Pankoprulu Academy: The Second Class I+I=II

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"I could have smashed the door but I decided to be more subtle as I have some manners. I think you dropped something important into one of your little portals." I say with my monotone voice.
I grin a devilish one. "So that was your pet that I put in there? I believe it's going in there for a few hours since you decided to stalk us for information... Can you leave without it for a few hours?"
Looking around, I head to one of the teachers; (whoever's convenient)
"If we're done with the tour, I'd like to get to work fixing my ship."
I say.
"Well you realize I do like my minions. It was just for a bit of information as being blind is not to my taste, you Terrans may like to not know what is going on around them but I rather like knowing my surrondings." I reply
"The tour still goes on!" I announce and start marching forward.
"Bout damn time." I pull out yet another sucker and walk, this one glowing blue. Psionic Raspberry...different, but not bad.
I sigh and grin at his tone;
"Well, I doubt it'll be boring, that's for sure."
"I have more than one soul consistently telling me things. You see, I'm a Terran that's also part Protoss. I'm connected to the Khala... You on the other hand, is being sneaky trying to obtain private information from others."
"If you wanted to make things private hide it in your thoughts." I say.I realize their is a tour going on and I did not want to not know about the facility as knowlege is power and I send out Deathwing who rockets towards the tour group. When he gets their he reaches out with his mind and quickly tells everyone As my master is unavailable at the moment I shall be his eyes and ears until he returns.
Powerful feedback rocks Deathwing's mind. Do yourself a favor and keep out of my head, you and your "master." Master was said with a lot of sarcasm, so he'd probably get pissed.
I don't reply to it, for I don't care about it. I speak up, the serious tone in my voice gone. "So, where to next, teach?"
I am sorry Terran but it was the only I couuld communicate as my creator did not give me and my brother vocal processors. He replies and quickly withdraws.
"Why... So we can never speak to each other on a subject without a stalker listening to every conversation? You really do disappointment. You have some great potential yet you blow it by doing !@#$ like this. Ever since you've got here you tried to obtain information from everyone. Even from the shadows like now."
I throw a small burst of psionic energy at Deathwing, missing on purpose, before giving it mental feedback aswell. "Keep your mind to yourself abomination your 'master' as well."
I sigh and give the bladesman a look;
"Really? it tries to be polite, if a bit too arrogant, and you feedback the poor guy? Talk about overkill."
You wouldn't have known, War XD

IC: "There are things up there, that no one, especially that thing, needs to know about."
Stefan's a low level psychic (2-4), so he picked up on it.

I shrug;
"Then cloak them in your mind. If it's anything of any reasonable psychic capability, it aught to be able to do that on it's own."
I just keep walking. If only you knew...
"They now he is there as he has already announced his prescence. He is filling in for me. And allies can become eemies in my experience and I want to know how everyone will act, as well as I can as chaos has to be factored. Not knowing is a painful thing and I hate to reaveal it but it is something I simply cannot stand."

I am not sifting through your mind Terrans as I am well aware of that. I will keep to myself unless ir is neccesary. Deathwing replies ad he falls silent, watching with powerful red eyes and listening with enhanced hearing.
I fiddle with my Balisong idly as we walk along, keeping my thoughts to myself. I considered pulling my doll out, but I needed to pay attention.

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