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Great House: House Heartstone
Sigil: A hawk and a serpent striking at one another against a black and white checkered background.
Motto: Yield to no man in anything, great or small.
Leader: Georg Heartstone
Leader Age: 62
Leader Gender: Male
Center of power, house: The Range of Mesorath, the Stoneberg.
Starting locale: The Stoneberg, a large castle built into the side of a mountain.

Family Members:

Georg Heartstone II: The eldest of the Heartstone heirs. Unfortunately for him, this doesn't ensure his inheritance of the throne by Heartstone tradition. Also unfortunately for him, his father has lived a lot longer than he expected, and he has begun to age as well. He is forty-five, and of the last eight years has started to fall out of his father's favor. He has brown hair, green eyes, and is rather fat. He has a wife, Anette, and four children, two of which come into this tale:

  • John Heartstone: Big, strong, and clever, he possesses all the traits of John Heartstone the First, though perhaps is a bit less cautious and quick to action. He tend to be very hasty. He is skilled with a bow or sabre, but his true weapon is the broadsword. He is quite tall and has tan skin, unusual for pale Heartstones. He has raven hair and has put on a small layer of fat lately that belies his physical power. He is seventeen and married to Shleigh Heartstone (formerly Reede).
  • Li-ann Heartstone: Those who know her only casually think her a sweet girl and a witty one, a pleasure to speak with and be near. Those who know her better know that she is every bit a Heartstone, filled with cunning and a naturally propensity for treachery. Those who know her best of all find that is often ashamed of herself and her clan, and though she takes part in her father and brother's schemes (and often out-schemes them without their knowledge), she hates it. She has brown hair and green eyes, is quite tall, and has pale skin. SHe favors green. SHe is fifteen, nearly sixteen.
  • Emmanuel Heartstone: Georg Heartstone's second son is 43 years old. He was once just as cunning, tireless, and treacherous as his brothers, but lately has fallen to drink and drunkenness, having enjoyed a little too much the fruits of the labors of his youth. He is tall, very thin, yet remarkably strong. He has raven hair and green eyes. He has two children, but one lives with her mother, who returned to her own house when Emmanuel fell to drink. His son factors into this tale somewhat:

  • Emmanuel Heartstone II: He favors his mother heavily. Some of his relatives attribute this to his father's "weak blood." He is very short and not at all clever, but is extemely strong. He wields a morningstar or flail with a bit of skill and a great deal of force. He has brown hair, brown eyes, and pale skin. He is nineteen years old and the eldest of his generation. Despite this, he often looks to his cousins Georg and Li for leadership.
  • Georg's daughter Arrin was killed along with her husband in a battle against a rival clan (Heartstone women know their way around weapons). She is survived by a daughter:

  • Susanna Heartstone: Very pretty, gentle, and generally loving. She was devastated by her parents' death, but recovered with remarkable speed. She possesses the cunning and natural deception of her relatives and once used it to torment rivals, but since her parents' fall seems dedicated to mending the broken bonds between her uncles and healing her wounded family. She has brown hair, brown eyes, and pale skin. She is slightly chubby. She is betrothed to Damug Tunnson. The two are mutually ambivalent towards each other.
  • Ming Heartstone: Georg's third son and fourth child was once dedicated to seeking peace between his siblings. When an internal fight led to the death of his sister and brother-in-law, he was filled with bitterness. He now seems trapped in an endless despair, and only an argument can rouse him again. His siblings suspect that this apparent idleness is actually an act, and that he has secretly become obsessed with the Way of the One God. He has raven hair and blue eyes, and has put on some weight as a result of the recent times of peace. He has a son who comes into this tale:

  • Li Heartstone: He is shorter than most Heartstones, but not as short as Emmanuel II (who he calls Em). He is very fast, and is an expert with the bow. He is also quite skilled with a fencing sabre. For many years he has practically worshipped his cousin John, though surprisingly John has seemed unaware of this and treats him as an equal, not a minion. Li is extremely loyal to his family and to the old gods, and is fiercely protective of his cousin Susanna. He is thin and pale with red hair.
  • Pritchard Heartstone: The youngest of Georg’s children by his first wife. He has brown hair, blue eyes, and tanned skin. He often fought with his siblings and grew distant from them, but the death of his sister has caused a change in him. He now tries to mediate peace within the family. He is very skilled with a blade, and often puts this skill to use againt Heartstone’s enemies. He is unmarried and has no children that he recognizes.

    James Heartstone: The child of Georg’s old age. He is married to Danielle Heartstone (formerly Prestson), which infuriates his siblings. While they tolerate James himself, every tiem they see him they are reminded that their father picks favorites. He is fifteen years old, nearly sixteen, and is learning to fight with a sabre. His nephew Li has taught him to wield a bow with skill.

    A brief bit of clan history:

    Kern Heartstone was banished from the neighboring continent many years ago. When he arrived in Ridehu, he immediately swore fealty to the reigning king and asked to be taken into his service as a knight. The king refused, wanting no foreigner in his court, much less a foreign outlaw. Seething, Kern sought a different way to rebuild his wealth. The king had at that time only recently gained control of the Range of Mesorath, and created a decree stating that any who swore fealty to him could sign up to receive a parcel of land there, as he wished the new territory settled so he could reap the benefits of its vast wealth.. Kern Heartstone signed up for this, built a home on the land, and after setting up a farm and small mine quickly decided it was not enough. He then signed up again, but altered his name slightly to avoid notice. He repeated this process many, many times until he owned thousands of acres. Upon his death, his many children divided the land equally, each taking on the name that their share had been received under. In this way House Heartstone was divided and might have vanished forever into obscurity.

    If not for Georg Heartstone. His branch of the family inherited much of Kern’s ambition, and they were obsessed with regaining the aristocracy. His brother studied the family history extensively and uncovered this tale. With his brother’s help, Georg discovered the truth of the tale and managed to arrange for his ownership of all Kern Heartstone’s lands. The families that lived on them had forgotten their ancestry, and were content enough to switch landlords, as Georg taxed them fairly, being of peasant origins himself. The former landlords were very displeased and petitioned the king for an intervention, but it was determined that, though it was painful, Georg was the rightful owner.

    Georg worked his children relentlessly on the lands, developing them up from their run down condition and seeking to exploit the natural resources. Despite the fact that it was typical for nobles and peasants alike to marry somewhere between fifteen and eighteen, he refused to allow his children to marry until later, saying it would distract them from their work. His own wife died of a sickness that nearly claimed two of his sons as well, but he barely grieved her passing and hardly seemed to notice their dire illness. Their work paid off, though, as they built up great wealth. Georg used much of this wealth to purchase the title of Baron, fulfilling the family dream. Still, it is not enough, as barons are typically hated by peasants and looked down on by other nobles… and Heartstones cannot stand to be looked down on.

    Georg’s second, young wife gave him another son, James. James was born a child of wealth, not poverty, and treated as such, to the envy of his sibling who labored ceaselessly to produce that wealth. Georg once favored his eldest son, but lately has secretly begun to realize that his hated son Ming is more like him and more worthy to be his successor. Georg II has begun to suspect this, and seeks a way to discredit his brother or remove his father before he can name Ming na-Baron. The new generation seeks to further their grandfather’s legacy and raise the House higher… but who can tell what the future holds.
    Smylez you need a non-Great House application because some people just want a 'normal' character ... might just steal an app from another RP and add a few of the things you have special ...
    Had stuff to do yesterday.

    @Applicants, I will begin to look at your posts after this is up.

    03/08/2013 07:47 AMPosted by TheLostMorph
    Smylez you need a non-Great House application because some people just want a 'normal' character ... might just steal an app from another RP and add a few of the things you have special ...

    You can do that. When did I say you could not?

    Last prologue.

    Edwin Bowin of the White Lands called for a secret convention with the remaining High Lords that were against the mad king as soon as he returned to the White Fields. They were Kendric Ayne of the Vale, Sandra Lebelon of the Verdant Valley, and the future king, Aegr Ironwood of Mesorath. Veseere Niraya of Doam declined to join the convention and pursued an isolationist path.

    As there were no living heirs and relatives of the Yaz line, a new line of kings was needed. Edwin Bowin seemed to be the obvious choice as he was regent once yet he was homesick, tired of the court life and only wanted to return home as soon as he could. Likewise, Sandra Lebelon bowed graciously out of the chance of the throne, citing that she would much rather spend time back at the Verdant Valley.

    This left Aegr Ironwood and Kendric Ayne as contenders to the throne. Both men wanted the throne for themselves and their bickering often became violent and confrontational if not for the mediation of Edwin and Sandra. Finally, the was matter with a fierce but swift duel and Aegr won, receiving a scar across his cheeks for his trouble. Though bitterly disappointed that the crown was not on his head, Kendric and Aegr relationship was on relatively good terms for years to come.

    The terms were drafted up when Aegr became King at the age of 44 on the summer of 578, 11 years after the last good king. As House Remnani took the side of Hagar and had their navy restricted to 20 from 100. Many Stormwinds took offense to this. In addition, they felt they were furious for being branded as "traitors" by the victors as they were the only one of the four great houses who did not forsake their oaths to the king.

    Seven years later, the mage order rebuilt half of their academies although it would take generations to regain their former numbers. The inhabitants of the Stormwinds still hold grudges. Ridehu's economy is recovering and the scars of war have begun to heal. Edwin Bowin retreated to the White Lands, his ancestral homeland. Sandra Lebelon has retired and let her eldest son take over the household name. Aegr Ironwood still holds power in Mesorath and rules from Avora. He has convinced Veseere Niraya to wed her daughter to his son, bringing Doam to Ridehu. The Aynes have lived comfortably in the Vale.
    The openings of the RP will be slow but that's because there isn't a conflict yet. Rather, it is an exposition so that we can better understand our main characters. There probably would be minimal interactions between the great houses but this means you can develop non great house characters. We'll see show this goes.

    Do use and make up minor NPCs to further the plot/character development.
    You'll still be below the Ironwood house as they technically rule Mesorath but Heartstone can be an up and coming contender for that spot...

    Add 10 years to Kendrick Ayne's age and you're good. As to the guitar, pretty much any musical instrument is available besides the obvious synthetic and electric ones.

    Waiting on your application to finish

    Your guy can be anyone. I only added that you should choose to be a great house because there would be a power struggle (spoiler!) later on.
    Nice little part with that. And I'll just continually update the House with a new post so it's in a fresh position and so it just looks nicer and further along where someone will be able to see it easier. Plus... Thank you with adding my House in there. I had something planned anyway with the Navy.
    Probably starts tomorrow.
    The forums ate my first app, so I'm going to have to retype it (forgot to ctrl+c). Should be up at around 11-12 pm EST.
    Purdy long app i daresay.
    Yep, though probably shorter than SF's when you add in all the character sheets. I have to have dinner first though.
    Name: "White Knight"
    Gender: ???
    Age: ???
    House and region:???
    Background: A project from the dark cult the "White Knight" was designed as the war machine of destruction, made to give the dark lords supreme vectory over the land of Ridheu. Capable of negating weaker magics and having very powerful armor. The knight wields a great sword in one hand and a giant buckler in the other. Inside this vassel is a blank soul, or a captured soul who has its memories, emotions and everything wiped, the perfect killing machine. However, due to "complications" the White knight escaped its containment before the wards of obedience could be placed. This resulted in the armor of a war machine but with the intelligence of a new born. It now wonders the continent forever without purpose.
    Starting location: Deserts of Doam

    OOC: i know i'm taking a long shot but this idea was stuck in my head
    It's novel but no. DOn't throw it way though, I can see a use for a "puppet."
    03/08/2013 06:12 PMPosted by smylez
    It's novel but no. DOn't throw it way though, I can see a use for a "puppet."

    so is that a yes or a no?
    03/08/2013 06:12 PMPosted by smylez

    darkra ^
    Great House Application: House Remnani
    Sigil: A White Oak being swallowed by the sea, autumn leaves dripping into the water.
    Motto: Become Brave In Death
    Name: Lord Ceodore Remnani
    Age: 37
    Gender: Male
    Region of Power and House: The Islands of the Stormwinds, House Remnani
    Starting location: The Islands of the Stormwinds, Northern Island, Port City, Ferrlon

    Family members:
    Ceodore Remnani: Lord of the House. Shoulder length dark brown hair with streaks of grey. His eyes is a sea blue green and a beard that covers his chin. Has a scar across his right cheek that was given to him during the war when he fought. His father was the Lord before him and before the war was over, he died. Giving all control over to Ceodore. Having to bear the burden as the new king punished his House and the people around him.

    Gina Remnani: Lady of the House. Hair is mid-back length, a natural crimson color braided with a light brown color that is also natural. Solemn blue eyes. Having dimples as well as a natural ability to sense feeling around the ones around her. Gina is 35.

    Jeromy Remnani: The eldest of four siblings. Hair is short cropped and is almost black. Eyes are seaweed green. Training in archery and is a trapper on the island. Hunting and trapping animals helped to bring some coin into nearby towns. He enjoyed helping the poor... For they needed it after what happened. Jeromy is 19.

    Bale Remnani: The second eldest of four siblings. Hair is wavy and shoulder length, with it being light brown. Eyes are reddish brown with a soul patch on his chin. Chose to work at the docks to help bring in the fish and supplies that the fishermen and trade ships bring in. Knowing how to use a Halberd. Bale is 17.

    Kristina Remnani: The second youngest of four siblings. Hair is beautiful and long, being a rich brown. Eyes are blue and she had her mothers dimples. Being trained with a Short Sword for self defense knowing the rabble around the place while also carrying a dagger near her leg. She wears long silky dresses. She is also old enough for marriage, her father hoping to get her married to another Great House to improve diplomatic ties. Kristina is 16.

    Tarna Remnani: The youngest of the four. Hair is brought back in a pony tail and is a silvery color. Eyes being brown but light and delicate. She was discovered to have magic potential by accident when she was younger, by causing the fireplace to blow out. There was no draft in the house so it had to be her. Tarna's father hired a mage to live with them and in return they wouldn't turn him in... This was during the war. Now she is older and is still under the tutoring advice of this mage. Tarna is 13.

    Relation to other Great Houses: The House of Remnani had slight troubles with the other Houses... Having been dealt a punishing blow for helping their king during his power struggles. They didn't completely know that he was mad, they were obedient. But now they question their loyalty to the new crown that resides in the land... Having trying to become friends with another Great House if they have the opportunity and luck.
    Background: [same reasoning as above] Waiting for Prologue to be finished.
    03/08/2013 06:12 PMPosted by smylez
    It's novel but no. DOn't throw it way though, I can see a use for a "puppet."

    wait so you're gonna steal my char? Well that's too bad since i had a great idea for this guy :(
    "I have edited my great house application to include relations and background."
    Made a massive edit to my House (top of page). Probably should have said "more to come" earlier.
    I may submit my character. Let me think on it.
    Reaper, Zarkun.
    Name: Maria Tzeki
    Age: 19
    Gender: Female
    Weapons: A simple but brutal leaf-blade style short sword made from Mithril ( and a dagger made of Mithril and obsidian with a steel and wood handle (, various Blacksmith hammers
    Appearance: long brown-black hair that is usually kept in a braid so as to not get burned while working in the forge, 5'10", athletic build but highly toned from working with her family in the forge, wears well worn leather with a few plates of Adamantine for combat and working in the forge, dislikes but will wear dresses and other clothes that are considered 'normal' for women
    House Crest:
    House and Region: House Tzeki, Master blacksmiths employed mainly by the Great House of Ayne in Natte Hart
    Starting location: Family forge in Natte Hart
    Background: [to be added]
    Family members: [more details to be added]
    Lloyd Tzeki: 48 years, House Patriarch, heavily muscled, short beard and black hair, many burns and scars from his work
    Marianne Tzeki: 47 years, House matriarch, athletic, shoulder length graying brown hair
    three brothers and another sister

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