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"Apparently, we've been requested to join Raiders, and are to meet at their camp." Harbinger says, his voice showing no sign of amusement.
"They just being friendly, or do they have ulterior motives?" Chimera Bravo whispers, too low to be heard by the Raider.
Harbinger shrugs. Chimera India pipes in.
"Nothing ventured, nothing gained." She whispers.
"Just be careful, and be ready to fight." Harbinger replies quietly, and both Chimeras nod. Harbinger turns to the waiting Umojan troops, and signals for them to load up. The hanger doors open on Harbinger's mental command, and after everyone loaded up, they moved out, heading out of the ship.
I grab onto an external rail near the front of an APC and upload the co-ordinates for the Raiders base camp.
The APCs roll out of the Hanger, gunning their way toward the Raider Camp. Harbinger shakes his head, and says
"Remind me next time not to forget to scan his mind." His comment is addressed to Chimera Bravo, inside the APC with him. Chimera Bravo nods to him, and rotates the turret around, scanning the surrounding area.
As the APCs move towards the camp, a group of Gearna Warriors and a shaman follow with ease, using the trees. Soon they would have their sport.
Harbinger glances around the room, and stops, looking at one of the Medics.
"Sir?" The Medic says, and Harbinger speaks
"Chimera, rotate the turret 130 degrees. I feel something, possibly a psionic."
Chimera Bravo grunts, and rotates the turret, bringing the Chain-Gun mounted on top to aim behind them.
"I don't see anything. You sure?" Chimera Bravo asks, but Harbinger doesn't answer.
{All APCs, floor it.} He radios, and connects mentally to the turret, scanning with his own abilities.

The Hive Matriarch looks out across the land. Her home was made, and the Drones were at work. She dispatches two Overlords to the downed Behemoth to retrieve eggs while she remained there, watching over everyone.
The natives keep up easily, and the Shaman's signal vanishes from all psionics senses. This was their world, and nothing knew it better than them.
I look around and draw my pistol. {I got a bad feeling about this.} I say on an open channel.
{APC 2, slow down, let APC 1 overtake. Turn your turret to face the back and open fire with the Rocket Turret.} Harbinger radios. Chimera turns the gun around to the front, and as APC 1 passes APC 2, APC 2 opens fire, firing Rockets into the forest behind them.

"They just disappeared from my psionic sense. We are definitely being followed. Get ready for a fight." Harbinger says in the APC.
The natives laugh, staying along side the APCs. The shaman reports to the Elder. They do not like to be followed. So much so they have attempted to attack us. The Elder thinks deeply before replying.

Keep watch. So long as none were injured, we remain watchful.
They kiss some more, but don't take it any further, and get up, Alice looking out into the jungle.

"Hear something? Or you just being paranoid, like always?" Ed adds on the last part as a joke, though Alice remains silent, watching the jungle. Finally, she speaks.

"Yeah. It's far away though, let's go check it out? I don't want anyone wandering about, no matter how well hidden this cave is.

"Okay. I understand what ya mean, after all, this place will be our home for the time being, so we'd rather not have vermin here." He says, starting to head out, just behind Alice. They stay mostly silent, moving through the jungle for a good while, when suddenly Alice stops.

"Up ahead, maybe a mile. Some Dominion, by the looks of it. Gimme conditions, this'll be easy." She says, confidently raising and readying her rifle. She sits up on a slight perch, where she has a better angle, and starts to hover over the troops, seeing two marines, a medic, and a marauder.

"High humidity, no winds, low air pressure, roughly 86 degrees. I'd say 27 degrees to the top-right." Ed says, checking his instruments. They were essential, and had doomed many soldiers before, him and Alice being a deadly team. They worked together well, always knowing what the other would do.

"Roger." She says, angling the barrel. She pulls the trigger, and looks on. A few seconds later, the Marauder collapses, and the other three look at it. Another few seconds pass, and suddenly one of the two marines is dead as well. The other two run, and Alice decides not to fire again, figuring the deed was done. Their presence was known, though they certainly wouldn't think it was them. She turned to Ed, and nodded. "Two down, let the other two escape. Just a marine and a medic. They're dead anyways."

He nods, puzzled. "Still probably should've done um in, just to be safe. You'd normally take that shot."

"Yeah, but I didn't wanna waste ammo. Plus, what the hell are they gonna do?"

"I dunno, tell someone that there are snipers out there? Let's cut um off and finish um up." Ed says, looking ready to go and murder the remaining two.

"No, let's just head back. That's too dangerous. And like I said, they won't hurt anything."

"Fine." Ed says, and they start back, before turning and looking for a base of their enemies. They had to be around.
IC: i emerge out of a clearing to find a dominion outpost in the distance. i walk up to it and sheath my blades
The Mytheran Miners were all treated and in stable condition. Their strength was enough to arm themselves with anything they needed. The first thing they did, disassemble the ship and mine a cave into the mountain to place everything needed. The first room dug out was the medical bay. It was large and soon all the machines and beds from the ships medical bay were sitting cozily in that little hole.

Gary had finally seen the Carrier crash. His systems could almost not comprehend how the Carrier wasn't obliterated with the trench it dug through the ground. Then he accessed his knowledge of flight and Carriers and saw it possible. He descended down towards the Carrier and rested upon the top. He looked around the base, seeing Probes rushing around, pylons being warped from the interior of the Carrier. A bit of a waste of energy, but the Carrier would quickly replenish the energy. Not to mention the Carrier had no power going anywhere else for there was no need.

Malak looked upon the forests. He needed to figure things out. He melts away as he cloaks, the light bending slowly around him. He was just doing this as a dramatic effect. He could've done it so he would disappear as fast as light moves.

He swiftly moves through the darkness of the forest, his plan was to scout around. He wouldn't have done so, if his Carrier was equipped with Observers, but he didn't think they would be needed since there was one filled up with them. But it crashed as well, and not only did it crash, it crashed into a volcano.
I watch the Dark Templar vanish into the forest and sigh, heading back towards the Raider's camp. Soon I'd speak with the Umojans.
I approach the camp and wave my arms at them. Notifying I'm a friendly.
The guards wave Dante through. "Good to see you survived!"
"Yeah, not one who welcomes Death. Dont think the Devil's ready for me yet anyhow." I say putting my Ultralisk Knife away as I walk through the gate.
And I came to the conclusion that !@#$ and Outbreak is done did dead.

IC: The marines that were still alive were stirring from the wreckage, having crashed inside of a forest. Rebecca was knocked out cold from earlier due to the unexpected impact. With Leon having mask shredded apart from the impact and flying shrapnel. They were both alive... for now.
The sounds of two vehicles are heard approaching the Raider Camp, and two seconds later, a barrage of rockets are heard, but they explode in the woods, not aimed at the Camp.
The guards immediately enter high alert, several Siege Tanks sieging up and scanning the forest as snipers, both Spectres and Entities, move into their watch positions.
Soon, two APCs appear out of the woods, quite literally drifting around. Umoja symbol is shown on the side, and both the turrets are aimed back at the woods.

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