The need to Survive

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The scout had reported the strangers arrival 2 hours ago, although many in the village wouldn't have called it an arrival. The Elder was thoughtful, as the last time they had used the strange gift from the gods, something similar had happened. By studying the remains of the strangers weapons and armor, they had gained new technology. Now a new batch had arrived, many different kinds, and the head scout reported lots of survivors. "Village Elder, what do we do?" Ketong, the head warrior asked.

"Prepare your warriors and watch them. If they appear aggressive to anyone but each other, kill them." Ketong nodded and left. The Elder continued to speculate. He did not think that their warriors would have to fight as the jungle hid many threats that could kill if left unknown.
Downed Umojan Cruiser
Harbinger knocked on the locked door, his mind speaking into the room.
India, are you in there? He sends, waiting for a response.
Harbinger? This is Sgt. Malice with Beta. Chimera Indian is injured, and we can't risk moving her right now. She's bleeding, and she'll bleed out if we move her.
Delta has medics. If we can get this door open, we can help her.
I send.
Ok, then find lets try to get this door open. Is Chimera Bravo with you?
No, I'll get him. Be right back.
I send, and turn around, heading back to make my way to Hanger Three.

The Zerg Matriarch approaches the entrance to a cavern. She looks around it, and enters the cave, getting ready to convert to for her use. She knew that it was only a matter of time until something happened, so she wanted to be ready as soon as possible.
A ship came crashing down from the heavens. Flames bursting from it's wings as it dropped it's precious cargo over a forest. Equalizing the weight on both halves of the Battle Barge, Omega Soul. It's pilot was trying to regain control but that pulse knocked out all of the electronics and the main engine. She had to reboot the emergency systems.

In the back of the ship, several Dominion Marines held on tight at their stations. The ship had already sustained damaged from an earlier assault against a Mutalisk bombardment on one of the Dominion Battle Cruisers. Sustaining damage from that encounter.

The cockpit window was beginning to crack, letting flames whip into that ship. They had to crash soon before it killed them all. That was when a valley came into view, the hills around it as well...

[One Hour Later After Landing in Crash Zone]

The bodies of a few Marines were sprawled out on the floor of the ship, a few had died from within their seat. And a body was stirring from the cockpit, with a tree going through it. Jen was lucky she hadn't died.

Her "friend" that was sitting next beside her was a Shadow... This was Leon Stukov.
Malak surveyed the damage of the crashed Carrier from outside. He had been able to properly time his blink to not deal much damage to himself. So he ended up getting nothing more than his head hitting a wall. The damage wasn't too much. Just the bottom was scraped, a lot, in fact it dug a trench out filled with pieces of metal that was pulled off. Malak had his arms hanging to either side of him and looks at the destroyed Carrier. Is something displeased with me? I obtain the command over a Carrier, and look what happens! He gives off what is the equivalent of a sigh. Perhaps I am not fit for the command of spacecraft forces. Perhaps ground, but not spacecraft. As Malak projected this all out of his mind a few Probes were hastily putting up pylons and a Nexus, hoping to build a base to draw other Protoss to.

Gary saw the beginning of a long trench that would be the place the Carrier had dragged itself. It would've had much speed to have dug such a thing.

James looked upon the ship. They would be able to use it as a base, it had all the facilities required. But the problem was that it was unstable. They would have to disassemble it, all of it. He sighed. "Remind me why we decided to pass through this system?" James says this to Lee.

"Well, it was uncharted and it was thought to be the perfect spot to mine without hostility." Lee replies.

"It was rhetorical." James replies.

"It didn't sound rhetorical to me. It sounded like a real question." The sergeant answers.
I wake up, and look around. I open the comms {Hey, anyone know what the hell happened?}
I pick up Dante as I walk and open the channel back up. {Energy pulse. Knocked all our ships out of the sky. Glad to see you're alive and kickin', Dante.}
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Now you are.
I catch the end of Dante's COM and Jared's reply. {Heh nice to know you two survived. Jared I'm guessing you are on your way to the crashed Carrier?}
{Above your clearance, Hiro. Make sure our base camp is secure and then head for the nearest non-Dominion battle cruiser. Maybe we can find some help.}
I stop and sigh already a good distance from camp. {Right ... when I woke up the camp was pretty well set up I'll check the area and head for the nearest non-dominion Terran Battlecruiser.} I climb to the top of the tree I'm in and survey the area looking for a non dominion cruiser.
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{Above your clearance, Hiro. Make sure our base camp is secure and then head for the nearest non-Dominion battle cruiser. Maybe we can find some help.}

I grin as I hear a familiar voice over the com;
{Glad to see I'm not the only one who survived Jared.}
{Alice, glad to hear you made it as well. How far from the main ship did you crash?} I could just barely make out the shape of the carrier. I was close.
I shrug;
{Not that far, I think... yeah, I'm really damn close to the ship... or what's left of it at least.}
I reply, looking up at the wreaked hull.
{Good to hear. Find the base camp. Should just be on the other side. Hiro, should be an Umojan one nearby. Check that one.}
I see the Umojan Cruiser and start moving in its direction. {Umojan Cruiser spotted on route now.}
I get off of my back and head out trying to meet up with the others. {So, where exactly is everyone?} I say, checking my gear.
{I'm off scouting, Hiro's off searching for help and the rest are regrouping at the base.} I ping the main base's location to him. {Head there, check in, then do your thing.}
{Alright. I'll be there in two shots of a .50 cal.} I say, doing a final check then sprinting to the location.
{Roger that.}
I start picking my way around the wreckage, making my way to the other side of the downed ship.

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