The need to Survive

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I sigh;
{Then there's that... Well, if anyone needs a replacement suit of armor, we'll have them..}
Walking in the gate, I watch each troop come in and sigh. {Along with all the others from those that didn't survive the crash. Knowing the Dominion, they've already got help on the way.} That's when I hear the whistling. "EVERYONE DOWN!" All the people in the open barely manage to get their heads down before arrows charged with psi energy fly over the walls, accompanied by spears. "The hell is going on?!"

OOC: Anyone who responds to this won't be able to see the natives.
Chimera Bravo and India take cover as soon as they heard the yell.
{Orders? Or should we just bomb the hell out of the Forest?} Chimera Bravo radios.
The Zerg came crashing in closer, soon Hydralisks launched volley after volley over Needle Spines into the necks and visors of several Marines. Downing them for the count as the Zerglings swept in. Jessica heard the carnage as the surviving marines ran inside and locked the door. The sounds of pounding as Zerglings rammed into the door. "BARRICADE THE DOOR!" An officer yelled out.

Leon heard the noise happening, but it didn't matter... He was going hunting.
{Try and spot whoever's attacking us. What offers them cover can offer us cover later.}
After a quick run through the jungle, Ed and Alice reached the cave once more. They hadn't spoken, but quickly jumped into conversation once back. They didn't talk about the mission. They never did.

"Remember our first mission together?" Ed asked Alice, wanting to say something to start up conversation.

"No...not really. Was it the one where we had to scout out the dominion base?"

"No, no. The one where we-"

"Oh, that's right. Where we had to follow the Dominion captain, to see what he was up to?"

"Yeah, that's it." They thought back. What good times. Nostalgia, it's a hell of a drug, for Ed especially.

"Yeah, you and I didn't know what the hell to do with each other. I don't think I've ever had a mission so bad in my life." She laughed, happy they were talking about something.

"Man, I can't believe we both escaped with our lives. I never got hit, but you got a bullet in the leg, right?"

"Yeah...." She remembered that. It hurt. It must've hurt for all the people she shot, too. "I couldn't walk for about 6 months. I'm shocked they still let us do stuff after that. I mean, we just plain ran into their base, and got ourselves shot up."

"Yeah, but I'm sure they're glad they let us do more. I wonder if they think we're dead..."

"Not yet. They wouldn't know yet...." And after that, they were quiet for the longest time.
Outside the cave, something lands and starts emitting a strange beeping. It doesn't come off as harmful to the average soldier.

OOC: Dac, your people are meant to pick it up.
Alice sees it, and starts to walk over to pick it up.

"What are you doing?" Asks Ed, always the cautious one.

"It's nothing, it may give us info about who's here."

"And it may blow up in your face and kill you. You shouldn't touch it."Alice just laughs as she heads out, looking at it.

"It's harmless. Here, see." She picks it up,
It continues to simply beep, the shaman in control waiting from within the jungle. There wasn't enough force to kill them, but it would warn them of the dangers they faced with this foe.
She inspects it more carefully, Ed staying inside. "You'd better not bring that near me." He said.

"Fine." Alice says, continuing to inspect it outside.
Suddenly it detonates violently, blasting Alice into Ed. Physically, she was mostly unharmed, except for a few bruises. Mentally, she was a mess, having seen images of dark things done to intruders to this planet; hearts eaten, bodies mutilated, (insert more graphic things here). Then a warning. We know you are here. And we are watching.
OOC: This post will be from Ed's perspective.

IC: "What the fu-" I started, as Alice got blasted by the explosion, getting thrown and hitting me. She ended up on top of me, and I didn't know if she was still alive.

"Alice?! Alice?!" But she was unresponsive, finally she spoke up.

"Oh god, we have to leave!" I couldn't believe it. I thought she was a goner. I hugged her tight, before she repeated what she said, three times. I replied, still hugging her close to me.

"It's okay. But...we can't leave, you know that. I don't know what the hell that was either, but I'm sure we'll-" But she cut me off,

"We have to leave...somehow! I don't know how, but we have to! Oh god...I saw..." She begins crying, and hugs me back. I hadn't seen her like this before. Ever. And I'd known her for a long time.

"It's okay...-"

"No, dammit. You didn't see! You didn't see! That messed with, it's still messing with my head. You don't....You don't understand dammit!"

"Calm do-"

"No! I can't! What the hell was that?!" She was pretty frantic, getting up and pacing.

"I don't know. We...We'll fortify the cave. For now, there's nothing else to do. We can't get out."

"We need to go to them...the other humans....we need help, dammit!"

"We can't, okay! We can't."

"You don't know what I saw!" She yelled, getting in my face, before standing up. We didn't talk to each other again for a good 20 minutes.
The shaman nods in approval and the war band leaves, returning to the village. Ketong, watching the blue armored visitors, received word from one of his Shaman's that the Dark Ones were moving. This bode ill for those he was charged with protecting. Prepare the Guardians. They mustn't get the Gods Gift, nor must they enter our village. A yes was sent back, then it was only his attack group again. Things would be getting dangerous.

I sat in a tree, looking over the camp. More Raiders came in hour by hour, but they were small groups. The larger groups were all still gathering strength to make it here, so it would be a couple days before a significant group arrived. He was watching the suns position. The attack had stopped, but they were still on edge. In the engineering bay, the engineers and techies were working on a new toy for me to test, a compound bow that could fold up and had two or three types of arrow heads. The nice thing? Arrow shafts made themselves, so ammo wouldn't need to be conserved. Least not yet.
I know it's a desperate call hope, but let's not let this die, eh?
Sadly zark .... I have no idea how to continue this ... and I don't think anyone else does either.
It's rather simple. Hell, someone can do a time skip.
I really don't know either, even with a time skip. It's just an awkward interval.
Well, since the last IC post was the day ending, I think its safe to say the new day can begin.

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