The need to Survive

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One of the Entities waves down the tanks, radioing for them to focus on the woods and the gate leading into the base is lowered. I arrive about the same time, climbing over the wall to get in.
APC 2 drives forward slowly into the Camp while APC 1 drives in reverse behind APC 2. APC 1 keeps their gun pointed at the woods while APC 2 points its Rocket Launcher toward the sky, trying not to cause a problem.
With the APCs in the gate, it rises into place and the bunker's Shrike Turrets continue scanning. I approach them, nodding to Hiro. "Well done."
I hope off the APC I had ridden to the camp and nod back the Jared. "Thanks." I say as I walk over to him.
The APCs turn off, but only APC 1's hatch opens. Harbinger steps out, and looks around the area, keeping an eye on the weapons around the base.
I step forward, a hand casually on my scythe. "Ho there! You the Umojan leader?"
Malak emerges from the forest to find the crash site of the Raiders. he decides to mess with the minds of the Raiders a bit before revealing himself. He taps the shoulder of every Raider multiple times. With most they turned around and grip their weapon tighter when this happened; their eyes scanning, and after a couple times they start to appear somewhat fearful.

The cave now had received living quarters for the Sentinels and Highlanders, as well as the pilots for the war machines. About a half of the Mytheran guards were set off duty and the remaining ones tightened up the defenses to the cavern entrance. It did not provide much maneuverability, but it gave much more defense. The Miners also had found a mineral vein deep within the mountain, this started allowing them for more mining. All they needed was some sort of gas deposit, hell, it didn't even have to be vespene.

After everything of importance was set up James Kyle went scouting with a small group of Highlanders with him, their electric claymore had been deactivated, but the powerful batteries in the hilt and pommel still gave the softest hum of energy, the human ear would not be able to pick it up, however. They stalked through the woods, their fingers itching and ready to pull the trigger on their rifles.

Unlike Marines, all Highlanders were volunteers, and most even had previous training with weapons before they joined. This made them more dangerous. And due to them being more elite than Marines, and there being less of them, their armor and weapons were much stronger. They even had some special condition that augmented their strength and speed. This increased their survival rate greatly. They even had training in more than just weaponry, but in mechanics as well, making them even deadlier warriors. Though all this didn't help much on recon missions due to their bulk, but they were still much better choices than the Sentinels, or the Rocketeers for that matter. One would be too large to move effectively, and would chop down all the forests, while the other had a rocket launcher.

While the Highlanders stalked through the forests, their thoughts were mainly the following: What if sh!t hits the fan while we're gone and a massive wave of Zerg attack the main group? And: What if something attacks us right now? We are not that good in such enclosed spaces. As well as: What if we come across Kelmorians, or some renegades, or even the god damn Protoss? There were the other things, but these were the three main. It was something they all feared might happen. The only one who was thinking positive was a new recruit, this was his first mission. And this was the first time he might engage in actual combat, instead of those sims. Though this just increased the fear for him from the others.
"Possibly." Harbinger growls in reply, his eyes keeping on the Siege Tanks.
"If so, I'm offering you the safety, relative as it is right now, of this camp." I remain on a relaxed edge, ready to strike if needed. The natives kept watch, waiting for a flaw.
"Hm...... Fine." Harbinger whistles, and the two APCs' hatches open, with Chimera Bravo walking out of APC 1, and Chimera India limping out of APC 2, and the squads following them out.
I release the grip on my scythe and sigh in relief, having Entities get the men where they're needed.
OOC: Wait where is this, in the raiders base right?
Yes, in the Raiders base.
Harbinger watches the Raiders organize the troops, and says nothing. He was on orders, and had nothing he needed to add. He pulls out his psi-spear, and tests to make sure it works.
Ugh, sorry I haven't been paying attention to this, getting too caught up in PKA...

Making my way through the camp, I heal a couple of injured marines, and make my way towards the main entrance...
I sit back in my own corner. Playing with my blades and guns.
I approach Alice, offering her my hand. "Glad to see you're alive. How'd the crash feel?" Natives in their village bustled, setting up their own defenses, engineered by gifts the Gods have sent them from the heavens with their first gift.
I shake Jared's hand;
"Rough, as expected.. Who's this?"
I ask, gesturing to the APCs.
"Umojans. They're no better off than any other way."
I nod;
"We're all in this together.."

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