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(Should I be greeted by someone? What do I see/encounter at the Raiders base camp)
In Hanger Three, a squad stands around, talking. Two Medics also chat with them, part of the same squad that was with Chimera Bravo. Out of sight, Harbinger worked quietly on a computer, trying to get two APCs to Hanger Three from the Cargo Bay.

Chimera Bravo stops in front of the Armory Door, and punches the door down. The first punch sets a good dent in, the second caves it in further, and the third breaks the door down completely. The Medics move in, and find Chimera India, and begin to help her. Delta and Alpha squads salute to Chimera Bravo.
"Sir." One of them says, and Chimera Bravo returns the salute.
"Gather what you can carry, and get to Hanger Three." Chimera Bravo says, and everyone nods, save for the Medics and Chimera India. They start to gather equipment and ammo, and Chimera Bravo turns to the Medics.
"How is she?" He asks.
"She'll survive. She was lucky. We'll have her moving again shortly." One of the Medics replies. Chimera Bravo nods, and helps gather ammo and equipment.
I ask one of the medics where the person in charge is.
"Depends on which level of command. Sarge is with Chimera Bravo, unless you're after someone higher ranked then him. The Agent is around here somewhere, I didn't see him enter anyways." The medic replies.
"Well," Started Alice, "Let's check things out soon. But until then.." She stopped, not entirely sure what to say. She hoped he'd have some way to kill time.

"You know, Alice. Since we're gonna be stranded here anyways, I may as well tell you something," He sort of gulped, but it was too late to go back.

"What's that?" Alice asked, ignorant as to what he might say. She really didn't have any clue at all.

"I think that...well, since we're all alone...maybe we outta take our the next level, if you know what I mean." He says quickly, nervously. He didn't make it awkward, he was just nervous, and a little sweaty.

She nods quietly for a moment. "Yes. I....I'd like that." And she moved over to him, closer to him, and moved her head in to kiss him. He complied, and they kissed, nothing spectacular, but nice all the same. They both felt relieved, and happy. They were glad they could stay together, and have each other. They'd known each other for so many years, and it was almost like they'd been together that whole time.

"I think I have an idea on what to do now." Said Ed, as he kissed her again. His confidence was soaring, and he was frisky. He'd always thought she was perfect. Beautiful, nice, smart, and now she was his. She felt the same way about him, and they were, for the time being, happy as could be.

"I think I like your idea a lot.." She replied, before diving onto him, and they began to make out, not heeding the jungle around them, just being happy for a moment. [DATA EXPUNGED]
"Umm who ever is actually in charge so I guess this 'Agent' then." I say as I look around the hangar.
There was no one else in sight in the hanger, however, there was an observation room on the second floor, with one-way glass. The Medic returns to the squads, and they chatter to each other.
I shake my head and go to the observation room.
The door is partly open, and typing is heard inside, along with the hum of a turret.
I stop and knock on the door before calling out. "Hello is it safe to enter?"
The typing stops for a brief second, and the person inside reaches out with his mind to see who is was. The typing continues, and someone says "Enter."
I enter. "I'm looking for someone who seems to go by 'The Agent'."
"You're speaking to him." Harbinger says, still typing. The whine of machinery is heard outside, and the squads sprint out toward the wall underneath the observation room.
"I was sent here by my CO to see if you would be open to an alliance with the Raiders."
"Hmmm...... Possibly. I will need to speak to your CO before I decide upon anything." Harbinger replies, continuing to type. Soon, two cranes arrived at Hanger Three, delivering two APCs. Harbinger stops typing for a second, and then continues, moving the cranes back to where they came from. He nods to himself, and starts disassembling the turret he set up.
I nod and try reaching Jared. {Jared the Umojan leader wants to speak with you he seems to go by 'The Agent'.}
{Tell him if they go to our camp, I'll be there within the hour.} I jump over a log and cloak, sitting in the brush and watching the probes go about their work.
{Right.} "He says that if you come to the camp he will be there within the hour."
Harbinger gets up, his turret disassembled, and walks past the Raider. He climbs down to the first floor just in time to see Chimera Bravo return with Chimera India and the two missing squads. He signals for Chimera Bravo to come over to him with India, and they both walk over as the other squads regroup and wait for orders.
I leave the room and follow the Umojan I knew only as 'The Agent'.

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