Pankoprulu Academy: Second Class IV

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IC: i position myself and fire the same amount of shots as Sam landing 3 in the head and 2 in the heart. i twirl my pistol and blow on the smoke "looks like we're about even"
IC: I spot Terance running on top of the wall, and, having a clear shot at him, aim and nearly fire before reconsidering. I had him in my sights now, and would have little to lose from waiting until I was over an area where I had a positional advantage. Besides, he would be unlikely to expose himself like that unless he had something in mind. I use my superior speed to fly over the open area and a bit farther from the wall just in case, almost back to my starting location, while still keeping an approximate fix on Terance's location. As an afterthought, I fire a shot near the Hellbats, in hopes that they would provide more trouble for my opponent.
OOC: Got to go for the night so just say sam returned to his room and all that
OOC: so is heaven right behind Eric or not?

Alright going to go back and edit my post to reflect that.
I watch Ceas move away and grin. Whatever worked for the guy. "Now or never." Picking up speed for the last hundred meters, I leap off the wall and drop Ghoster, landing on it and using it as a hover board. I now had managed to even the playing field a bit. Good...You're starting to learn... Feeling an increase in my power, I draw a second Ghoster and grin. "Let's...go!" I head for the Sentry, zig zagging to make it more difficult to hit me.

Edit-One of Heaven's people are behind you, yes.
IC: i wave goodbye to same as i re-rack the pistols. i begin to wander the halls, bored as a fiddle
... Bwah!?

Lawl... I'll have to think about what to do with that for a moment.
You's in trouble now!
"Zarkun, wait until after the simulation to get a new skill."
02/27/2013 03:32 PMPosted by ShadowFury
"Zarkun, wait until after the simulation to get a new skill."
Technically it's not new. He can throw his sword and he can jump, which is pretty much what he did. I think. Controlling it midair would be the only new thing really, but he is in contact with it...
IC post palease?
Eric frowns before sighing, taping some buttons on his pistol arm to disengage teh banshee's auto defense mechanisms. He was paranoid about it, yes. But they were his literal wings without it he could only glide at best.

"They should at least ask. I'll have to head back up to orbit in a few days to pick up my tank, i left it orbiting far outside of atmosphere so i could make sure this wasn't a trap. No problems with that is there?" with luck maybe he could finally get rid of they jury rigged carrying mechanism for his tank that he'd put on his banshee. No need for extra weight after all.
The guard shrugged as they reached the actual entrance, "Here we are... And just give us the coordinates and we'll get your tank."


02/27/2013 03:32 PMPosted by ShadowFury
"Zarkun, wait until after the simulation to get a new skill."
I don't know if it would be a new ability truth or not... Or an extension of one? All I know is that it better not go overboard.

I'm already thinking of several more "Fake" Blades causing to much trouble than they are worth, no offense but it can easily get carried away without much thought put into it or realizing while typing.
02/27/2013 03:42 PMPosted by Zarkun
IC post palease?
OOC: Kay, I'll try... I still move a bit faster than a Phoenix unless there was a change nobody told me about, so...

IC: I Destabilize Terance as he flies toward me, utilizing a capability of his weapon I had not known about before. I take aim and fire at him while simultaneously projecting another Disintegration Field in the air in front of him, and then go into an evasive pattern while moving away from him just in case my shot misses. It should hit unless something strange happens though, it would be difficult to dodge a beam like that.
"...If you want to, it's your fuel." Checking his wrist unit he rattled off the coordinates listed to the guard. "I left some rather basic black material around it so it won't be nearly as visible to optical, just scan for it if you can't find it. Only hunk of metal out there really."

Turning he walked on, before stopping. " a map or something? I have no idea where dorm C is."

Edit: fixed typos. God my typing sucks.
I swerve sharp to the right, avoiding the field, and deflect the ion beam back towards where Ceas was going to be, roughly, with Ghoster. I grin and then give chase. This is gonna be fun.
The reflected beam misses me, but shatters my Guardian Shield, forcing me to expend a bit of energy renewing it. I continue flying, not firing back so as not to supply my opponent with ranged weapons, but simply outrun him until the distance between us was sufficient that I would have time to do something.
"Oh no you don't!" I kick up the energy output and speed up, quickly closing the distance to use Deadly Chaser.
02/27/2013 04:36 PMPosted by Zarkun
"Oh no you don't!" I kick up the energy output and speed up, quickly closing the distance to use Deadly Chaser.
... If you can do that then you're like as fast as an Interceptor. It's like Abel all over again... *shudders*
I'm lazy, alright? I'm not that fast, but I'm closing the gap all the same.

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