Pankoprulu Academy: The Second Class I+I=II

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"alright" i say before walking
Me and Dante walk out of the room, with me walking behind him. "Tell me more before I knock you out in the Medbay... Unless you think talking to someone while you recover would be a better solution."
I ignore the Zerg/machine, and continue walking. After getting enough distance between everyone, I remove the filter in my mask, and open the canister slightly. Terrazine flows out of it, and I breath it in. I shut the canister and start coughing. I replace the filter on my mask, and walk back over. I was shaking from the Terrazine intake, but I never noticed it.
I smile, being a cyborg was useful as I had the image of Terrazine in my head permanantly and could be uploaded onto a computer. How pitiful to have so much reliance on a substance I think to myself.
"he was my brother...... it was when i was 6 when it happened. You see my brother wasn't normal. when i was 6 he was 26, and well he has psionic powers. a whopping 9 on the scale. instead of turning my brother into a ghost he was the first successful spectre. after a while he started suffering insanity like every other spectre so they sent him home for a weak. the minute he touched my shoulder, i could still remember what he said 'long time no see little brother'. he started to feel better. i thought it was just a coincidence. the weak he was back at home was the best of my life. when he left, he never came back. Then i turned 18 and that was when the dominion came for me. You know the same sh!t with terrazine and crap. but that's when i developed multiple personality disorder but then it started to sound like someone..... someone familiar... it sounded like my brother. an insane twisted version of my brother. that's when i knew, somehow, he transfered his insanity to me, locked it deep inside my body. but with the MPD it started to grow, mature, and turn into him." i say
"I see... And you were 6 at the time? Do you think that it's possible that he was just a figment of your imagination that you developed as a child and your imagination turned into you? It can happen. But answer me this now... Would you rather be knocked out cold or talk to someone while you recover in the Medbay?"
"knock me out. i don't trust Jack. he isn't a figment, not after the 'incident'. but that story is for another day"
I nod as we almost reached the medbay. "I'm not saying he isn't real... I'm just asking because it is possible that you could've been imagining him but then the outcome turned real when he never came back. Because all along... His fragment survived within your mind. And once we are inside... I'll inject you myself."
IC: "that won't be necessary" i say. "in truth i was actually holding the pain in myself. thought i might..... take..... a.... nap...." i say before passing out.

OOC: that's all for me tonight. This is going real well so far! good night all
I turn to the Zerg/machine, and say "Your observation is incorrect. You seem fond of grossly underestimating people, especially Terrans. Such a thing will get you killed." I turn my attention back to Korzis, and say "May we continue with the tour?"
I decided to have Razortooth follow them into the Medbay, silently of course, and listen in to everyone their. He jumped out happily and hopped onto the ceiling and started to stalk Dante and Shade. (If thats who's with Dante)
I envision Razortooth in the Rift network soon...
Since Razortooth was slow as hell, he didn't hear any of the conversation. I came in and dropped Dante on the bed. With Cynthia watching me walk back out.

Her rib had been healing slowly thanks to the salve.

That was when I felt another presence.... A Zerg stalking us all. With a flick of a finger, the Rift Network swallowed it up. Swimming forever in the vast emptiness of nothing.
"Haven't you Terrans heard of privacy. I could easily listen in on your thoughts but so far I refrain from doing so. And if you are not addicted why do you take it and what would happen if it was all taken away??" I say to Omnicron.

I see through Razortooth's eyes and watch as he falls through. Unless he died or she let him out I was unable to bring him back and I disliked the last option so I raced towards Shade (oor whoever did it) as fast as I could to convince her to let him go as I would not want to have to do the alternative.
"You don't exactly try to hide your thoughts either. And I dare you to try and get in my head. I'm a lot stronger than you realize."
"If I were to stop taking it? My psionic powers would diminish, but I even without them, I would still be able to break your armor and destroy you. And as for privacy, you are Zerg, and a Machine. I have nothing further to say to you." I shoot back. As the Zerg/machine sprints off, I say "Hypocritical thing."
I appear from nowhere and smack the strange mecha-zerg over the head with the flat of my warp sword. I then disappear again before it can react.
I sigh inwardly and (somehow) avoid rolling my eyes;
...gods, what an arrogant headstrong bunch of hotheads... at least some of them have a better grip over themselves... this will be interesting, that's for sure...
I ignored the bop to my head and I soon see the medbay door. bring one of my scythe blades and slowly scratch the door which made a really annoying sound that would get their attention.
I was the amusing looking Zerg scratch at the door when I was right outside of the medbay. "You are dorky for a Zerg... What do you want?"

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