The need to Survive

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"I shall grab some of my men." James says with a nod and heads back through the forest with two of the four Highlanders that originally accompanied him, with the others standing around at the Raider crash site.
The gate lowers and two units not seen yet step out, armed with twin swords and a single .50 caliber revolver. "Come inside, please."
"Okay." The recruit shrugs and enters, the other one following him, silently cursing him as a foolish boy.
They continued on, going through the jungle, when they heard some noises. Far off, but noticeable. After going about an hour, not talking much, they found a clearing in the brush, and about 3/4 of a mile beyond, there was a camp. The Raiders. God, did Ed and Alice hate them. They wasted their manpower on internal warfare, when they should focus entirely on the Zerg. Alice got set up, and Ed gave her the conditions, and she looked for a target.

"You sure you outta do this?" Ed asked, ever the one to ask questions like that.

"Positive. We're gonna make life hell for them, remember? So, let's make their lives hell!" She spots several potential targets, not sure which to attack though.

"Whatever..." Ed remarks, and he just waits, while Alice continued picking out a target.
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I turn to Alice. "You ever hear of these guys before?

I shrug;
"Not really, they sound familiar, but other than that, I got nothing."
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The Raiders. God, did Ed and Alice hate them. They wasted their manpower on internal warfare,

Error detected ... Error ... logic fail ...
I nod and watch the treeline. Something was wrong. Still, it had been pretty peaceful.
That's when there was movement in the tree lines and on the ground. Black figure racing through the bushes and vegetation, marines nervous as they aimed down each direction. But while that was going on, Leon had snuck out with his Sniper Rifle loaded and he headed off towards any signal that could be transmitting.

Jessica had a simple cloth wrapped around her leg from where it was trickling with blood when a shard of metal had entered it. A suit underneath her armor that kept the body safe from the environment. Her weapon being used to pry open a nearby cabinet where some medical supplies were.

The marines opened fire as another black figure raced by, but this time it's mouth opened showing a pink black abyss and razor sharp teeth... Zerg.
A few Marines were walking back from patrol when Alice spotted them.

"Them." She says simply, adjusting her rifle. Ed doesn't say anything, he just watches. He knew she wouldn't kill all of them, just one probably, maybe two if possible, but it probably wouldn't be. She readied the rifle, and shot. The shot left no flash of the muzzle, made no noise at just happened. One of the Marines dropped dead. Another one soon after. Then, a third. After the third, Alice turned around.

"Mission accomplished. Let's go back." And they started back, still silent.
Two Entities whip around, scanning the trees as I leap over the wall, running to the platoon who had taken what cover they could. {Hiro, get a Striker squad assembled and go search the treeline up close.}

OOC: I'll post the Strikers later, but those are the units with the swords and pistol.
{On it!} I gather the squad and move out.
My comm device picked up the message and beeped, it awoke me from my trans of looking at my weapons. I try to find Jared, or someone, to see what I can do around here.
I spot Dante and wave him over, the urgency I needed him obvious.
I walk over, waving nice back as I approach him.
"Get a heavy and some Marines, start patrolling the walls please. Watch the treeline."
I salute him and go to the barracks to get the men needed.
{Anybody saveable?}
I ask Jared, standing in the cover of the wall.
{No. Whoever it was knew where to aim. Guys didn't have a chance. I'll have a techie go through the data base, see if this matches Shadow kills.}
{Well, shi!t. I'll probably be able to repair their armor though.}
I make sure they're picked up and we head back to the camp. {Won't matter much. We've no one to fill them.}

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