Arranged Game Broke Client?

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Hey all,

I've been playing SC2 online random games for ~3 weeks now with 0 problems.

Tonight I hooked up with some old friends, we made a 3man party, did a quick game VS A.I. with no issues.

Afterwards, we decided to do an arranged Unranked 3v3. After a min or two of waiting, they asked me what I was waiting for, my Screen displayed "Waiting for Players 1/3", theirs apparently said "Waiting for Players 2/3". We tried again, I left and rejoined party, no luck. Decided to restart my Computer.

Booted back up, launched SC2, long hang after clicking play followed by unexpected quit.

Re-opened, hang after clicking play, SC2 client pop up stated the game was missing files, "Please Reinstall".

Re-opened, same.

Re-opened, "Preparing game data - Downloading 252 MB / 333 MB...." (I assume this is just repairing my client?)

Any ideas? I was fully patched before playing tonight...
Did you try to repair your game ?

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