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Story: You are part of a force of reinforcements for your respective race; Terran, Zerg, or Protoss and their factions; on an unnamed and recently discovered planet when a strange pulse of energy forced you all to crash land on the planet with an unknown and unassessed threat. You now fight to survive against the planet and your enemies. However, you are stalked and occasionally hunted by an unseen force. Just what lies on this planet?

Terrain: Lush jungle (with the obvious inclusions.) Multiple continents and oceans but the RP will be on the largest. If you can provide adequate reason, I'll allow you to land on a nearby island.

Rules: Player alliances, yes. Unique, but reasonable, ideas are a yes. No trolling or OP-ness or I will boot.

Register here:
Name: Jared Hunt
Race: Terran
Faction: Raynor's Raiders
Unit: Entity
Equipment: VYN-300 Combat/Survival suit, new EMS-99 assault rifle, Shatterer combat pistol and Rayon energy blade, Psi scythe.
Abilities: Hypersonic pulse- Stuns enemies for a short duriation
EMP round-drains shields and temporarily reveals cloaked units. Also disables electronics for a short time.
Cloak (Semi-Passive)- Becomes invisible. Operates much like a Dark Templar's due to the training done on Shakuras with them.
Psi Choke- Uses psionic energy to silently collapse an opponents wind pipe.
Abilities-in-progress: Ethereal blades-Creates blades of pure psionic energy that fight with Jared. Can only maintain for a few seconds now and the blades are imperfect.
Blink-At Naaris's behest, Jared has been trying to learn blink. Can only move a few inches as it stands.
Backstory: Jared was one of the first Entity's created with the programs inception. He knew the original Entity, Hunter Zios, leader of the Headhunters, and a good family friend. He contacted Jim with the idea to instead of using Tosh's method, sending them to Shakuras to train. The result was the Entity, and with a new generation came new gear. He carries a Psi Scythe that was a gift from his teacher, Naaris, the same Dark Templar who trained Hunter. Is lethal at all ranges, but especially melee. His scythe tears through armor with ease and he is an incredibly skilled stealth combatant and infiltrator. Due to his training, he strongly disagrees with the continued use of spectres, but understands due to the length of time it takes to train Entitys. Despises ghosts, and tolerates spectres.

Name: "Harbinger"
Race: Terran
Faction: Umojan (Neutral to both Terran and Protoss factions. Not to Zerg)
Unit: Guardian
Equipment: VSE-16 Siege Engineer suit, "Omega" Gauntlet, Type 5 "Tempest" Sub-machine Gun, Psi-Spear, Inferno Grenades, Grey cloak covering his whole body with the Umojan symbol on the back.
Abilities: Auto-Turret: Deploys a rapid-firing Turret.
Missile Turret: Deploys a Turret with missiles.
Tesla Turret: Deploys a Turret that fires electric volts.
Psi-Blast: Damages and stuns anyone affected
Telekinesis: Lift and move objects with his mind.
Scan: Can read the memories of others.
Hack: Remotely controls mechanical units.
Background: Originally part of the Shadowguard, the mysterious intelligence agency connected to Umojan leadership. He adopted the name "Harbinger" after his home fell due to the Zerg. No other information is available.

Name: Athazual
Race: Zerg
Faction: Orathas Brood
Unit: Hive Matriarch
Equipment: Scythe Claws, Poisoned AP Spines, Hands
Mutant Larva: Worm-like creatures that can survive off-creep. Spawns in sets of four.
Creep Tumor: Spawns a generator of Creep, a fungas-like organism that terraforms the surrounding area
Shockwave: Sends out a burst of energy, knocking individuals away and stunning them.
Dark Swarm: Fires a cloud of bugs in a small area, making anything under it immune to ranged damage.
Swarm Pod: Buildings become temporary nests to a swarm of small suicidal bugs.
Bio-Plasma Blast: Fires a blue energy blast at a target.
Infest: Infests a creature/character, turning them, unwittingly, into a slave of the brood.
Razor Swarm: Summons flesh- and metal-eating bugs to consume anything in a target area.
Distortion: Fires a ball of black energy at an area, nullifying abilities and cloaking for a small time, or until they leave the area.
Lots more abilities
Backstory: Athazual was not a Queen, originally. In fact, she was human, working as an scientist before the invasion of her home planet. When that had happened, she had been captured, and had been turn into an infested terran. Later on, in a choice made by the Queen of Blades, Athazual had been mutated, hybridized with a special variant of the queen, creating her into what she is today. Some unknown time later, she had managed to break away due to reasons unknown to everyone. She now leads the Orathas Brood, her own brood of Zerg as well as a full force of Infested Terran troops.


Name: Alice Remington

Race: Terran

Faction: Merc w/ Raynor's Raiders

Unit: Combat Medic

Equipment: TOE-S4 Medical armor, Plasma pistol, Hammerhead revolver, Combat-utility knife, Optical flares, Nano-machine grenades and a Combat shield.

Abilities: Heal / Armor Repair

Backstory: A medic with the UED fleet, Alice survived the Brood War and became a mercenary, eventually joining up with Raynor's Raiders.

Name: Leon Stukov
Age: 23
Race: Terran
Sex: Male
Rank: Major
Unit: Shadow
Equipment: HWI Spec Ops environment suit, TSR-77 Sniper Rifle, Ender combat pistol, katana.
Unit Background: A Shadow is a secret Black Ops unit that is equipped with an Ender combat pistol, TSR-77 sniper rifle, and a katana. They have special environment suits and they have psionic powers.
Background: Was a Ghost with a lowly Psi Index of 5, but when the Raider's had their new stealth experimental unit out in the field... They tore through any Dominion Ghost. So they decided to come up with the Shadow's. Which bumped his Psi Index by 3 points. Making it to 8 which is still quite lovely. His first test in the field was taking out a group of insurgents... Along with two others. Surgical precision won them that battle with no losses and minor injuries. As with each Shadow... Their abilties are tailored to their needs and are unique to each individual.

Name: Rebecca Davise
Age: 21
Race: Terran
Sex: Female
Rank: Lieutenant
Unit: Valkyrie
Equipment: VIK-755 Armor, Gun-Spear, Spirit Class Battle Barge.
Background: She is a seven on the Psi Index. Serving patiently with the Dominion when she was taken away. For... there was no point in resistance someone who can put you in your place and submit you to their will. But patience was a virtue on both sides. Never having worked with a Shadow before, she is reluctant to even do so... They were worse than Ghosts. Just because they were unpredictable at times. They inducted her into a new program before she graduated from the Ghost Academy... 'Project Valhalla'.

Name: Captain James Kyle
Race: Terran
Faction: Mytheran Miners
Unit: Highlander
Equipment: MFA-22 Assault Rifle, Lightning Claymore, HVL-250 Combat Armor.
Appearance: A pale white man with blue eyes. He has a military cut for his brown hair. His physique is medium and he lacks fat.
Abilities: None
Backstory: Captain James Kyle was in charge of the Mining Ship that was scouting the system for another planet to turn into a mining colony when it entered the atmosphere during the need to avoid the battles between all the different forces. This Mining Ship then crashed into the ground, luckily it didn't sustain too much damage. He is currently trying to rally and make sure all the occupants are alive and to get most medical attention.

Name: Sergeant Carter Lee
Race: Terran
Faction: Mytheran Miners
Unit: Sentinel
Equipment: T527 Minigun, TL-450 Power Armor.
Appearance: A large muscled Asian man with short hair and brown eyes.
Abilities: None
Backstory: A Sergeant appointed under Captain James Kyle with the defending of the Mytheran Miners on the scouting Mining Ship. He is now gathering any military personnel that can still fight.

Name: War Observer 182, or Gary.
Race: Protoss Machine
Faction: Loyal to the Nerazim.
Unit: War Observer.
Equipment: Phase Disrupter, Gravitic Boosters, Cloaking Device.
Abilities: Cloaking, Boost.
Backstory: Being activated on a Nerazim ship just as it was crashing Gary had little say as he popped out of the crashing Carrier when it was about 10 kilometers from impacting the ground. He searched for any survivors, but found none.

Name: Dante Konta
Age: 22
Unit: Spectre
Faction: Merc (Raynor's Raiders)
Equipment: Hydralisk Spine knife, modified C20A Canister Rifle, a carbine version meant to be more like a battle rifle. And a unfoldable compound bow with many types of arrows (sometimes uses Psi-Arrows as well)
Backstory: As a child, he always excelled academically, but socially he was accepted but noted to be the "Odd One". He was taken into the Ghost academy at a young age (as usual) but was liberated by the Spectres at the age of 19. Later, he decided that their life wasnt for him, and left to be an independent in between the Raiders, The Dominion, The Umojans and the Combine. He enjoys taking things apart and making things from nothing... Anything...
Appearance: Black spiked back hair (firm, but not stab-your-eye-out pointy) young, light tan skin, dark brown eyes, moderate muscle mass, moderate body size. Wears black jeans pants, and a black leather "Militia" Oriental Jacket over his Nano-Suit, the coat tail covers most of his lower body as well. Asian descent.
Defining Characteristics: Witty, smart, crafty, improvises with almost any situation and makes quick decisions, "Awkward"... Known to talk to himself and be very alone, very outgoing and energetic. Mature, but a child at heart.
Name: Alice Jamison
Race: Terran
Gender: Female
Age: 24
Faction: Unit 731
Unit: Adoreus
Equipment: XKOM-3 Silenced Long Range Sniper, LM Silenced Assault Rifle, two C-7 Mines, three A12 Grenades.
Abilities: Camouflage (She is virtually unseeable by the naked eye when in cover), Makeshift-Maker (Can forge weapons out of everyday materials), Cloak (Adding further to her stealth), Silent footsteps (Cannot be heard by anyone, not even those with advanced sensors for noise. Only active when walking.)
Appearance: 5'6, 122 pounds, Light blue eyes, and blonde hair. Rather petite, but still muscular, attractive. Wears camouflaged, full-body armor, and a gas mask, as well as combat boots.
Backstory: As a college student, she dropped out to join this organization, and is now one of it's leading members. She was sent to investigate and disrupt fellow Terran activity, and it led her here. Not much is known about her, as she is quite secretive, fearful of giving out secrets.

Name: Ed Jackson
Race: Terran
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Faction: Unit 731
Unit: Legionnaire
Equipment: Assault Rifle, Silenced Pistol, various explosives and improvised weapons.
Abilities: Camouflage, Makeshift-Maker, Silenced Footsteps, and Good climber.
Appearance: 6'2, 230 pounds, muscular, and big-bodied. Brown Eyes, and Dark brown hair. Wears a similar full-body armor to Alice.
Backstory: A high-school dropout wanting to change the world, he joined Unit-731 early, and stayed with it. He's garnered a amiable relationship with Alice throughout his time there, and so asked to go with on the mission.

Name: Hiro Quitan
Race: Terran
Faction: Raynor's Raiders
Unit: Entity
Equipment: VYN-300 Combat/Survival suit, EMS-99 Assault Rifle, Shatterer Combat Pistol, (additional may come)
Abilities: Cloak, EMP Round, Hypersonic Pulse, (additional may come)
PSI-burst: releases a large burst of Psionic energy that repulses and damages anything/one deemed an enemy by the user in a radius of about 100m. Capable of being concentrated into a burst and launched at a small group of enemies or just one enemy. Especially dangerous to enemies in enclosed spaces
Backstory: (to be completed)

Name: Rachel Twist
Race: Terran
Age: 23
Faction: Kel-Morian Combine
Unit: Light Scout
Equipment: GHR-12 sniper rifle and a Scythe combat pistol. Also a samurai sword.
Abilities: Sigh... Must you always have abilities? It's a RP gawd Dangit!
Backstory: Rachel was fond of the heat of combat and the glory and honor it brought. At the early age of sixteen, she began training at an academy, but her sword training began at the age of eight with her father. Eventually, she was hired to join the UED military because of her exceptional skills.
Appearance: Shoulder length black hair, brown eyes, medium hight, normal build.

Name: Malak
Race: The silent Nerazim of the powerful Protoss.
Age: 235
Faction: No allegiance to any single faction, but is a warrior of the Nerazim.
Unit: Your friendly neighborhood lethal as f*ck Dark Templar.

Equipment: Warp scythe that can be disassembled into dual warp 'axes'. Special shurikens that can be charged with Psionic energy and thrown. The Nerazim version of heavy armor. A Khaydarin amulet to store his memories. He also wield Psi-Blades.
Appearance: Glowing green eyes, the blue-ish grey skin of most Protoss, tall, around 2.1 meters in height, lithe build.
Blink- Transferring himself through the fabric of the Void and re-emerging allows Malak to as it is seen, teleport, but he is more moving to a location within a second.
Cloak- Bending the light around him he makes himself appear, or rather not appear, unseen.
Void Pulse- Harnessing the more destructive powers of the Void allows for the ability to fire a pulse of Void energy that is usually concentrated for warp blades.
Warp Slash- Increasing the energy putout in his warp scythe/axes allows for a longer and much more powerful strike, causing it to make the already devastating attacks more so.

Backstory: Malak was among the youngest of those to complete the Shadow Walk, the venture every Nerazim takes to become a Dark Templar. He had completed it at a young some where in his later one-hundreds. He quickly rose to become an effective warrior, being much more attuned to open combat than stealth, though he was still very effective in that aspect. He soon rose high up in the Protoss armies and respected by both Nerazim and Khalai as an effective leader and warrior.

Soon enough he had been sent with several other Carriers of Protoss to deal with some Tal'darim forces, unbeknownst to the Protoss the Dominion, Umojans, Zerg Swarm, and several other groups were also around this same planet. When some sort of pulse emanated from the planet he immediately thought it was Xel'naga. When the Carrier crashed he had taken rather minimal damage and sought to find the secret of the artifact that caused the crash.

Name: Rosco *last name classified*
Race: Terran
Faction: Dominion
Unit: Shadow
Equipment: Psi-katana, regular katana, ender combat pistol, HDI combat suit, TSR-77 sniper rifle
Abilities: cloak, pyrokinetic
Backstory: *classified*
It wasn't the sudden spike in my outer humidity readout that woke me up, or even the alarms. It was one of the marines shaking me. "Hey wake up. You're supposed to be unstoppable." I slowly come around and shove the marine away. As I stand up, I decide against asking for a damage report. Most of it was obvious. Fortunately, it looked like our SCV's had survived.

"Find the SCV pilots and get them to work building a base camp. I'll go ahead and scout ahead." The marine gives a curt yes sir and moves on to the next set of people. I unstrap myself and head out, cloaking as I head out, considering right before that pulse, sensors had picked up Zerg and Protoss signatures. I look at our surroundings and suddenly the increase in humidity makes sense. Great, a jungle. I head out, watching for signs of danger.

OOC: You may now begin.
Alice ducked under the entrance, and stepped inside, standing up straight.
"It looks good. Real good. I'd say we outta hold out here for a while, what do ya think?"

Ed followed her in, noting the purple and black walls, the small but comfortable size of the place. He put down the backpack of supplies he was carrying, and sat down.
"Yeah, it looks good. So we'll just go ahead and operate from here? I don't think they'd be able to find this place, hell, they wouldn't find us in a million years. Still, not exactly the best case scenario, crashing like that. At least we saved most of the supplies."

"Yeah, but well, you just gotta take what life throws at you. Hopefully the Dominion had to crash as well, then they'd be in real trouble. I'm gonna have a field day in this here lush forest." She remarked, smiling. She couldn't wait to go out, in the trees, and have a little fun with her rifle.

"Shouldn't we get anything else? It's a short walk, but we outta get it all by nightfall, and I don't know if we should waste any time." Ed asked. He didn't like the situation, but he had to admit, it was pretty good luck. They'd be able to harass their fellow humans pretty damn easy from here.

"Nah, we already got everything out of it. I'd say we outta go on a romantic walk through the jungle, whatta ya think? Sound nice?" She says, chuckling. She liked to kid him like that.

"Sounds good to me. Shall we get on with it then?" He says, failing to contain a smile.

"Sure, let's just get our new home set up. As you know, I'm quite the decorator." She replies, still smiling, and starting to roll out a bed.

"Thank god you don't have anything to decorate it with." He says, laughing as she playfully punches him. They both begin to get their things situated now.
Gary had searched the crash site of his local Carrier and found all dead, and most of the machines heavily damaged. He was however able to tap into the system of the Carrier and found the last known locations, speed, and height of each of the other Protoss Carriers. He soon had rough coordinates of each Carrier. He was a powerful computer, but not a super computer.

James had awoken, a pretty nasty bump was on his head. He was walking around casually in the mining ship when the pulse went out and they crashed. He had been flung into a wall. His comrade, Carter, was the one to awaken him. Soon he had set to work getting the medical staff and medical bay ready to help out the seriously wounded. The Highlanders, Sentinels, and operators of Battle Masters who weren't that wounded were sent to Lee to suit up and be prepared to defend. The crash wasn't extremely bad, but it was certainly enough to destroy many things. The primary thrusters were unable to work, the port side had sustained a lot of damage from smashing into a mountain, making the weapon systems there inoperable. The bridge was almost annihilated and the some of the vehicle bay and some of the living quarters were destroyed by the impact into the mountain.

Now they sat at the base of a mountain, the ship's right side leaned up against it, a bit of a scar in the mountain, and scraps from the ship were left on the mountain side, and slightly on the tiny clearing at the base. The first thing James had noticed when he looked outside was the massive lush forest, the second thing, was that it was going to be hard to find the pieces to repair/build a ship out of here or commandeer an operable one.
I climb a tree to get my bearings and notice the smoke from several crashes for miles around. As far as I could tell, the next nearest one was a good five miles away. Unfortunately, it looked like a carrier. Sighing, I leap into the branches of the next tree. This would take awhile.
Rachel found herself leaning against the wall upside down. Her eyes peeled open with a groan as she assessed her situation. Gravity overcame her and her legs slapped the ground. She awkwardly picked her head up and looked around. Weapons were strewn all over... Where was she? Her neck and back popped as she picked herself off the ground.

She started to recognize the weapons that were sprinkled carelessly all over the ground. She picked up the closest one to her, a GHR-12 Sniper rifle. She held it like she had a million other times, but this time it felt different.

The steel was colder.

Her head became weightless and throbbed. She grabbed it with her free hand and moaned a long groan.
Mark, you forgot a faction. That would be good to know.
I thought it was optional, sorry. Can you give me some suggestions?
I groan in pain as a marine shakes me awake;
"Get yourself in shape then start looking into the rest of us."
"Ugh... what the hell happened?..."
I ask, grimacing.
The marine shrugs;
"Hell if I know, there was some sort of flash and we ended up here."
I say groggily."

Zarkun, I figured I'd be at the same crash site as you, no point in a medic if they're on their own.
James made sure everyone had reached the medical bay who needed it. It was swarmed with injured. Many of the miner's had been heavily injured, and none of the people in the bridge had survived that impact. The mountain had completely crushed one side, and the hit to the ground and demolished the entire thing. He knew that the Miner's and SCV operators would need time to rest. The Mytheran SCV's were special. They were completely unequipped with any mining tools. They were much cheaper that way. The only thing they had was the tools meant for building. He had suited up into his HVL armor and had his MFA-22 strapped to his back. He had not retrieved his Lightning Claymore, yet.

He had exited the ship several times to see what was going on. It looked like the Sentinels had retrieved some of the broken pieces of the ships and placed them in a semi-circle around the ship to provide cover. But there was so few it wouldn't provide it for all the soldiers, and the gaps were so large that ten Zerglings could get inbetween at a time. He considered order them to pull it back a bit, but realized then they wouldn't have enough room for the Battle Master mechs, or all the buffed up Sentinels.

He and Lee had conversed and tried to talk about ways of getting off the rock, but could never figure anything out. Even if they found Dominion or Umojan cruisers it would be unlikely that they would be able to get off the rock. The Raider's weren't exactly a choice either, 'cause the last time the Miners had gotten into trouble, it was with the Raider's over valuable mineral nodes. And the Protoss didn't really like them either. The Zerg would be more likely to slaughter them, and anything else would likely be the same as the Protoss or Zerg.

Gary was flying over the treetops at the amazingly fast speeds of thirty kilometers per hour, his phase disruptor was the major thing slowing him down, that and his stronger shield generator and armor plating. He was the only current War Observer. A prototype. His future kin would be much better than him and would make smart remarks about him. He dreaded the moment when they would try that. He soared through the skies with his camera-eye fixated upon the smoking remain of a crashed Carrier. It was the closest one he had calculated the distance of for, but it would still take him a fair amount of time to get there.
After they finished setting it up, Alice and Ed go out into the jungle, to explore a little bit. They walked around for a little bit, and suddenly Alice stopped.

"You see that?" She whispers to Ed.

"Do I see what? I don't see anything, and what you're seeing is probably just your imagination."

"No, you fool, look to the right-"


"Dammit, Ed. To the right, th-"

"The who?"

"Yes, Ed. A British rock band. Seriously though, it's some kind of human, or rather humans. Let's go check it out."

OOC: I'm thinking it'll be the Raiders, would that be okay?
An Umojan battlecruiser crashes in a cleaning among the forest. As it impacts on the ground, the engines break off and the hull begins to break down, the engines breaking off to crash into trees. The hull breaks down, sealing up several parts of the ship.

In the engine room, an Umojan Guardian gets up. He shakes his head, trying to get rid of his headache. He looks at the engines, the thing he was trying to fix, and sighs. He turns to face the direction of the bridge, and sends a telepathic message.
Captain, are you still alive? He waits for a moment, then sends a message to the entire ship. Anyone alive? He didn't have to wait long for a response.
Harbinger? This is Chimera Bravo. I'm in Hanger Three. I have no clue where Chimera India is, but I have Delta and Alpha squads here with me. Harbinger sighs with relief.
I'll try to find Chimera India. We'll regroup at your location. He sends, and when he hears an affirmative, he forces open the door, and makes his way around the ship.

Further way, a scream is heard in the sky. A Zerg behemoth, burning in the sky, screams downward toward the planet. It crashes to the ground, its skin hissing and bubbling. As its skin peels, a Zerg Hive Matriarch crawls out. She regards the Behemoth coldly, still sensing life in it, and sensing the eggs held within it. She looks around, and noting the mountains nearby, she begins to crawl toward them, heading there to set up her base.
02/22/2013 10:23 PMPosted by ThaneKrios
I thought it was optional, sorry. Can you give me some suggestions?

Think all the factions and races, then since you're Terran, you'd want Dominion, Raiders, Umoja, or even the Combine. Long as it's Terran, I don't care.

02/22/2013 11:15 PMPosted by Dacder
OOC: I'm thinking it'll be the Raiders, would that be okay?

We're still missing a group, so too early. Sorry.
OOC: Okay.

Ed takes a closer look now, and literally facepalms.

"That's an animal."


"Yeah....Let's keep looking?"

"No....let's head back. I'd rather not get caught in the dark." She replied. They started walking back, joking and conversing the whole way, until they reached their cave, where they settled in and ate lunch.
My eyes dart open as I sit up and look around. the ship was pretty badly damaged and the crew was busy doing whatever. I stand up and check to find that I'm uninjured. I leave the ship and climb a tree looking around the area I note the other crashes. Hmm interesting so the protoss and zerg were also affected by what ever that was. I start making my way through the trees towards the nearby crashed carrier.
02/23/2013 07:38 AMPosted by Zarkun
Think all the factions and races, then since you're Terran, you'd want Dominion, Raiders, Umoja, or even the Combine. Long as it's Terran, I don't care.

Can it be... Custom? :3
Nope, you gotta pick one that would have a fairly good reason, and the four I listed would have a reason.
Alright, combine it is. :)


Rachel got up and began gathering weapons that she could have sworn she recognized. As she picked them up, they found their way to a holster that fit perfectly with each weapon. She came to the conclusion that they were her's. Any other assumption was illogical.

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