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Outside Hanger 3
Harbinger knocks on the door without power. Chimera, get the door open, I need you and Delta so we can help Chimera India. He sends. Three seconds later, the door begins to bend in as someone punches the door. A second punch caves it in further, and the final punch opens it enough for both Harbinger and Chimera Bravo to get through. Chimera Bravo looks at Harbinger, turns and whistles. The Medics from Delta walk over, and Chimera Bravo turns to Harbinger. "Where are they?" He asks.
"They're in the Armory. The door is jammed and Chimera India is injured." Harbinger replies. Chimera Bravo nods, and says "You want to find a way to get some transport down, and get the hanger door open?"
"Alright. You go help them, I'll make sure we can get somewhere." Harbinger replies, and slips past Chimera Bravo. Chimera Bravo and the Medics from Delta go out from where Harbinger came from. Harbinger goes over to the Hanger controls, and takes inventory.
I jump out of the tree and land next to the downed Umojan Cruiser. I slowly walk towards it and draw my pistol but keep it pointed at the ground and my finger away from the trigger. I open an external hatch and call out. "Hello anyone alive in there?"
There is no response to the question. The Hatch leads to a hallway, but it is blocked by wreckage.
I sigh and look around the hallway to try and find a way through.
There was no doors nearby, with the only way through being blocked by the wreckage. Footsteps are heard approaching.
The two of them ate sandwiches, and then made small bed-type structures to sleep on.

"So, how would we get off this place?" Asked Ed. He wanted to get home, whether or not he cared to admit it. He only came because he didn't want Alice to be alone.

"I don't think we can. Sad, I know, but for now it's the truth." Alice replied. She wasn't too excited about the idea either, but at least it'd give them a chance to make the other Terrans lives hell. She really hated them, all of them, at least the Raiders and the Dominion. She hated that they couldn't put aside their petty differences to fight the Zerg, and wanted to bring them down, so the humans could then defend themselves. She was quite the dreamer.

Ed nods, not happy with the answer but certainly not surprised. "So, then. We'll have plenty of time to get to know each other better." He really did like Alice, though he didn't know how she felt about him. She sort of felt the same way, though both were too nervous to say so. They didn't want to ruin their friendship.

"And here I was thinking that being stuck here wouldn't be so bad..." She replies, jokingly. She didn't laugh until after he did though, and they each took another bite of their sandwiches. "Seriously though, thanks for coming with. I'm glad to have some sort of company."

"Glad to be here, well, not so much, know what I mean. I am glad that we're still together though, I always thought of you as my best friend in the whole damn group." Ed says, smiling. He really did. He was a bit of a loner, but he felt comfortable with her. She felt the same way with him, though she wasn't as awkward.

"I know exactly what you mean." She says, putting her hand on his leg comfortingly. "It'll be okay though, I'm sure of it." She stared out into the jungle now.

"I believe you, after all, what's the worst that can happen? No way will anyone find us here, and I doubt they'll be able to stop us any other way." He was feeling relaxed, but tense at the same time. He really wanted to tell her how he felt. He was scared, though. He didn't know how she'd feel, and if it went wrong, they might be....different. might be worth it for him to try. He had to think about it, but he couldn't, this was the perfect moment..
Well at least someone is alive in there. I might as well remove this wreckage from the hall. I begin to try and remove the wreckage psionically.
Chimera Bravo stops and raises his head in a signal. He flicks two fingers forward, and they continue, this time making no sound. They arrive at where wreckage was being moved, and he signals for them to take positions.
i woke up, the wreckage of my drop pod near by. i gathered up my equipment scattered not far from the wreckage. i heard talking.... as if echoing from a cave. drawing my psi-katana and normal katana i cloak and approach the source of the sound
I move the last piece of wreckage having noticed that the foot steps had stopped. "Hello?"
OOC: Darkra, this is a warning. If you come into the cave, you will be killed. That is all.
D, land closer to affiliated forces. I'm attempting to get a roll call of sorts within each faction.
02/25/2013 07:01 PMPosted by Zarkun
D, land closer to affiliated forces. I'm attempting to get a roll call of sorts within each faction.

will do. see i didn't specify the noise XD
Four pistols and a Rifle are aimed, and a small fire was lit at the end of the Rifle.
"Put your weapon on the ground, slowly." Chimera Bravo says, his finger hovering on the trigger finger. At this range, they would only have to open fire, and the person they aimed at would be dead.
Within the hour, I get to base-camp as instructed.
I set my pistol down and then take out my rifle and set it down as well. "Whoa easy I'm from Raynor's Raiders. I'm here to see if you want join our camp."
Two Combat Medics glance at one another warily. Chimera Bravo, however, doesn't take his eyes off of the Raider. "Not my call." He says simply, and he lifts his left arm, and signals for the Medics to follow him. He turns and proceeds further in the ship, the Medics trailing behind him.
I pick up my weapons and holster them as I follow the Umojans. "Whose call is it and do you need any help?"
"We don't need your help right now. And its the call of the Agent in Hanger Three." Chimera Bravo replies. He continues walking along, and the Medics chat among themselves.
"Right." I head for Hangar Three.

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