of the BS in it. XD

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I saw it, in my opinion once more, it looks good. Protect sounds interesting for sure.
IC: i follow.... ahead of him that is "but really what happened exactly?" i call back
IC: "She bounced her knife off my belt thus shreading my pants" Sam say quickly as he reaches his dorm. "Heh maybe she likes my good looks" He says while in his dorm. As he puts the bottom part of his combat suit on him. He takes off his shirt showing his scars from years of serving the dominion before he finishes suiting up. "Or maybe she is pissed that it was a stalemate in our spar" He says before walking out of his dorm
IC: "you still manually put your suit on?" i ask before clicking a hidden mechanism as my battle suit forms around me layer by layer. "well it wasn't really a stalemate as the instructor said she won but we're spectres what do we know about love?" i joke
I arrive at my room and uncloak as I repair the damage to my robe. It could be fun messing with Sam but I need to not push it so far as to make him hate me ... he is a kinda cute if a bit paranoid.
IC: "I'm used to having to manually do it. I wasn't a front line combat spectre I was an assassin that would land on the planet and look as much like a civ as I could." He says quickly before he dims his voice. "Most of these scars are from the zerg some from the protoss and very few from terrains.." He losses himself in thought for a few seconds before his jokingly voice is back "True love wasn't tought much to spectres but hey maybe we are just natural lovers" He jokes before letting out a friendly laugh
IC: i laugh along with him. "no one really understands a spectre better than a spectre i guess"
I stop wandering the halls, and decide to find people. I look around the facility with my mind, and find some people gathered in a room with machines. I shrug, and make my way to that room, skipping along.

I was half-way to falling asleep, still waiting on a certain Zerg/Machine hybrid to plug himself in so we could get started. I fiddle with my knife idly, my eyes still closed and the knife still at my hip.
I continued to stare at the bottle of wine, wondering who I could possibly share it with? That's when I looked back at the potion... The one it warned me about. Just one thought came to mind; why did Umbra send me a love potion?


Shade stretched her arms and back as she grew tired. Tired of sitting.
As the clock on his unit ticked down to zero, Eric sighs and jumps into his banshee, broad casting a message on all open channels. "is anyone out there? This is Eric Forester. If there's anyone on this sandy !@#$ hole mind telling me where you are?"
IC: "That is the main idea I guess. So what are you up to now" sam says in a friendly tone
IC: I spot Terance's heat signature below me climbing a tree, and promptly project a Disintegration Field that envelops the entire top of it in addition to the canopies of several others, before taking flight upwards and toward the side I had started on. If I could get him to the open field he had no chance, and hovering over the forest was giving me no benefits. I renew my Guardian Shield as I fly, making sure that I would survive a shot if that spider-machine attacked me.

OOC: What's my move speed like compared to how it was in the original RP?
May I ask how you saw me through a tree?
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May I ask how you saw me through a tree?

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heat signature

When you are glowing from thermal vision, you're pretty easy to spot if even a bit of you shows through the leaves.

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