Pankoprulu Academy: The Second Class I+I=II

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"Destron... I'm trying to help you. But you can't make friends if you are always in their !@# or having some secret camera in their $%^ learning about them. Don't behave like some collective being and a computer... Behave like you are organic."
Firm feedback hits Deathwing again, and then I seal off my mind from even mental communication with Katarn's help. He's pushing it. Patience. I now know that he's still every bit as arrogant as most Zerg. Still, it could be worse. I grunt and keep walking, waiting for something to be said.
Having been listening to the conversations, I leave the group and quietly fly over to the Zerg.

"A bit of advice here. You have already established yourself as being rather arrogant and overly intrusive. Several of the students are now somewhat hostile to you, and it is mostly your own doing. I would recommend that you just leave them alone for now, as continuous annoyances and intrusions can... accumulate."

That said, I leave without waiting for a response and rejoin the other students.
Soon we turn a corner and land in the hologram room. "Here you plug yourself in, and you can pit yourself against anything, even each other." Several men are seen fighting on a television screen in the corner of the room, they wore Lorian armor. These same men were plugged in.
I look over the armor, noting mostly the color and design rather than any advantages or disadvantages it had. I giggle again to myself, and continue watching.
I arch an eyebrow in curiosity and watch the screen for a moment before moving to an unused one of the 'plugin areas'. I was intent on looking it over as is and perhaps later returning and breaking one down.
I glance around curiously at everyone else as they target Deathwing before realizing that it had sent a psionic message. I had my barriers up high enough that most psionic communication was not going to happen and truthfully only protoss had any form of access to my mind due to the Khala. I sigh softly as the aggression already is starting and I was beginning to think this was going to end up much like the first Academy...
i groan, waking up was less pleasant then i remembered. I saw Cynthia but didn't make a move to talk to her, she might blame me for what i did to her mother. I decided to look at the ceiling and say nothing.
Darkra, as an fyi... Cynthia wouldn't know what you did.

IC: Cynthia saw Dante wake up... That was pretty quick in a funny sort of way.
IC: i suddenly realized that Cynthia was not aware of what happened between me and her mother. "do you know how i got these wounds?" i ask
"Spying on people is in my very genes and programming, I cannot do otherwise as it is simply natural to me."
Cynthia just continued to stare into his soul, (metaphor) which was his eyes. "No... But I'm guessing that it involved the training room probably and you probably did something to piss someone off and... Yeah."
IC: "your mom beat me up." i say grinning. "its kinda ironic that i'm stuck in a room with her daughter"
"You see... Most of the students here are human. And it's human nature to not want to be spied on. It makes them feel violated. I know that as a fact because I know exactly why they are angered with you. I've felt it in the old academy." I say to Destron.

Cynthia smiled at Dante. "I see... And she probably threatened you to not do anything to me or she'll kill you... Am I right?"
"When have you felt that Terran??????"
IC: "yep. and i told her with a half bitten off hand and a broken arm the only hope i had was to turn into a magical kangaroo and kick you to death" i say laughing at the moment
"I felt that when I was at the old Academy... Pictures of me don't randomly pop up on the extranet on accident." I say to Destron, remembering Kasora.

Cynthia just glares at Dante. "Half bitten off hand... That's just a really deep bite. As for that... You could still use your teeth and legs. Just saying."
IC: i start laughing. "that is exactly what your mom said" i say. "But i guess you're right, did i go too far with that? sorry if i did."
Cynthia just shakes her head with amusement. "You can't go to far, with what has already been said in the past."
IC: "is this one of those opening up moments or one of those just leave it at that moments?" i ask

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