Pankoprulu Academy: The Second Class I+I=II

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"It's whatever you want it to be... I'm not going to make your choice for you. That's your life to think about, not mine." She says back.
"i guess i'll start. you see it wasn't me who beat up your mom exactly" i say retelling the whole story of Jack taking over, the course of the battle where Jack got complete control over my body , the story about how he was my brother ,and how this personality became him.
"I see... And I have a beast living within my soul, within my mind, and within my heart. Aching to burst out and take control as it devours everyone that I could ever love. While filling me with the pleasure of death and destruction that it could give me." Cynthia says that part jokily... Making sure he didn't catch on.
"Jack already senses him" i say
"You don't sense him, you fear it. Now tell yourself to get out of my mind and to not delve any deeper... I also have the Khala to help keep him out." She says back in a threatening tone. Putting up a barrier to keep him from seeing her mind or sensing anything within her.

OOC: By the way, you wont be able to sense him at all... The only thing you'll feel is a Psionic Disturbance.

And the Psionic Pressure.
IC: "ok" i say before bashing myself in the head with my injured fist. " cut that out!" Jack says in my head. "no you cut that out" i growl in reply
Cynthia looks at Dante curiously. "Are you okay? You are talking to yourself about cutting that out. And you are growling." Maybe I should help him... No... He seems to be in too much danger from himself. And that will bring me in danger.
IC: "its Jack. Hard to explain really. You mom says its just my imagination, he's just a figment of what i want him to be. But i know he's real, and he's dangerous"
"That's probably not what she meant. In your early life you might have truly thought that you had a brother figure named Jack who was imaginary. Someone who you loved. Because then once they disappear you wonder where they could've went... He could have passed on, but he stuck onto you and now you have him as a personality. It's actually quite common in this type of case." Cynthia replies back.
"maybe. But enough about me what about you? You keep saying nothing phases you because of what happened before but what happened really?" i ask
"Because it's true... I faced the death of friends and loved ones. Almost lost myself several times... Never finding out the true fate of what happened to this one person that I truly cared for. Being lost in space due to me and brother being stupid. Almost killing innocent people."
"you know, in a funny way i think we both can relate" i say
"... I don't truly believe that, for it's not a personality that takes over... And why does it sound like you are hitting on me?" Cynthia asks curiously.
"i am? well i wouldn't know, ever since i was 18 i've never really talked to a human being that's really cared about me..... almost forgot how it felt like" i say
"I don't know... It just sounded like you were hitting on me. Making your move almost. But to let you on a secret... There's already someone I like, and he just arrived to this school." Cynthia says back.
"i'll make sure to put in a good word" i joke
She gives him the eye. "Not like you would know anything about my personal life..."
IC: Sam walks back into the room decloaked with an apple in one hand and his knife in the other. "I was thinkign this was a place to learn how to become better in combat." He says while poping a piece of cut apple into his mouth "Hmm this is a good apple anyone want a piece of it?"
"and i'm not a class 10 snooper" i say "but i have assumptions"
@Steel, me and Darkra are in the Medbay. You are with the tour group.

IC: "Whatever Dante... You are so trying to be a charmer it isn't funny."

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