The need to Survive

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"Unfortunately, you know the Dominion won't ally themselves with us. They'll find us and attack."
I grimace;
"Them, any Tal'darim and Zerg as well... Talk about a royal mess."
"We'll make due. We've got our heavies and scouts, same as they do, not to mention us Entities. We'll be ready." I look over the defenses; perdition turrets, Shrike turrets, siege tanks, the works. "Besides, we're a bit smarter than they are."
James finds himself stumbling out of the forest to another crash site. He cursed several times in Celtic, primarily about how much he hates trees. As soon as he had his balance he raised his gun. He let out a sigh of relief and lowered his rifle as he realized it was a Raider's camp. "Hail!" His voice had a slight edge of an Irish accent in it. "How have you lads been fairing?"

Soon three more Highlanders stumble out of the forest like James had, and the recruit tripped. But his torso never touched the ground. He had moved his arms faster than humanly possibly and stopped, barely a jolt going through his arms, and then went down like he was about to do a push-up and shoved himself off the ground and was back on his feet. He looks around for his gun and quickly grabs it. His embarrassment was great, and he knew everyone was holding back snickers.

Malak was just about to reveal himself when he had seen the Highlanders stumble from the woods. He had instantly noticed the decals and knew who they were Mytheran Miners. The last time he had encountered them they were destroying an entire ecosystems simply for some resources. Malak mentally scowled, since he lacked the ability to form facial expressions. It was something that he very much hated about being Protoss. He knew he would have to let their destructive nature slide if he wanted as much of his kin as possible to survive. As much as he hated the idea, he would have to forge an alliance with the Mytherans instead of just the Raiders. However, he still kept himself concealed, to see how this played out.
Hearing the voice, I climb the wall, the Shrike turrets and siege tanks already zeroing in on them, several Entities taking aim and Heavies inside the bunkers warming up their guns. "Well enough. Identify yourselves!"
"Captain James Kyle. We are of the Mytheran Miners. We were attempting to keep out of the battle between, well everyone, and were brought down. Our ship was in completely unusable condition. These are some of my accomplices." He waves his hand to the other Highlanders. "You see, we are but a mining ship, so our numbers are not the greatest. An alliance I believe would benefit both parties greatly."
"And a reason? You all seem well enough armed and trained to handle yourselves."
The door to the Barge had been jammed on impact. Forcing the marines to force the door open so they could get out and get their bearings straight. Jessica and Leon managed to wake up and get free from the ever so tiresome restraints that saved them. Peering at darkness and almost no light since the vegetation blocked out most of the sun. Various lights on the suits of the marines lit up to life. They were finding any fallen gear... Looks like none of the repairs units survived and most of the vehicles were totaled and irreparable... They wont be able to set up a base and they'll be greatly outnumbered in this area.
"Wave after wave after wave of Zerg can decimate anything. Also we will need another ship to get off this rock." James answers.
I chuckle. Our ship wasn't in any better shape than anyone else's. "You'll want to look else for a working ship. Our reactor is torn in half and will take days, if not weeks, to repair."
"Ours is irreparable. So yours would be a good choice." James responds. "We could help against anything hostile, and have some of our engineer help out with the repairs to your ship. We may even be able to bring over the reactor from our ship along with the undamaged weapon systems to set up a powered defense. We were planning on setting it up on our position originally."
"See what you can do. Suppose it can't hurt." I turn to Alice. "You ever hear of these guys before?"
Harbinger hears that the Reactor of the Raider's ship was damaged, and perks his interest. He walks over to Jared, and asks "Excuse me, but I heard that the Reactor on your ship was damaged?"

Creep poured out of the cave, and as the Zerg explored further, they found minerals and the rare Vespene Geyser. They set to work using the resources they found, expanding their home along with creating defenses.
"Yeah, torn in half somehow. Not sure what happened though."
"Does it need repairs?" Harbinger asks, his mask making his voice growl.
"Already in the process, but I suppose you can take a look. Might see something the engineers missed." I turn my attention back the Miners.

A small explosive rolls onto the creep, filled with Psi energy, and goes off, killing all the creep with in a hundred meter radius. Several more come out from among the rocks, resulting in the same result, along with dead spine crawlers, spore crawlers, and Zerg units.
Harbinger nods and walks away from Jared, heading to where the downed Raider ship was.

Athazual hisses, and traces where the grenades came back from. She unleashes Bio-Plasma blasts as Zerglings swarm out to find the hostiles.
The blasts hit only rocks as arrows charged with energy pierce the Zerglings carapaces from above.
Athazual catches several arrows in the air, and returns them directly to where they came from. Hydralisks crawl out and return fire.
By this time the Natives have done their damage and dispersed. The visitors would not harm their home further unless a repeat performance was asked of them.

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