No issues with SC2 while "behind downloading"

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I have updated my sc2 to 2.0.4 and I haven't been encountering any issues. However, the "behind downloading" haven't completed yet and I was wondering if I should be concerned when I have completed downloading it.

I actually played a guy in ladder today that was lagging so bad (I think its because of this behind download thing) but I was fine. Just want to know if I will be experiencing the same thing.

Thanks in advance Mac Support.
This might be the background downloader for some HotS data maybe. When you launch SC2, does the launcher say it is still downloading data?
Hi Machkhan. When I launch SC2 WOL, it does say download is complete but haven't tried it out yet. I've been playing HOTs before you guys take down the Beta. I will let you know when I try tonight.

Actually, when I play HOTS, I do get lag issues as I play longer games. Is this a performance issue with my Mac or something external?

When you say 'lag' is this reduced frame rates? It sounds like more of a heating issue than anything. 2.0 has higher system requirements than WoL did.

Have you followed everything in our StarCraft II Low Performance article
acutually not exactly same problem. after upgrade, the fps of the game drops below to 20.

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